3 Biggest dating mistakes men do

Today  I looked back and analyzed what were my biggest dating mistakes in game I did when I was going through process of learning the Game 12 years ago. I hope you avoid mistakes I have done and  manage to fasten up your progress.

1) Not escalating fast

This is probably sticking point of all players or wanna be-players.
I lost way too many girls with this in my “learning years” with slow escalation. Just like you, I was afraid to do it fast, and was waiting for Indicators of interest from girl to see when she is ready…counting indicators… them, and other retarded silly things we did back then. In meantime girl would thought I am not interested into them. I lost probably 20-30 girls just with this mistake.  Lots of girls now days are showing no Ioi’s and waiting for you to simply “take” them. Add more cave-man style in your game!

Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Women
Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Women



2) Over-approached city where I live (don’t shit where you eat)

I realized this way too late. At one point I approached 70% of hot girls in town. Even if I somehow  found a girl who I still haven’t approached, her sister, girlfriend, someone would warn her about me (player) and it would destroy my chances with her. It was a painful lesson I made. When I finally got my game together ( 2.5 years) I destroyed all of the girls, and only fat ones/ugly ones were available. I managed to destroy whole generation. I got in relationship and was gone off market for 1 year. That’s what happens when you are gaining skills on girls you should be dating them.

Ideal situation would be to go somewhere out of place where you live, and do all those crash-burn learning approaches, and come back home with Skill developed. One more reason why  things like my Summer camp are awesome. You go there, go through pain,  do 300-500 approaches develop skills and come back home with sills and ready to get girls. So instead of fucking-up  local hot girls, you come  ready for them. Voila!

3) Unneeded Winging

I realize now after years that getting used to going out with friends/ wings was actually blocking my progress big time. Its something that you can’t see it, but once you start going out alone you realize that you don’t need someone to go out at all. Once I started going out alone, at first it felt stupid.. but soon after  I started getting 3 somes more regularly and felt more confident and powerful being by myself in club. Something never would happen when was going out with wings.

And once hot girl told me in club  ” If I am a Man, I would go out alone….we girls appreciate more when you approaches us alone then with friends. It shows you have confidence and you know what you want” – Once I heard that from hot girls mouth, that was it. Winging no more…
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I am aware these 3 are your problems as well, so I just hope you will focus on it sand fix it asap.



Bon voyage,


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