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Have you ever made an emotional intelligence test?

Why smart guys do not get laid

Yes, girls do like smart guys, they like to talk to them, not have sex with them. Smart geeky guys do not get laid. And in this article I will explain you the reasons why it is like that.
Have you ever asked yourself why bartenders get laid so much? Have you ever seen those low-class street guys dating hot girls? What the hell is with that? The answers are more than obvious.

To be good with girls, you need three things: emotional intelligence, social intelligence and solid levels of IQ.

1) Emotional intelligence – EQ

Emotional intelligence - badboy Lifestyle

This is crucial for being good with girls. Having a good level of emotional intelligence will allow you to know how they feel, predict their emotional responses, know what they want to hear.
What emotional intelligence actually does is it allows you to see things from different angles, from a different perspective; you can see how you look in her eyes or in the eyes of her friends. You can see how the world or problems look from a different perspective.

Just ask yourself:

How good are you at seeing things from a different perspective?
That will tell you a little bit about how good your emotional intelligence is.

Emotional intelligence is something you develop in your childhood in the first 10 years of your life.

If you had brothers, sisters, a childhood with lots of friends and people then you should have a good level of emotional intelligence. Single kids who didn’t go to the kindergarten or were not around other kids didn’t have an opportunity to develop it.

But still if you didn’t develop it in your childhood, it is possible to work and develop your emotional intelligence during your lifetime. Hang out with people as much as you can, make friends from circles outside of your lifestyle. Talk to as many different people coming from a different background. Try to understand them and their problems. Socialise as much as possible.

2) Social intelligence – SQ

Social intelligence is another element you have to possess to be good with girls. Why?
We live in the modern society, this is not a cavemen game anymore, and you cannot just take a girl to your cave and keep her there without anybody seeing you. She is judged by people regarding who she is and what she is doing. You are being judged for your actions in society. There are some social norms that you have to respect as a man.


You have approached a group of three girls, but you are ignoring her friends and just talking to your target girl. You go and buy drinks just for you and your girl, without asking her friends if they want something to drink. What are they going to think of you?
This comes back to social intelligence. Because knowing girls, they really care about what their friends think about the guy they met. She will consult them before making the final decision to go on a date with you or not. Buying a drink is not so much an extreme case, in most cases it does not matter, but let’s say not introducing yourself to her friends, not talking to them at all etc.

A lack of social intelligence can hurt big time when you are out there talking to girls. The hotter she is the less mistakes you’re allowed to make. Therefore it’s important to develop good social intelligence.
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How to develop social intelligence:

Same thing like emotional intelligence, hang out with people to get used to what’s normal and what’s not a normal behavior. Be aware of social norms, things that are unspoken, but still important.

That’s why bartenders, service people who are non-stop exposed to social interactions develop really high levels of emotional and social intelligence.

Emotional intelligence - badboy Lifestyle


3) Solid level of IQ

IQ is important, but not that important. Use your IQ to utilize the information you got from your emotional and social intelligence, and act on it. This is the best use of highly developed IQ.

For example, you are talking to a girl in a bar and you stand there for 30-45 minutes having a drink… at the same time you notice she is wearing a pair of really sexy high heels. You can FEEL and see she is uncomfortable there and her legs are hurting (EQ), you scan the room and see a group of people paying the bill on their table (SQ), your IQ should now come up with a plan and connect the dots. Take your drinks and lead the two of you to sit down. She will be thankful, because you take care of her, you take care of her feelings. For a woman it’s a pleasure to be in the presence of such a guy. A guy who takes care of things, a guy who is aware of things.

Natural players, players who are “born” well, they actually base their game on good emotional and social intelligence.

But the best players are the guys who have an amazing balance between all three factors.
Guys who are smart, who can talk about wine, talk about the history of the planet… who are educated… but can feel and recognize her emotions, and they behave well in social settings.

Old-school James Bond movies come to my mind now…

Start working on your Emotional Intelligence




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