Get Your Priorities Straight Today

I see lots of guys in the Seduction Community make the same mistake over and over, regarding their Life  priorities… Namely, letting seduction take over their life. Guys spend all their time reading forums, downloading more and more material, studying every guru’s philosophy and eventually it becomes their whole life. Guys start to look at the world as one big sarge and lose the ability to act like a normal person with friends and other priorities in their life.

Life is all about Balance

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This is why so many guys you meet in the community are fucking weird. There are plenty of great guys in it, but also a lot of weirdos. Make an effort to be a normal person before being a Player… You’ll be happier. Start seeing happiness is every area of life, not just with girls.


Seduction should be just one of the hobbies you have. Don’t spend more than 2-3 days a week on it and don’t spend all your free time trolling the internet for more info… Learn what you need to to so that you are getting results but then just go out and have fun, go to the gym, do some reading, play sports, learn something new…Seek for balance in everything in life.


Girls love guys with a genuinely good lifestyle which is why guys who obsess over only pickup are actually hurting their chances with girls. What they are doing is putting women and their need for validation above all other things and the gaping void that forms in their life because of this will be sub-communicated eventually and drive girls away. This is a horrible dynamic to create in your life. Sitting in front of a computer, reading forums and spending hours worrying about what opener to use is the worst lifestyle you can have. Your pursuit of women should be a small facet of your overall well developed lifestyle; not vice-versa.

Go out and make some friends. Real friends. Not just community guys. It’s stupid if all the people you hang out with are community guys. If you do so, you are limiting yourself from all that life has to offer. Join Life Academy and start sorting out every area of life.

Starting out, of course take a workshop to get you on the level where you can continue to progress by yourself, then take community guys(wings), and train with them during the 2-3 days a week you dedicate to gaming. Other than that, make sure you have a balanced, interesting, fulfilling life and you will get much better results than if you spend 20 hours a week studying pickup.

Start doing this today.

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