Fashion Vs Image

One topic we have been ignoring on blog is dressing style. I get asked a lot how important is it, do you need it, do girls really care how you look.. etc
So time has come to start going deeper into this topic as well.

How important is it?

Well, girls are not blind, and yes your cloths can tell a lot about you. Your financial status, your social positioning, how successful in life are you, how much you care about yourself.
When Dressing style is well done it will tell a story about you and minimise your efforts in seducing her. Minimise your efforts in telling a story about yourself.
So yes dressing style is important part of our every day communication therefore seduction as well.

First impression

Ask yourself, how long it takes you  when you see a girl to decide would you like to “sleep” with her or not? 5minutes, 3minutes? do you have to even talk to her? Let me guess it takes you less then 1-2 seconds. Blink of an eye. right? Why is that? Well its what we call first impression. You see her, you look her from bottom up and that’s it. Decision has been made. 1 second total.
Well, woman are not that much different in that area. Yes they need more information about man before they go to bed with him, like what kind of man is he, will he satisfy her needs, can he take care of her. And that’s why you have to approach and talk to her. We man, care less. We see, we like.

Feeling good – Inner game

But most important aspect of dressing style, or dressing good ( your style, your colours, your shapes), is feeling! You feel really good being in your skin when you dress your dolors, your materials.. You look yourself in mirror and you just feel amazing. All your conver犀利士
sations feel better, your approach is immidiatly different more powerful, you radiate different vibe.  You know that feeling already, feeling when you are wearing your favourite pieces of clothing. Correct? You feel more confident..powerful.

Good looking Vs looking good

I know what you going to say now. But I am short, I am fat, I am ugly I am this or that. How can I look good?
Well its not about your physical looks that you got from mother nature that are important, but what you do from it. There is a big difference between looking good ( by nature) and Good looking (dressing style, grooming..etc). Not everybody is good looking by nature, but everybody can look good!

Fashion Vs Personal style


One thing you have to understand is that Fashion is bullshit. And most people because they are retarded and stupid (no brain) are buying it. Let me explain you. You have your body shape, your skin colour that’s unique, your shape of head (facial bone structure that’s unique), your hight, your weight..etc

You are unique.

There is a set of colours that will look amazing on your skin, and colours that look ugly on you. I am sure you noticed it. Not everybody can wear black for example. If you are pale there are colours to avoid, if you are darker skin, there are colours to avoid. Colours are personalized.
Your body shape will define what kind of jeans/ pants/ shirts will look best on you.
What fashion does?–>This season Black is IN.

They sell same bullshit to all types of people, to all types of skin colour. It always makes me laugh when I hear in shop “ this season yellow is the colour”. How can you put yellow shirt on black guy for example? It would be total disaster.

You can forget fashion and shit they are selling to masses. You have to take alternative route and create / define your personal image. Who are you, image that fits only you.

You can live your life at fullest. Discover how, discover my Life Academy. Change your life here.

Personal Image

So you wear cloths that are your shape, your colours, your materials, that you feel good in it and that’s telling a story to world about you. Its your image that talks about you. Its your image that’s seducing girls.Look at photo above. This is idea what you are looking for. Harmony of colours, shapes and materials that fits your skin, body, face. All together placed into your Personal Image.
Don’t go to show and buy all of those things. This cloths look good on him, they are chosen for him, his colours, his material ( fabric), his style.

End goal is to find your style.
Would you like to have it?

Few years ago, I decided to start working on my Image, and got a full time Image Maker to work on me. Dressing style, first impression, cloths. Why? Because I hate shopping, I hate spending time going from shop to shop, and I hate thinking is this my style or not.
So I found this amazing woman who does it all for me. Since I know you guys have this same problem, trust me this is the way to go.
Develop your personal image, avoid being fashion victim or laziness victim.

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