Badboy’s Guide to Life – Part III

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Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

Be honest to yourself

Don’t lie to yourself, don’t try to fool yourself. Be honest, be bold with yourself. The way you talk to yourself is your talk with the universe. If you promised to yourself to go to the gym tomorrow, keep your word, do not fool yourself. If you like a girl, do not twist your mind into “maybe, I am not sure…”. Say inside yourself “fuck, I like her” and go and get her… Try to live in a flow of your positive thoughts. If you gained a few kilos, do not ignore it, do not lie to yourself “I look OK”, instead look at yourself in the mirror, say it to yourself… “fuck, I look like a pig… this can’t be tolerated”. Start being honest and direct with yourself. Start to respect yourself and others will respect you. Do not fool yourself. How others will treat you in your life starts with how you treat yourself. The conversation with yourself is the most important conversation you have during the day. The conversation with yourself will probably be one of the smartest conversations you have in your day.


Be honest to others

Everybody lies today, people are even afraid to be honest with themselves nowadays. Start speaking with your mind, remove filters, not all of them, but slowly start expressing yourself with your thoughts and true feelings. It’s crazy, but people trust more those “honest” people than the ones that have no idea what’s going through their head and body. Start with small things
A chair is making you uncomfortable, say it, something smells bad, say it and act on it… “Let’s move over there.” So don’t be afraid to say things that are obvious, do not be afraid to offend people. In most cases, your honesty will help them to become better. It’s hard to say to someone that their breath smells bad, but it’s better that you say it to that person, than let them walk around with bad breath. They will be thankful for it. Most people filter out and do not say some things. Be the one who is saying what he’s thinking. The world needs this kind of people.

Be a leader

This is one of your crucial tasks as a man. Women and people in general love guys who are leaders. Be the one who is taking care of others, who is organizing things, who is motivating people, be an initiator, push people to do things. On this planet, there are two main categories of people. Sheep and wolves. Be a wolf. People would love to do something, but they are afraid or don’t want to do it alone, thats why they need a leader, a person who will start, who will push them and they will follow. 90% of people on this planet like to follow. This is your opportunity to set yourself as a leader in this world. People among us are trained and brainwashed to follow, use this fact. Help them to achieve what they want and they will follow you forever.

Change is good

Your personal growth requires change. Change is good, change is needed! You have to change, survival is all about change. Look at the world around us. Technology is changing on a daily basis, improving, upgrading. The world is changing so fast.
We have to adapt and change as well. To be better, to be stronger. So, work on yourself on a daily basis. Growth requires change! You believe change is not needed? Look what happened to Nokia. There will be moments in your life where you will have to get rid of your old principles, beliefs, some people, friends… As you develop and times goes by, all those things will change. Therefore, be open to change.


Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

Question everything

Dumb people take things for granted. Smart people question everything. From how things work to little details about life. Do not be afraid to ask for explanation when you are not sure. Do not assume you know everything. You cannot know everything. If you feel bad asking someone, google it. Do a research. How does our body work or why fish is healthy. Be an explorer, stay an explorer. Be curious about the world. People in this fake world will try to fool you on every single step. Every time you go to a shop to buy anything you are mentally challenged. They will try to trick you somehow to buy things you do not need or to buy something that’s bad for your health. Bad for you. Again we come back to wolves vs. sheep. If you are a sheep your destiny is doomed.

To live happily you have to outsmart them and the system. One small example: chewing gum. Orbit and all the others. They all use aspartame as artificial sweetener. While at the same time there are millions of studies proving aspartame is carcinogenic. It’s pure poison they are feeding people with. And nobody talks about it. Again, we come back to wolves vs. sheep. If you are a sheep your destiny is doomed.

Don’t ever be afraid to be your true self

Everybody on this planet is unique. You are unique, this is your ultimate selling point to the world. Don’t be afraid to show to the world that you are different. You should be different. Imagine how boring it would be on this planet if everybody looked the same, thought the same and behave the same. Get in touch with your true self, develop unique beliefs, view of life and do not hesitate to show it to the world.

Defend your beliefs

One of the best ways to feel more confident and to be sure of yourself is to start saying and defending your beliefs. Do not be afraid to be involved into a verbal argument. Quite opposite, you should be engaged into them. Every time you win an argument your beliefs and confidence will be stronger. Expose your beliefs to the world, let others attack them, then defend them.

Find something comical in every single situation

Look at life on the bright side. Try to find positive things into every bad situation, try to turn bad situations into fun. Look at life from a funny side, take it easy, and life will be fun and pleasurable, full of nice memories.

Have a mission


Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

In this life you should have a mission. A mission that’s bigger than just going out and meeting girls, going to the office and pay bills. Have a mission that’s bigger than life. That will give you a spark in the eyes and motivation to wake up in the morning, it will give a meaning to your life. If you still struggle with finding your mission in life, on we will have a full day dedicated to finding a Mission and Purpose of Life.

There is no such thing as destiny

You are creating your own destiny. Most people on this planet are busy “finding themselves”. Life is about creating yourself. You can shape yourself into whatever you want. The sky is the limit. Your body and brain is one big muscle that can turn into whatever you desire. It takes time, but if you are truly dedicated you can become whoever you wish to be. Self-motivation is the key in this progress. We, men – we are pro-active, we do things, we created our whole civilization, this whole world around us.

