Fall in Love too quick?

If you are one of those guys, you have to stop it as soon as possible.

You know the story… You date some girl, and maybe you have an sex or two, and you start loving her.. you fall in Love!! The moment that happens, relationship is over. She may stay with you for some time, but you lost all Attraction, you lost her…

Its an point with no return.

This is the fastest way to lose a girl.  Girls will puke on that. They feel sick of it.  The moment you fall in love, the fun part of dating is over.
The relationship has to slowly progress deeper, but it can never, never be you who falls in love first! This is very well known amongst all true Man, all over planet.Its an Code of Man!

By falling in love too fast You just told her  :
– She is stronger then you
– You are needy for her attention / love
– You cannot live without her?! WTF
– She is the only source of your happiness..
– Your life makes no sense without her
Simply you are not Man anymore in her eyes. You are not an guy who’s in depended, guy who is above her and guy that she is chasing, but opposite… you are guy that’s now under control, no fun, she got you.. guy who now she has to take care of. She did not choose that guy to date originally. By falling in love you just killed all fun and adventure (thrill) in relationship. You became an weaker sex.
 You became an person who wants an relationship, who wants to kill her freedom, her fun in life.
Every normal girl would dump you. – Period

Don’t blame her… blame yourself


You became needy!! And girls do not like needy guys.
There are more and more man / boys telling girls now days… “ I love you “.. Every girl has at least one guy who is “in love” with her.
Guys for fucking sake.. stop it!
 Start behaving like an Man…stop all of that “girly” shit, That is one of the biggest problems in dating world.. guys acting more and more like girls.

Choose your fucking side, either you are a Bitch, or an Man. You cannot be both at same time. what’s next? Crying after first date, and sitting at home waiting for her text message/ buying an year-long supply of Tampons for your “I-Love-You-Mestruation”? Jeez… Manhood really reached bottom when we have guys falling in love after 3-4 dates…
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****MAN UP GUYS****
Please check what do you have between your legs… Its simple, place your right hand in your pants… feel it… you feel something? Those are Balls & Dick… a NO1 sign that you are an Man.. ( or should be)..so stop acting like a Biatch, and MAN UP
I am really disappointed with what Man today represents…
You want an Woman?? then behave like an Man – Its that simple!


Lets analyze why this actually happens… why guys fall in love so quick?
there are 4 main scenarios :
Case One:
You have no life or weak lifestyle and girl has more of life then  you… she is a step or two ahead of you in life… you will fall in love.

Case Two :

She flips all your switches…your ideal girl…. same shit… you will fall in love. – 
which is not that bad if you flip her switches as well. ( very rare situation), but still make her first fall in love then you fallow with your love.. so you sink together in deeper emotions.

Case Three :
You are needy for love
This is actually physiological issue from childhood. Guys who didn’t got  enough love from mother will look for love from any girl that comes along.. will  fall in love and expect girl to love him back
Usually girl in this relationship will become his mother. That will go for a while and after some time she will leave him.

Case four :
Distorted Man- Female roles
Guys do not know how to behave, roll models of man are fucked. They have been raised by Babysitters and mothers.. therefore guys behave more and more like girls.
I really feels sorry for Girls nowadays… finding an  Normal man in this world is becoming Mission Impossible!

Don’t get me wrong to love and be loved is an great emotion and state of mind & body, Its one of most beautiful Emotions you can experience in this life –
but Timing is everything.
The problem with “Being in Love” is it actually fucks up your brain hardcore!
 Research some studies about Love influencing on brain functions, and you will see some amazing things. 
Once you are in “Love” certain brain functions are switched to minimum, like analytical brain, reasoning… etc
you lose your sense of yourself
Your reality gets distorted
research MRI brain scans of guys in love, and everything will makes sense.
That’s why its said among people : “Love is blind”
. All of that is very unattractive to girls, since you can’t even function properly. Why the fuck she needs you?
Don’t misunderstand to love somebody ( which is ok) and be fully in love ( which is retarded), especially if your girl is not feeling it at all.

She has all of the rights to Dump you… I give her an permission for it… you know why?
Because guys like YOU makes US other man look like pussies..

I will give you an way how to prevent this in future :
You have to control yourself. You are an Man. Man control their emotions.
Only fucked up or weak man let emotions control his life. If you feel you are falling in love with her, control your fucking emotions, do Reality Checks everyday, stop your mind from creating an ideal image about her, look at her flows…. Girls are not perfect. … , they are just f’king good at hiding their Imperfections. Look beyond that.. Don’t be a fool.


Bon voyage,


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