Become a gigolo – get paid to date girls!

Would you like to date girls and get paid for it?

Wanna make some money aside?
Would you like to have girls  paying to spend time with you?

Well, even it sounds like a wild dream, your dreams are about to come true.

I have been testing this new platform for past few months, and it turned to be great success. I love it actually.
Its about people looking for a local to show them around city, and its getting very popular among young girls.  Its like a couchsurfing but 10 years ago. Back in the days we were hosting girls from all over planet on our  couches, guess what happened with most of them after 2-3 sleeping days on couch. Good old days of couch-surfing. Couch surfing is dead long time ago, so let’s welcome new Platform.

How does it work?

You set yourself as a host in your city, and your job is to show girls around city and you get paid for it! Think of a tourist guide.
So basically, girl pays you a whole afternoon ( per hour) to spend it with you and  your job is to show her around city and give her a good time. Take her to famous cafes, bars, restaurants that only locals know. 

In 40 days of testing platform, I have been host to 6 girls ( 2 girls from Sweeden, 1 from Australia, 1 from Czech republic, 2 from norway). Not bad for one month of doing nothing. Hanging out in cool places that I usually go.
Almost all of them ended up at my place for a glass of wine 🙂  how cool is that..and you even get paid for it!

Average rate you can start charging is  between 10-12eur per hour, but once you get good reviews, you can go to 20eur. But money is not the key factor here, its easy access to new girls, who come to you, and book you to spend a day with them.


Quality of girls?

Well you will get all kind of requests, from couples, to single guys to girls, you choose who you will accept and who not. But in general you not going to find hottest girls, but average, good, some even very sexy.

I strongly suggest open yourself a account, create a good profile with good outdoor photos (with nice big warm smile of your face) to show them you are friendly and positive guy.

I do not believe this is a full replacement for meeting new girls, or shortcut to getting girls. You will still need good conversational skills, dating skills and well sorted our logistics to pull it off smoothy. I believe this is a very well resource of what we call “bonus girls”, those 2-3 additional cute girls that you sleep with in month, that costed you no money or time,  well in this case you actually make money on them like a true Gigolo.

Gigolo Lifestyle

I can totally see how someone can invest and transform his life just doing this. If you educate yourself about all local hotspots, local culture and you dress/ smell good, you will very soon become most popular guy inside this community in your city, and you can turn this into a full time job. Just think about it, hanging out all day long with girls on cafes, taking them for dinner, showing around and getting paid for it. When I saw Gigolo movie for first time 15 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that this would be so possible today. Of course this platform wasn’t created as a Gigolo platform, but as a pick a local to show you around… well, my crazy mind see so much more potential.

You can live your life at fullest. Discover how, discover my Life Academy. Change your life here.

Can’t wait for summer!


Bon voyage,


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