Emotional Vs Physical/Party girls

There are lots of different girls out there, but most of them fall into 2 basic categories.

Emotional vs Physical Girls

This 2 categories will capture 95% of girls you are dealing with.Its very easy to separate those 2 types. Understanding which one is which and running different game on them is a considered as a basic of seduction.

Emotional types are relationship material (Girlfriend types), while Physical types will give you much better sex (they are more in their bodies). Let me explain why.

Emotional Girls

They drive their happiness from internal things, that makes them happy can be found in this list :

  • Reading books
  • Spirituality
  • Culture
  • Friends
  • Family
  • History
  • Movies
  • Knowledge
  • Yoga
  • And more…

They seek happiness inside themselves!

Physical Types of Girls

Totally opposite from Physical types who are driven by external things..

  • Alcohol
  • Parties
  • Status
  • High energy
  • Adventure
  • Fast cars
  • Being Center in Attention
  • Money
  • Drugs

I am sure you already had some experience with both  types of girls.

Trying to run same game / conversation on both types and hoping to get some success is  INSANITY. Those 2 types live totally 2 different lifestyles and they look for totally different types of guys. You simply cannot get them in bed doing exactly same thing. Not possible – PERIOD

I will teach you what game to run for them and how to recognize them and as well you can see my infield clips on me seducing them inside my Life Academy

Emotional vs Physical Girls - Badboy Lifestyle

Game for each type of girl

Game for Emotional girls has to be based on TCC, lots of comfort, connection, trust. Remember they are searching for a soul-mate, and that’s what you are giving them.
So you have to connect with her on deeper things in conversation, go wide & deep.During whole time your energy and outlook on life have to project that you are looking for something more then just an adventure (potential relationship). Lots of eye contact, keep her in low-energy specter of game. I personally don’t even push it with them for same night, instead I will date them and convert into relationship (even same-night is possible with them)

Techniques like Cube, palm-reading, long passionate kissing, holding hands are very effective on them.

Physical types are totally different type of OS, difference is almost like driving a bike and driving an car. High energy, lots of touching (Game that we mostly focus on Summer camp) that leads towards same night on under 45min close is designed for them.Connect more with her body then brain, use basic fluff for conversation. Lots of Se. energy   and frequent SE. escalations.Highly attracted to Confidence, Dominance, Power. So in your game with your moves and body language you have to convey those! Leading, making decisions instead of them. Direct openers work much better on them and very soon Kiss close ( 3-5min)

Physical types are more for one-night adventure, no strings attached relationships and f-buddies type of relationships. Still Long-term relationships are possible with them but do not expect too much of deepness and fatefulness.

Recognizing Girls

Emotional types will carry this soft energy and usually have more  round faces, while physical types will have more aggressive faces and radiate with confidence and sexual energy. But I found secret if you just focus on face, will tell you everything.

If you are not sure, you can ask her in conversation: “what kind of guys do you like”?, if she starts mentioning  things like looks, status… you know who you have pleasure to talk to.

Learn everything about recognizing differnt types of girls( emotional, horny..etc)  inside my Life Academy

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