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I have been thinking about this for long time. I think time has come. I decided this will be my NYE resolution for 2017’. I will officially upgrade myself to Life Coach!

My life would be such a good material for a movie. I discovered seduction community on 90’s and  it helped me a lot.  it took me good 3 years working on myself (fears, insecurities, self image, confidence, techniques) to sort out myself, my life and get good with girls. I started just like most of you, as a nice guy. I was one of you.

Approach Anxiety, not knowing what to say, shaking in front of girls, nervousness. I had it all!

Dan – The Nice Guy

Dan - From nive guy to a Life Coach

Who was my Mentor?

No, I did not had any mentors, no gurus, there were no seduction gurus back in days, just open forums with guys discussing stuff. That was more then enough for me. It’s possible to recreate yourself. And I did it.

There were no books, no CD’s, no internet sites, I was alone approaching and getting failed every single day, every single night until I realised what works and what not. It was hardest school ever. Try & Fail!

It was best journey of my life. First life I have changed: Myself! 

3 years down the line I was dating most beautiful girl in my country. Miss Croatia! I had 20 euro in my pocket and was driving fucked up Renault 19’ &  dating hottest girl in Croatia, 3rd on planet!

This is when others players in community started to pay attention to me. Neil Strauss was one of first top guys that you know that asked me for coaching. It’s funny but nobody knows that I coached half of top coaches from PUA community back in the days. Helped them to open, run pickup companies… coached their instructors.

I was never able to talk about it. There was so much happening behind the scene that nobody knows.

15 years passed,  and I did it all. 

I travelled world countless of times. coached more then 50.000 guys, personally. I have changed lives to some of hardest cases on planet earth. I coached guys in wheelchairs, ugly guys, we have even done exorcism (and guys who were on my old Summer Camp will remember that)!

So many guys, so many stories that I am really proud of. Like this “fat” guy who I helped to finally get his dream come true. A threesome. It happened on 2nd day of our training, on his Birthday! He was crying from happiness next morning. Me as well I have to say. So many lives has ben changed. So many times I have cried with them, together.

Student from Dan - Life Coach

Even though I was a “dating coach” all those years, helping guys to find girlfriends, wife’s, fuck-buddies… My job was much deeper and harder. Most of those guys who came to me didn’t had problem with girls, but problem with Life. And this problem with life was manifesting in dating area. Girls can smell that you have fucked your life. I was telling them: “You don’t have no problem with girls, you have problem with life, no friends, no lifestyle, no fun, no happiness, but luckily we can fix it all”.

So many times I ended up fixing whole their life’s to fix girls as well.

Quality Life = Girls 

This is the first time when I realised how important is to sort out your life first, before you start getting girls. There was many times, when I coached guys to get girls fast and they did it successfully. Next morning when girls realised he has problems with Inner Game, he’s shy, insecure, his life is a mess, they were gone with wind!

Guys were insecure, dressed bad, they were not happy with themselves, didn’t loved themselves, had problems with money and, of course, this led to problem with girls. No girl wants this kind of a guy, and you can’t hide this with routines.

I realised, I have to help them in every area of life not just with girls, and that’s how it started.
Start a business, find a purpose in life, become a entrepreneur. I have coached several really successful and famous guys (can’t talk about names), but you know them from TV and movies, helped them to design their lives, find friends, wifes, I even helped to design a private club for one millionaire.

Several times I was hired to write proposal speeches, hired to try to seduce their longterm girlfriends (to see will they cheat on them). I did it all in last 15 years. It was best and craziest life I could ever design. I was helping guys buying houses, villas, cars, designing their fucked up life into Playboy’s Lifestyle. Opening model agencies in their homes.

“It’s important is to sort out your life first, before you start getting girls” – Dan

I have been invited to so many weddings from my students, clients, guys naming their kids after me, girlfriends sending me their boyfriends to my Summer Camps, mothers sending their kids to me to teach them how to be a man (dad failed). It was a journey with enough material to record several good movies.

Most of my students who I helped to sort out their problems with girls, come back to me asking to continue coaching them for other areas of life.

In last 5 years I was doing more and more life coaching and less and less dating and seduction.


Because guys have realised how healthy lifestyle is important. When a girl is deciding to be with you, she is “buying” whole you, whole your life, not just your seduction techniques. I feel today I overgrew whole “Badboy” image. I stopped feeling congruent with Badboy image. I become a man who is successful in life and in everything I do.

I became successful in changing people’s life. Actually, whole this 15 years I was a life coach.

Will I stop doing it?

Dan - From Badboy to Life Coach

Hell NO!
This was best decision I have done in my life. I love my job, I love helping guys, I love changing lives, making them happy. I love seeing their results, I love being invited to their weddings. Let it run for at least 15  more years!

Welcome to Life Academy

Wtf? What is this now?
Well, mastering life is more then just learning how to get girls. Yes, girls are important, but money, business, health, your image, your financial freedom, friendships and family are important as well. Girls are just one puzzle of life and I decided to teach you all of it.

Because I believe all those things are equally important, and you need it. This short video explain’s it all – watch it.

Since many of you cannot afford 1×1 with me, so I can work on you personally, I created tons of never-seen-before amazing courses that will help you to master Life.

It works like NetFlix, you get in and you get access to more then 120 hours of courses, and each month you are getting new stuff.

Did you know there is amazing formula to build new friendships & get older ones even stronger?
Did anybody teach you how to fuck girls properly? Give them best sex ever in life?
Would you like to know how to organise best parties and events?
Do you want to know how to start your own business quickly?
Would you like to understand female mind?
How’s your conversational skills? Want to work on it?
How’s your texting & sexting skills? Need help?
Do you want to know how you as older guy can seduce and date younger girls?
You travel a lot, would you like to master how to meet girls on airports, airplanes?
How to seduce girls in nightclubs, bars?
How to recognise horny girls?
How to set up a Threesome?
Do you want to master Relationships?

… and many, many more things.

See, to master life, you have to master all those things. There is only one place where you can master all of those elements of life: LIFE ACADEMY

This is place where you can master all those "important life skills".

Can I ask you for a favour?

I want you to start seeing me less as Badboy and more as: Dan - Life Coach.

Bon voyage


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Dan is World’s best Dating coach. Inventor of Direct and Natural Game. Voted for NO#1 PUA in the world for 2013 & 2014.One of the characters in “The Game” Bestselling book by Neil Strauss. In last 15 years he coached more then 10.000 guys . His understanding of female mind and gift for teaching is never seen before. He is an Inventor, writer, seducer, player. Keep him away from your wife's, girlfriends...