Create multiple options

Having multiple of options in everything in life is one of most crucial components for good life.
I have found this years ago and its part of my Inner Game stability and source of confidence in personal life, and in business.

Your ultimate goal in life is abundance!

Whenever you have multiple options in life, you feel good.
How stressed you would be about your job if you have 2 additional sources of income aside?
Your car breaks down, but you have another in garage?
Your favourite pair of jeans get messed up, but you have another one because you bought 2 of them?

Same principle you can use with girls. Girls and woman can cause lots of stress and nervousness if not treated right way. She flakes on you last minute, she is playing hard to get, she is bitching, its all much easier to handle if you have multiple girls. One girl is causing problems, you call another one and life is good! Less stress.

The hotter the girl, the crazier she is

group of female friends in spa have fun and making selfie photo with mobile phone, celebrate bachelorette party

Hottest girls tend to be craziest as well. Because they know guys are so needy that they will do everything what they wish just to be with her. So their behavior gets out of box. They got used to get away craziest drama. Until they meet that one guy who simply does not care. Who she can’t control, Why he doesn’t not care? Because he has several other options. And girls go crazy when they realize they can’t control this guy.

Why does he not behave like others? Why is he not needy?
One of my friends had this case last week with his gold-digger girlfriend, she told him, “if you do not take me to Paris for Valentines day, its over between us.
He just smiled at her.
She told him no sex then.
He smiled again. ->totally nonreactive


Sex = Control

See girls and woman use sex as a main control and manipulation tool over man. “If you don’t do this you are not getting sex”. But if you can get sex from other sources whenever you want, control and manipulation is not possible. That’s one of reasons why girls get mad over cheating. Lack of control. Well we don’t live in a stone age anymore.

This whole thing is happening because our relationships have went totally crazy.  There is no respect, no love, everything is fake, individual benefits..

How many guys do I know that are in long term relationship without any sex. I know a guy who gets sex for his birthday, valentines day and when he buys her something expensive. Like 3-4x a year! Imagine that!

I told him : You need one more girl.
He replied : But I love her.
Me : Ok.

Whenever you have multiple options you feel more confident, more relaxed more enjoyable.
I am not saying you have to cheat on your girls, and have harem, but have options. Know that you can go out and get new girl whenever you want if you need it. Your relationship with your girl will be much better.
All my girls know for this website, and they know what I do and what I teach, and they know if I am not happy with our relationship, I can go out and in no-time and find some better girl who will give me what I need.
Setting up good life style, its more then just woman, life has many puzzles, and in order to live really good happy life, you have to sort out many areas of life.

  • Creating multiple amazing friendships;
  • Creating multiple sources of income;
  • Managing several girlfriends of fuck-buddies.

etc etc.

Young couple arguing with each other woman shouting yelling at her boyfriend isolated on a white background

This principle you can apply to any area of life. You should not  place all your eggs into one basket. Never rely on only one source. In this fast paced modern world, anything can go wrong any moment. If you are running a business, same principle should be applied.

What if your best employee leaves you today? Always have a back up, always have option 2 for everything in life.


Bon voyage,


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