Best courses ever!

Steve P.

I  have been in Life academy for 4 months now, and I can say that courses inside had big impact on my life. Today I live more stabile, more positive life, and yes my situation with girls have changed buy even beyond that, my health, friendships, really big overall impact. Here are reviews of some of courses I see as “my favorite” :

Conversational module 

The conversational skills course offers a step by step solution for everyone having problems to holding and leading a conversation. Be it girls or guys. Badboy goes into depth explaining the different types of conversations and the structure. I like the concept of going deep and wide to build trust, connection and comfort with a woman. I have used the module to see where I have failed and succeeded in the past and with this conversational blueprint you always have something to fall back on. As I started to incorporate the concepts in my daily life, I started to notice an improvement in talking to people. Becoming more conversational fluid goes beyond seducing women. You have to use your skills in talking to co-workers, your boss, friends, prospects etc. You need both theory and practice and Badboy will be the first to tell to go out and do it. Therefore the module contains assignments to force you to practice you new skills. (And you need to keep doing it.) That’s what I like about Badboy’s modules in general. It is really hands-on, instead of esoteric/philosophical. That has it’s place. “But knowing is not enough, we must do”. Bad boy’s products are not just loaded with amazing content, the website and videos are really slick too. You can really tell, there was a lot of effort spent to create this product. If you want to succeed in anything, go to the straight to top. For seduction Bad boy is the top.

Seducing girls  in Clubs and Bars

I think Badboy is the best school in this industry for loud clubs. Also I love the fact that the missions are simple to follow and focused on the body, because I believe that confidence is purely physiological, and I know that if I stick to the missions I’ll become much more confident. Course is full of tips, tricks, material that covers almost every possible situation in club or bar that you can find. Everything is very well explained and its easy to use it.

It was not long before my experience with night game changed from not knowing what to do, to having fun and excitement. My go-to technique use to be booze while standing at the bar trying to catch a fish with the reach of my arm. Often in awkward situations always leading not closing anything. After learning this module, I know how to proceed towards success and achieving results immediately. This skill and mindset will benefit you trough life no matter age or how good you are with game. If you feel overwhelmed by the vast majority of videos online you can actually stop seeking. Basically those concepts will come back to these principles. No matter what company you will find later this makes everything relatable. The club will be your new friend and playground. People will perceive you as charismatic and girls will get attracted. Furthermore a new world of possibilities will open up as you actually notice how many low hanging fruits are out there. Take this knowledge with you, try new places or just invite girls. If you was stuck before in night game now you will be free.

Meeting girls during Day  

After going through conversational course which is awesome, I decided to specialise in Day Game. I live on beach and I have girls right in-front of building where I live.  Day Game module has 13 steps, and covers almost all situations that can happen during daytime. Cafes, stopping moving girls, restaurants, malls, and most important for me Beach approaches. Badboy has this amazing 3step technique for Beach approaches that I use on daily basis. My favorite is hands on table and beach approach. Once you have your conversation down, just add these 2 techniques into your game and your day game will skyrocket.  Whenever I hit beach nowadays I get home with 2-3 phone numbers. Its so easy and so brilliant. If you like day-game like me, this is a module to get. All day techniques are covered with lots of real life examples. Simply amazing. Exactly what I needed.

Dating & Relationships Module

Wow module. This module is perfect continuation of Club and Day Game.
You get an phone number, then what? This is where Dating course comes in. Badboy teaches you everything about how to set up an dates, where to take her, what to talk about, how to get her home and start an relationship with that girl. How to frame those relationship into fuck buddies or girlfriends. I was really impressed with quality of content and information given. Well worth checking it out if you are interested into dating & relationship management.

Female Mindset

This is the jewel in the Life Academy


Although the content of all of the modules is unique and special by itself, you may find in other companies inferior alternatives to achieving the same goals, a lot of companies teach conversation, daygame, clubgame etc. It’s not even close to the level of badboy content, but it exists However, female mindset contains the most unique content you won’t find ANYWHERE! Badboy took 3 hot women, each one represents a main type of women (girlfriend type, one night stand type and bad girl type) and interviewed them, had a conversation with all 3 of them in his living room asking questions to show the woman’s perspective.

No company never did this, actually, most company speak about women like they are inferior human being “women don’t know what they want”…Badboy acknowledges their opinion, he knows how important that is to see things from the other perspective. I discovered a lot of new things, a lot of questions answered by the women, you can see their similarities in perspectives and the differences between this 3 types of girls, and you learn how to seduce right each one of them. You will discover big Secrets in this module that will help you a lot and change your game 180 degrees. The quality of content is absolutely amazing, some things you will never see anywhere.I don’t have anything bad to say about this module, it is the closest thing to perfection to my opinion, I did not expected this to be so mind-blowing.


Who is Badboy?

Dan is World’s best Dating coach. Inventor of Direct and Natural Game. Voted for NO#1 PUA in the world for 2013 & 2014.One of the characters in “The Game” Bestselling book by Neil Strauss. In last 15 years he coached more then 10.000 guys . His understanding of female mind and gift for teaching is never seen before. He is an Inventor, writer, seducer, player. Keep him away from your wife's, girlfriends...