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The First Message After You Get Her Phone Number

So how many times has it happened to you that you met a girl on the street, or in a café terrace, sitting on a bench, walking around the park, etc., you talked for 10-15mins, you both enjoyed and had fun and you manage to get her phone number, GREAT! First step is accomplish.. So… WHAT NOW?

Well here’s what, you have to TALK.
After all, why would you get her phone number other than to get to know her? This is the good news guys. When you get her phone number, you have to make sure she knows why you got it. She already knows you are interested in her, and so is she! And this is what I do, I let her know I want to get to know her better and thus I want her phone number, and let her know I will contact her later for a coffee or something.

First Text

She already felt good around you when you met, right? Now she has to feel the same or better in order to be willing to meet you again. The way to do this is by making sure she has some fun and laugh through her cellphone. Therefore, the first text is crucial here, and have a clear goal: To put smile in her face!


For use after a couple hours of having met: “I dare you to read this and not think of me right now “FIRST TEXT” TEMPLATES AFTER YOU GET HER PHONE NUMBER - Badboy Lifestyle

If she has a picture of her dog/cat for her WhatsApp profile: “Is that you in the picture when you wake up? “FIRST TEXT” TEMPLATES AFTER YOU GET HER PHONE NUMBER - Badboy Lifestyle

You can also use a direct opener, as long as she will smile when reading it: “It was really nice meeting you today, are you always so nice to strangers or only the ones you like? “FIRST TEXT” TEMPLATES AFTER YOU GET HER PHONE NUMBER - Badboy Lifestyle

Opinion openers are also a possibility: “Pleasure meeting you earlier (her name). You know, I just passed by a store with your name on it / saw a movie ad with your name / saw a mother chasing her daughter yelling (her name) after her hehehe what kind of books / movies / series are you into?” Make the question be in some relation with what just happened / what you just saw.


First text message templates to send - Badboy Lifestyle


Which to Use?

What you choose to open her on text after you got her phone number with will depend on the way you interacted with her when you met and how you are as a man, towards where you want to take the texting to.

As always, the more practice you do, the better you get.

Keep in touch; let us know your questions regarding The Game. Have lots of fun, and I will see you on the next post.

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