This program has changed my life


Let me tell you how Life Academy program has changed my life.

Life academy is the most complete program I have seen in my life.

It has everything you need to know in this life, where I come from this is called “life intelligence”, let me tell you my story, you might resonate with parts of it, with all of it, or with nothing about it, this way or another it will give you my view of this amazing program.
I have always been a smart kid, i liked investigating and learning stuff, I was the top in school in every subject, this is where they taught me that the way to success in life and happiness resides.
Yet, with all those great grades I was never happy, I was a gentle kid in tough environment, the boys didn’t accept me and the girls never liked me, at least not in the way I wanted them to.
I always liked surround myself with feminine energy, it was much more gentle and accepting than the boys, but as you might guess it caused the social problems I have had all my life. Not only this, it made me drown into my own reality that I created in my mind, so I was disconnected from the real world, what later turned out to be the definition if the term “introvert”.
Fast forward to high school, somehow I succeeded connecting to people using old fashioned pickup material, I worked out, got fit, became more confident and extrovert, and found a girlfriend!
Now things got messed up…
See, when your confidence comes from external source (the looks, the money, the girls, etc.) It is UNSTABLE.
My girlfriend cheated on me, fucked all of my friends, I gained weight… and I broke down to ground zero again… long period of depression hit me, for the next whole year I was trying to find myself.
I went back to pickup industry, apparently now it’s “cool” to do self development and everyone talks about the long journey I must do to be happy again…
Somehow I ran into badboy lifestyle after checking out and trying shit of every fucking company in this industry.
There are 3 types of intelligences, IQ, which is known to everyone and is the most common, high grades at school, good analytical mind, etc.
EQ, emotional intelligence, every personal interaction with human being requires you some levels of this intelligence.
SQ, social intelligence, every social condition, acts, and interactions requires this.
Because i built myself in high school, I had all three of them to some degree, and that’s why I had bad feeling about all pickup companies, call it intuition.
Badboy was different, my gut feeling told me “this is it, this is what you are looking for”.
I am glad I have listened to it, I joined life academy because it was pretty cheap so I gave it a shot.
2 months later I have had the most amazing and beautiful fuck buddy I have ever had up to that point, 4 months into the program I made friends with same self development passion as I have which pushed me forward to my goals.
Today I have an amazing girlfriend in open relationship, the best friends I could wish for, job in marketing (face to face and internet marketing), and I started building my first startup (wish me luck!).

Remember I said there are 3 types of intelligences? Well, there is another one which is “hidden” to most people.
Where I come from, it is called “life intelligence” and the only way to have it is to gain experience from the life.

At least i thought it us the only way.
The missing component to success, to unlimited happiness, let’s call is LQ, can be built there, in LIFE ACADEMY.
No need to live for 60 years to gain in, I am only 20 and I have more LQ than 30 yo guys. This is NOT a pickup product, this is NOT about the girls.
If you are not satisfied from your life, even if you are only “ok” with your life right now, but you want to live the best life you possibly can, you MUST get Life Academy, or as we call it LA.

I have used almost every formula inside Life academy to improve my life. And almost all of them worked amazingly for me.
Like you will see Dan explaining how to create new friends and be leader of your friends, it took me 7 days to expand my social circle with it. I love my new gang now.

Diet & nutrition course came to Life academy last month, with this amazing guy Branimir. Next morning I watched it and immidiatly throw to trash all bad junk stuff I had in my house, started paying attention to what I eat, within few days I had more energy, I felt better.
They don’t bullshit in those courses, they give you basic theory and then directly how to implement this into your life.
Funny story :
So I met my girl, and I wished to turn her into my regular fuck buddy, It took me literally 15min. to do so. While she went to bathroom to take a shower after sex, I went to Life academy on my [hone opened course about setting up relationships, took script about how to set up fuck buddy relationship, while she came out of bathroom, I had speech prepared to deliver it. She came back to bed, I just applied word for word about setting up fuck buddy frame, she accepted new relationship it and that’s it. Its been working for months perfectly.

And that’s what I really love about Life Academy. All material, all content, all courses is so simple and easy to use.

Let me give you another example.

Conversational Skills course.
I needed it because my talking wasn’t the best, the most smooth. Within 2-3 weeks my conversational skills improved so much that I went to next 2 job interview totally cool and I got accepted on both of them! They told me I was the most friendly guy they interviewed and their best option for this job. This would never happened before. I been going to job interviews for last 11 months and got rejected to all of them.

I can really see what life academy has done to my life.
I have friends, job, nice girl, I am happy, eating healthy.. Its just amazing.

Every time I get email from Dan “ New course has arrived” I feel like its Christmas again. remember being a kid and on xmas morning unwrapping gifts under the tree? That’s how I feel everything I open new course.

With each course they add, my life is getting better and better. Where is the end? I have no idea..

I came from depressed, antisocial, women hating guy to what I am now.
You will probably hear about me on tv very soon, because I am gonna conquer this world! And if I can do it… so can YOU!

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