Do you want to stay a Looser for rest of your Life?

Its a time for a wake-up call. You have to seriously think about your future if you are not happy with your present moment, with results you are having today. In this life, there are Winners and Losers. Either you are growing in every possible direction or you are staying wherever you are.  My ultimate goal in life is to push for Best what life can Offer. Best girls, best friends, best food, best Holidays, best Business. Only and only then you can be totally fulfilled. You should strive for Best.


Accept nothing but Best from life. This should be your core inner game Belief.

If I decided years ago, I don’t want to push, and change, I would have stayed in looser mentality just like rest of the guys.That’s exactly what society wants, society wants you to fail, to live an average life, to be No one.

Changing the way you see life, yourself, girls is happiness. I see most of the guys lack this generally positive outlook in life. Their Mission, purpose.

That was the whole purpose and idea behind creating my Life Academy, to give you this basic foundation to build Happy Life.

You have to understand that Life is one big fight, a battle, every day you fight for better future. 90% of that fight is against yourself. Your beliefs, habits, fears, insecurities..Shit that society has instilled into you.

If you every day work on yourself and slowly start changing your patterns of behavior, every day you work on your beliefs, principles in life, your future will be bright. Your future will be amazing. I will give you all of that very soon,

That’s what I have done in my life. And I can teach you as well. The core of my success in life and with girls is this Warrior Inner Game mentality.

If you don’t push, if you don’t do change, you will stay who you are today. Nothing will change. That’s NO1# law of Universe.


There are guys out there, average guys, who date and fuck hottest girls on the planet. they drive average cars, average jobs they have, they are just like you, but, but they are great in mind. They are amazing to be with, they are amazing to spend time with. They are the best they can be. Those guys push their limits daily, they challenge themselves, they are doing things that were impossible yesterday. These guys are true Winners. While Society is creating losers, and 90% people accept it, we are fighting against it, and fight to become Winners.
Once I change your “Loser mentality Inner game” you will start to feel and behave differently. Everything in life starts from how you look into it. If you see going to gym as a must and painful you will give up after 1 week. If you see the gym as getting best from your body, as an investment for future, and pain as a motivator, you will keep going back for more and more.

For example, each time when my mind goes, you can’t do more… stop, it’s a time to stop…( we all been there) I remind myself.. this is the point where losers stay and winner continues, this is the line where 90% give-up. And somehow I manage to continue my work-out. Its all about controlling your thought process.

Same principle goes for every other area in life, seduction, business. I will teach you all of that soon.

Start your 360 Inner Game Transformation and change your life forever!

Stay tuned.


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