Meeting Girls in Cafés and On the Street – Day Game Mastery pt.1


This video is a part of an exclusive content. Watch it and get all the tips on how to meet and talk to girls in cafés and on the street.


Those are the 2 easiest places for daytime approaches:

Cafés and streets

Cafés are probably the easiest place for daytime approaches. Girls are sitting, drinking coffee and are engaged in some boring conversation. With proper techniques (see more here – Table approaches Blog) and with a proper conversation strategy this will be the easiest situation for you.

Street approaches are a totally different story. She is moving and in order for you to talk to her you have to stop her first. Watch this clip and learn how to stop them efficiently with power and dominance.
Get more knowledge on how to approach and talk to girls in bars, cafés and restaurants during daytime, or read more on our blog.


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