Direct game – 10 rules by Badboy

There is lots of heat going around between Indirect Vs Direct game. Let me explain you power and Rules of Direct Game.

10 rules of Direct Game

Rule 1# Direct Game= Power

The Beauty of doing proper direct approach is because it gives you instant Attraction. Girls will be  immediately into you.
Why? Because you are projecting all the right qualities: Confidence, Dominance, You are the Man, You know what you want, You are Choosing her, You are Above her…etc

Since those are qualities girls look for, and you are displaying them on very beginning of Interaction, she will feel massive attraction towards you. (If you manage to display them)

No need for routines and Attraction material. It takes 1 good sec to build Attraction.
Its hardwired, all you have to do is press right button!

Rule 2# Direct Game is more then the Opener

Lots of guys, think Direct Game is just an opener, and there is nothing else after opener. Actually whole game is different. Since from very beginning girl likes you, all you have to do is be natural, get to know her, and maintain sexual energy. There is no need for qualification, push-pull, playing games..etc. I see lots of gurus nowdays, they teach direct opener, then back to Indirect game.


Young woman with a glass of wine talking to a man at the bar

Rule 3# Once you go Direct there is no going back

Once you go direct, you cannot switch back to Indirect or go  “Let me ask you something” conversation. You just stated that you like her, and you want to get to know her… stay on that road, and get to know her… any frame change will lead into Confusion from her side. You will lose girl that way.
If you play Direct Game, then go all the way Direct.

Rule 4# Keep the “Man” Frame

All you have to do is Maintain the Frame you created.
Will she test you?
Of course she will. She has to be sure. She has never been approached like that. You came to her and literally said, “I am the man, and I choose you to be my girl”. On all her tests, reply with a smile, in slow and dominant state. Her unconscious will test you to be sure are you really strong confident Man. Pass those tests, and you are on the right way to her Panties.
In Direct Game, you open with one frame, and you close it in same frame: I want you.

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Rule 5#  Expect Panic & Nervousness  from her

Some girls handle Direct Approach normal, most of girls get nervous, and start saying  things they don’t mean. You have to understand, its not usual for a girl to be approached with that amount of Power and Balls. Its her dream coming true. That’s why they go in “Shock state. All you guys who do Direct, you are very familiar with that shock. So in those first 3-4”black-out” seconds ( as we call in in Badboy Team), first thing that will usually come out of her mouth is : “I have a boyfriend”.
Now, don’t misinterpret this as a shit-test,  this is not a test, this is something different, this is her Autopilot response, basically, she doesn’t know what to say/ how to react in this new situation. I have asked lots of girls afterwards ( on 1/2nd date about this, and they do not ever recall them saying  bf line. None of them! This is Unconscious – Auto-Pilot reaction, and has to be treated like that. And this is the stage where 90% of guys fail. They start to mumble, mmm..hmm….its ok.. hmm…” game over… Attraction dies. You have to be so cool and relaxed to help her overcome her nervous state.

Her auto pilot response has to meet your Auto Pilot response on that.. In that shock state, you have to talk, talk until her OS reboots.(first 5-7 sec)

Rule 6# Sexual Energy

This is the difference that makes difference,  Direct game is way more better for fast results ( pulling girls home same night), because it has much more sexual energy.But even if you are looking for a Girlfriend, it can be good as well.  The Difference that makes difference is Sexual energy. See Direct Game allows you with its frame to Sexually escalate, actually its more then that, it forces you…Because you are there  because you like her, and she is giving you IOI’s… and its under of context of “I choose you”so its natural that you want more, she feels like its normal for you to escalate… and because of that its not needed to keep those sexual emotions under the table ( hidden like in Indirect game). Sexual escalation in Indirect feels awkward  because your original frame is not set correct ( I am here to ask you something)

So in Direct Game we use “Dirty Talk” to make a girl horny, to get her panties wet ( whispering things into her ear). This balance between  getting to know her and Making her panties wet is The Most crucial component of Direct Game. This balance will dictate are you taking her home in few hours, or you are converting her to your Gf.

I became so good at Dirty talk that some girls are telling me after 20min… “ will you keep whisper those things in my ear, or will you do something about it?” (Time to go)

Sexual Escalation is an Natural progression of Direct opening. Its like girls expect it from you to escalate and be sexual.

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Rule 7#I saw you from over there” is not Direct

I saw and I heard how other PUA companies teach direct game.Their version of Direct game It makes me want to cry. I am not going to name them, because you already know who they are…

“I saw you from over there, and I had to come over here to say hi / you are cute” THAT IS NOT DIRECT….…Part of Direct Frame is “ I am above you/ I am choosing you” Attitude.. “I saw you from over there” opener screens with insecurity and neediness, weakness..stalking? But still I understand, if you are used to “ who lies more” openers, then even this weak bullshit is Direct and Strong for you.heh. Direct is Mindset, Attitude you project. Most guys do not understand that Direct Game is more then the “I like you” opener

Rule 8# Respect other Direct Players

There are very few guys with balls that can approach Direct. Its an an skill you have to respect.  Player always respects another Player. we are not in competition, there are enough girls for all of us. Remember that 20% of guys are fucking 80% of girls. We are those 20%, and you respect other guys who are in that category.

Rule 9# Open Less Close More

Yes , its true, with Direct Approach, you will open less, but the ones you open you will very likely close… All those girls who are in relationships, in love, fucked up by previous boyfriends, they will all reject you right after the opener. In my mind, that is Beauty of Direct. FILTER. Those girls you wont lose anyway( with any game). I would rather lose them after 3sec then after I invested 45min. ( indirect)

This way you screen them immediately, on the opener. It saves time, It saves Energy.  LOVE IT!

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Pick your fights!

Young handsome man in sunglasses
Young handsome man in sunglasses

Rule 10# Direct Game is Beyond Game

You cannot really call Direct Game an “game”, because  here we do not play games, Indirect is a Game…. Direct Game is more a mindset, its a lifestyle, a way of thinking.

 I don’t give a shit attitude, I like you and I am taking you with me.

Example : I had a girl over at my place few night ago, and she started to bullshit how she doesn’t like me, she doesn’t want sex with me anymore. I just pointed to doors and said “goodbye”.  I have better things to do. But this is not Game. This is Mindset and Lifestyle. That’s how we are in other areas of life..

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