How to become more confident with girls

Do you want to be more confident with girls?
Girls have problems to, girls have their Inner Game Issues. In most cases bigger and more fucked up then yours will ever be. 

But when you go out to clubs, all you see is your problems, your sticking points, your limitations. You are so much focused on yourself, that you do not even see what is happening on their side.

How to be more confident

 So in this post I decided to open that door, and explain you few of  their problems about being confident.

How to be more Confident - Badbiy Lifestyle

1) Approach anxiety

Yes all girls have it as well. Its million times stronger then yours ( mans) will ever be, because its triggered by society & culture.

Society says if a girl initiates/ approaches a guy she likes, she is a slut, low value, easy, whore..

So she is stucked in a position where she is standing on a bar, and she has to wait and hope that some guy approaches her. In that game her looks & dresses  is crucial element. Because she knows the hotter she looks = more chances to be approached.

More approaches = bigger chance she will like one  and end up with one of them.+ most girls do not know how to carry conversation. They are good at “react conversation” where she falls your, but they suck at leading conversation. that makes their AA even bigger.

So she has to play Passive role in dating (stand & wait) , but there are very few girls who go against society and approach guys. They do exist and they are Exceptions. Usually high sex drive motivates them. stay away from those.

2) Your AA = her Rejection

Now, this is interesting, and I have seen it million of times on my trainings. I would send a guy to approach a girl on a bar, and as he was walking towards her, she saw him and then his bullshit AA gets triggered ( she saw me), and turns left or right, and decides not to approach her – he bails out.


That’s his reality he created for himself, and funny thing about reality is that whatever you have decided to be real, becomes real… While her reality is opposed side of spectrum.

She has spend 2 hours at home to look good, to get guys to approach her. and she is standing at bar with her friends in high heels for last 3 hours (it hurts to stand in heels for that long), but she looks sexy, so it doesn’t matter? Finally some guy decided to approach her, because she looks sexy from distance, as he came closer, he decided not to approach her, and ruins away from her..

Whats going in her head then?

“My make-up is wrong”, he didn’t liked me, “ I am too fat for him”, “I am not good enough for him”“he doesn’t like me”, “ I will never meet anyone”I have seen girls get depressed. It ruined their night. Yea that’s true, your stupid AA can ruin someones night.Just like you blame yourself for not approaching her, on other side she is doing same thing to herself.

3) Face / smile make up

Lots of girls don’t have money for quality make-up, so they use basic, cheap beauty products. It can still look good, but quality sucks, for example with cheap make-up if she smiles/ laughs too much, cracks on her face appears…So that makes them conscious about themselves non-stop.

It makes her insecure… She cannot have a good time, she cannot relax.

How to be more Confident - Badbiy Lifestyle

And there are many, many more , millions of things that’s bugging them (I will write about it in future).

But I just wanted to make you aware that girls have problems too, because right now, you only see yours. What a true player (a man) has to do ,is not only take care of his, but hers problems as well…

Only and only then girl will surrender herself to you totally.

I am not saying :”be her problem solver”, I am saying, be aware that she is going through problems as well while she is in the club talking to you, Great players are aware of it, and they make it easier for her.

Just imagine how it feels for them

Spend 2-3 hours to look good, go to a club, stand there in high heels, hoping someone normal will come to you, and talk to you, while your face and make-up is still there. They are going through lots of pain, to expose themselves for us to game them/ seduce them. 

If you look really deep into it, you see the reality!
They are the one who are really needy!
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  1. Oprašivač

    Nice to know female perspective.

    1. Gilberto

      my dad wouldn’t let me go to piano lesosns or violin lesosns, but i have both of those instrument,and i can’t learn through the internet though, i think i just broke those instrument!!! they’re useless

  2. Aboluje

    I teach in a state university [and have tuhgat and adjuncted at 3 other state unis]. We now have about 20-25% non-traditional students. I teach in the humanities but in a practical curriculum [mostly] and I teach stats.Our non-trads are, on average, *much* better students. They’re not smarter than our best traditional students, but they are better prepared, work harder and smarter, ask better questions, interact with professors better, and in general get more out of their courses. They typically make the most of their opportunity. They practically never whine or ask for special treatment.The very brightest’ of our trads are very good indeed, and to the extent that they *do* know what they want, do very well both in class and in their careers later. The rest of our trads [probably at least 50%] struggle, the dropout rate is high, the ones that do graduate take 5 years, on average [most piling up debt], and manage to achieve a C average in areas notorious for easy grading.I agree that those who come in to do the hard’ sciences are probably prepared *if* they can do the work at the college level. The rest [including, now, the business majors] probably should not start college until they have several years experience in the real world. They, mostly, are simply not prepared for the rigors of real college level academic work. They don’t pay attention, they are sloppy in their work, their writing skills are abysmal, they miss too much class, they attempt to spend class time on their cells and ipads, etc, they whine, and so on.I wish there was some way to sort them out.I totally believe that there should be, for most HS graduates, some years of work in the real world before they enter college. It seems to be mostly a matter of intention on their part, and most of them don’t seem to intend to work very hard or very well.

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