What is Inner Game and How to Fix It

What is Inner Game?

“Inner Game” focuses on processes that are happening inside your mind, in your emotions and in your body. The question is what is happening inside while you are out in the actual situation (i.e. on dates/when stopping girls in the streets or while you are in a nightclub) and what is happening when you prepare for it (practice, exercises). What do you think?

What do you tell to yourself?

How do you feel? Are memories coming up? How is your body reacting (sweat/heartbeat etc.)? It also includes the whole question how you motivate yourself and how you think about yourself after you succeeded or failed to achieve progress.

The concept of Inner Game is based in sport psychology. While technique, strength and stamina are easy to see from the outside, the success starts in the head. No matter how fine an athlete’s skills are and how trained his body is, if he doesn’t have the willpower for the final spurt, he will never go to the top.

And if he does not enjoy the process or does not believe that even he can improve, he may never start training despite a body which is ready for competition.

For me, practicing pickup isn’t a game, so I prefer the expression “Mental Training”. Therefore the goal of good Inner Game is to have a psyche which fits perfectly to your wishes and goals in life. The last Summer Camp has shown us again that a strong Inner Game is the key to success.

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The goals of good Inner Game are:

Inner Game is the key component of success - by Badboy Lifestyle

…You have a clear plan – what you want and what you need to get it;

…You stay calm and confident in stressful situations;

…You can learn from success and from failure as well;

…You get along with rejection and throwbacks;

…You are motivated and proactive;

…You have a good vibe and energy;

…You have clear goals and visions;

…You overcome blockades and sticky points;

…You can easily build an emotional connection with somebody;

…You easily get over your approach anxiety;

…You find it easy to keep a conversation going;

…You are happy and usually have a good mood.

How to train your Inner Game?

The outer affects the inner and vice versa. With a change of your lifestyle, routines and habits you can change a lot inside of you. All our actions have a big influence on the way we think, act and make decisions.

With Mental Training you can develop your personality. Exercise and training allows you to tap into your full potential. It’s a process where you learn how to use your thoughts to be more successful and more happy.

There are a lot of things you can improve and fix yourself – with dedication and persistence when you do the right things. But we all have our blind spots. And we may need a helping hand to identify the problem and practice the steps to get a solution. Special coaching and hypnosis can solve deep inner problems.

Those techniques can solve source issues. Bad or even traumatic memories can hold us back, create blockades and stand in our way to make progress in our lives. Those things can be solved, sometimes faster and easier than we thought.

That is why we at Badboy Lifestyle believe in an holistic approach – at Summer Camp we combine Inner Game and Outer Game and we make sure this gets integrated through consistent practice over a period of time. We combine infield exercises, physical training and practicing “the moves” with mental exercises and visualizations, we tackle approach anxiety and lack of motivation, we help guys to raise their energy through hypnosis – all with a goal to unlock the true potential to enjoy the Game and succeed in getting girls. We also have special Inner Game training – this is highly targeted and in small groups, or in one-on-one setting.

In this series of articles about Inner Game we will share with you self-help exercises, particular things to do, and everything else what you may need for your bulletproof Inner Game! Stay tuned.

If you have missed Summer Camp, you still have a chance to work with us on your Inner Game. Soon, we will be announcing our first Inner Game seminar. Check our seminar schedule here.

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