Boost Your Testosterone With This Simple Exercise

Increase your testosterone levels

One of the key aspects to optimize your testosterone levels is to have regular exercise. Throughout our evolution men have been hunters, gatherers, fought wars, moved heavy objects, bottom line – they moved constantly. Today we are sitting in front of our computers and TV, moving around in cars or public transportation, elevators and so on.

The majority of people do not get enough exercise to keep their body healthy let alone boost their testosterone levels. The common excuse: not enough time!

Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to invest a lot of time, you don’t need to go to the gym or have any kind of equipment to perform this amazing exercise that will help you boost your testosterone levels and at the same time burn fat, give you more energy and help you feel younger. The best thing is you can perform it almost anywhere. 
This simple exercise can change your energy level and boost your testosterone instantly.

Let’s introduce jump squats!

Exercises to boost your testosterone

Why is this exercise so effective?

  1. The exercises that have the most profound effect on increasing testosterone levels are the ones which involve big muscle groups. Just look at the size of you quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks. Now compare it to the size of your biceps, triceps or chest. Legs take the majority of men’s muscle mass so by „attacking“ them you get the biggest bang for your buck.
  2. Any time you perform jumping movements you stimulate your central nervous system (CNS). By stimulating your CNS you wake up your body, prevent feeling sluggish and amp up your energy. Any time you stimulate your CNS you will feel more alert and performing jump squats is one of the best ways to do it. Before you go out to a club or Day Game, this is how to wake yourself up. You can also use certain supplements along with jump squats that will have a synergetic effect and skyrocket the effect. You will learn more about supplements in Badboy’s Diet Module of Badboy School.
  3. When you exercise in brief, intense spurts, your body responds by releasing testosterone and growth hormone. To get this hormone release, all you need to do is surpass the anaerobic, or lactate threshold. Lactate threshold is that burning sensation you feel in your muscles, gasping for air and feeling you are about to pass out.

More lactate acid you produce, the more growth hormone and testosterone your body will create. GH is the same stuff celebrities take artificially to look and feel younger. The very name tells you that it is produced when we grow and develop and then it gradually keeps dropping as we get older. This is the reason why when younger we can eat all kind of shit and still not get fat. Because of high levels of growth hormone. 

Let me give you another example. Compare a marathon runner or long distance runner with a sprinter. An average runner has body fat between 12-15% while the average sprinter has body fat between 6-8%. Not only that but sprinters have a shitload more muscles.

Do you know the reason for this? Long, steady cardio increases cortisol which is a stress hormone, it burns your muscles and promotes fat storage. On the other hand, short and intensive bursts of running require power, stimulate fast-twitch muscle fibers (the ones with the greatest potential for muscle growth), growth hormone and testosterone.

Exercises to boost your testosterone

How to apply the exercise correctly?

  1. Do not do this every day or you can overtrain, overload your tendons and actually decrease your testosterone levels and cause injury;
  2. Perform the exercise 3 times a week;
  3. Warm up properly before the exercise, jump or run in place to get your body temperature up, then perform dynamic mobility exercises for your hips, knees and ankles;
  4. Jump as high as you can as quickly as you can – this will stimulate the fast-twitch muscle fibers;
  5. The duration of jumping should not be more than 30 seconds. Some of you might feel the burn in 10 seconds, other in more, depending on your current level of conditioning. Rest should not be longer then 90 seconds, and not shorter then 30 seconds. Perform 3-10 rounds.
  6. Technique/exercise description – assume a half squat position, arms by the side, swing arms to the back and then jump as high as you can propelling the arms above your head. Land softly, absorb the impact and then jump back up as quickly as you can.

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