Change your unconscious inner talk by “mirror work”

Being conscious about your inner talk may seem hard

A couple days ago we have shown you why a good self-talk is important and told you to observe your thoughts carefully. This conscious process of over-serving and changing your thoughts (inner talk) is key to establish a proper inner game and improve your life in all aspects.


In the beginning, it needs a lot of effort to be aware of yourself and modify your inner map on a daily basis in the right directions. Even if it may look stressful and sometimes even unpromising at the beginning success is right around the corner. Just continue doing so brings you the desired changes in a short time.


How to change your unconscious - by Badboy Lifestyle

Changing core believes on an (almost) unconscious way

With the following tool, you can support this change fundamental! It’s one of the most efficient ways to guide your inner talk smoothly in the desired direction. This simple exercise may be the game-changer in your life!

All you need is some positive, carefully selected (handwritten) notes in a place where you’ll see it in the early morning and shortly before you go to sleep. Because when you read these notes in a calm, relaxed state, your conscious mind will be bypassed easily and your subconscious mind will store this hypnotic suggestion.

If you live alone I would suggest to place them close to the mirror in the bathroom.

How to express these notes

The most important part of this work is to find suggestions which support you best. Here you have to follow the following simple guidelines:

  • Make sure these suggestions don’t feel like lying to yourself. Otherwise, the success won’t be just blocked but the exact opposite may happen!
  • If possible don’t define final goals (which are even reached or not yet) but ongoing processes.
  • Use questions. Because to every incoming question, the human subconscious mind is looking for answers.

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Example suggestions and where to place them

Please find below some examples based on the above rules:

  • Why I’m getting better and better with girls?
  • Why is my self-confidence increasing on a daily basis?
  • Why I’m becoming more and more attractive to girls?
  • Why I’m feeling more and more confident about my sexuality and my desires?
  • Why is my self-love expanding more and more every day?
  • Why I’m getting more and more relaxed with girls?
  • Why feels approaching girls better and better after each set?
  • Why do I desire a life full of joy and pleasure?
  • Why is every approach helping me being better with girls?

In our opinion it’s best to select (or even better create yourself) 3-5 suggestions, write them down in your best handwriting (readable from about 3 meters away) and place these next to your mirror. So every morning and evening you can see them easily while brushing your teeth.



How this hypnotic suggestion will affect your inner talk best

Afterwards, it’s absolute, not necessary to read and answer this suggestion consciously anymore. Your subconscious mind will do its work and find for every question some proper answers! And the best thing – as it’s a subconscious process all the answers will be stored deeply in your subconscious mind directly. So your inner talk will be guided in a positive way and all the following thoughts will have a tendency to continue in this direction.

And therefore your start into a new day resp. your sleep timing will be more focused on the wanted emotions than on any unhealthy sorrows.

Exchange these handwritten notes one after another with different suggestions after a short while (about a week) to keep your subconscious mind busy finding additional positive questions and feel the difference in your life!

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