Deeper levels of Game

Last night I had this “aha” moment, and I simply have to share it with you guys. As soon as I woke up  today, I  made myself a nice healthy smoothie, and started writing this email. I don’t know why, but I am starting to see things from game in different ways. Ways I never saw it before. This usually happens when you are reaching higher level of the game. I have no idea where this will take me. Sometimes I feel like Neo in Matrix, it goes on and on, there is no end.

Levels of Game

This graph I did one night at 2am. I couldn’t sleep, opened excel and did it.
This graph actually explains whole “game”

Let me explain you:

There are 2 basic elements in seduction.

Blue line: Comfort energy
Green Line:  Sexual energy or “SE” later in text

Levels of Game - Badboy Lifestyle

To seduce woman you need 2 energies

But there is difference between how those 2 energies occur in body. See, Comfort is never ending thing.
The more time you spend with a girl the more comfort you will have. If I remember correctly from school x=1
(I am sure Math guys will correct me here) heh, please do.
The more you talk to her, more things you do with her, the more comfort and connection you have. And this in most cases can work against you. Lots of comfort is only good when you are converting girl into a girlfriend.
as you can see on a Graph, Comfort grown on a steady line.. While SE is different. Its more of a spike…Girl will start feeling SE with you, and it will reach top, if you don’t act on it, it drops down. And it very hard to recover. Almost impossible. To pump SE you use Dirty talk and Kino, ( verbal and non verbal escalation).
If you do those 2 together, a very powerful weapon she will start feeling SE, she will start feeling more and more horny. She will start thinking about going dirty with you. Now, Look at the graph for a moment, and notice place where Comfort and SE meet.
Its a “Point with no return” triangle, a point where you  have to do something with her. This is a point where her panties are wet and she feels comfortable being with you ( getting to know you). Read article how to get her panties wet
In this point  you have both things on level where they have to be! Action time. This is where F-close happens.

Now, you will ask me time, after how much time this happens?
This varies from Player to player, I remember when I was in my first years of game, it took me 2-3 hours to get some SE from a girl.

Nowadays with good Direct game, and Dirty talk you can get to that point in 15-30min. I would say for an average player who is just starting with game, he can reach that point in 1h if he uses right techniques.
But lots of guys out there play only comfort game. Comfort game = let’s be friends game!

Comfort & connection  = friendship

Portrait Of Smiling Beautiful Woman Talking On Mobile Phone

So if you build friendship with a girl, that’s how she will see you. Don’t blame her, blame yourself for installing friendship into her mind. On other side if you create lots of SE and S tension, she would see you as a someone to bang. It’s that simple

Let’s go back to graph, damn, I feel I can write PHD around this graph
Let’s analyze it more
Why SE is a spike?
Its because their stupid ego…

See, girl gets all aroused, but you don’t do anything about it, you don’t act on it. If you look from girls point of view, she thinks its all clear, she thinks you can see it that she is ready to be taken, and you don’t do anything about it. So she feels REJECTED. She feels you don’t want her, as if you were only playing games with her. Game over.

She is rejected, you don’t wan’t to F her..
SE drops down to zero, and the most f-up part goes here. Guy usually stays there talking to her hoping he can recover situation, and continue to build more Comfort… results is 2nd point, where Comfort reaches Max, and SE is on floor, result is ” oh, no let’s just be friends.
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You have just lost momentum, you have lost the girl.

Beauty of seduction lies in timing, calibration and level of Comfort and SE.




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  1. Test

    Math guy here: definitely not x=1. It would correspond to the vertical line passing through the point with coordinates (1,0). You wanted to say the line with equation y = x.

    1. Samson

      Can you show all the best items of Maths fair by photos and viodes? it will be a great help to all math lovers.So please try to catch all of them

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