Look around you. This computer you are looking at or your cell phone, this chair you are sitting in, your building, home, office, it was all engineered and built by Man. Leave thinking about destiny and “it’s written in stars” to women and girls. We men, we shape ourselves and the world around us.

Compete as much as you can

Competition is important for every man. Compete with others, compete with yourself, push yourself to limits, this will raise your level of testosterone and push you to be a better, stronger man. Stay active in competitive sports for as long as you can in your life.

Always bring a bottle of something to the party

Don’t be a guy that sucks the value out of everything and brings nothing to the table. Don’t be cheap. Always replace a bottle of wine that you drank on that party or a girl you took home. People will notice that, people will notice you bring value, you give. Nobody likes selfish guys who only think for themselves. Guys who only take, take, take or ask for free things… It’s a short term-game. You will lose friends, you will lose people this way.

Be like Water


Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

If water runs into an obstacle, it finds its fluid way around or under or whatever it takes—it’s clever. Live in the moment and adapt to the situation. Problems are not obstacles, problems are challenges that you as a man have to solve.

Be like Stone

Opposite from water, be solid, be like a rock, do not let anything break you.
If you don’t like something, change it.

Don’t be a person who only talks about how everything is bad and does nothing. If you do not like something as it is, stand up, take action and change it. Leaders and successful people have a good life because they applied energy and time to change things they did not like. Instead of whining and complaining, take action. That’s what great people do on this planet.

If you don’t like your job, quit

Just like with anything else in life, if you are not happy with it, change it. There are so many opportunities out there. If you feel you are not motivated, you do not give your best potential, do not be a pussy and do not be afraid to quit. Nobody owns you. You own yourself, it’s your life. You deserve to have the best life you can. But you have to create it. To create the best life you have to go through pain and lots of work. Ask yourself, are you strong enough to re-shape your destiny and average life into something bigger?

If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV

Stop watching TV at all. It’s a waste of time. Some good movie with your friends or a girlfriend is fine, but rather than that, minimise your TV exposure as much as possible. TV is a perfect brainwashing machine full of negativity (news) to control people.

Do your best to avoid drama

Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

Drama = negative energy.

Do as much as you can to avoid being sucked into drama. Avoid people who create drama and if you somehow get involved into it, politely exit and do not participate. Drama will suck your energy and get you involved into something you as a man cannot handle well. Dramas are women’s business. Leave it to them and stay out of it.

Respect yourself

The only way others will respect you is if you start respecting yourself. It starts from you. The more you respect yourself, the more others will do so. Learn how to respect yourself.

Your clothes matter

The way you dress will tell a lot about you as a man. Take care of your first impression, take care of what you buy and what you wear. People, especially women tend to gather lots of information about a person from his dressing style. It’s really, really important. Do not wear old stuff, do not wear something too big or too small. Learn about personal colors, and wear colors that fit your skin.

Not every person can wear and look good in all colors. There are set of colors that go well with your skin. If you are lazy, get a personal image consultant to work out your dressing style. The higher you climb in society, the more important your dressing style will be. The hotter girls you try to seduce, the more important this will be.

Stop caring about what others think or say

We go through our days thinking about how other people might be judging us. But the truth is — those people are thinking the exact same thing. In today’s world nobody has time to think about others. We live in a cellphone era, most people’s attention span in less then 1 sec.

They look at you, think for a moment and move on. People walking next to you, sitting in a café next to you will never anyhow influence your life. You should only care about people who are important to you. Rest of the people are just controlled sheep.

How not to give a fuck – know your values

Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

First and foremost, you need to know what’s important to you in your life, what you truly value and what you’re ultimately aiming for. Once you know who you really are and what matters to you, nobody will be able to bend your rules or life. The more you value yourself and build yourself, the less you give a fuck about others. Defining your values – the most crucial aspect of Inner Game and personality development.

Life is all about managing the emotions

Learn how to control your emotions, still be in touch with your emotions but do not let them control your life, your decisions. Be aware of them, but be stronger than your emotions. Girls are the ones who let their life be driven by emotions. You are a Man. Men control their emotions. Men are in a perfect balance between logic and emotions.

Learn to control your emotional knee-jerk reactions

We all have some autopilot emotional reactions. They are all coming from our childhood. Some are good, some are bad. Learn to recognize patterns and get in control over them.

For example, you do not get something you want, you start crying or get pissed off. There is a moment between emotion and knee-jerk reaction (action). In that moment, you can spot the pattern and stop yourself from overreacting. You do not want to be a slave of your old emotional reactions and habits. A man should be in total control over himself.

Move out of your parents’ house

If you still haven’t done that, it’s a big step in becoming an independent man. No woman will respect you if you still live with your parents. Yes, it’s hard to do it, it’s hard to step out from your comfort zone and start living alone, but you will have to do it at one point in life. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be.

Create a perfect wake-up routine

A perfect day starts with a perfect morning. Create yourself a perfect wake-up routine. Do not rush into a day, do whatever you can do to make your morning as beautiful as possible. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and play your favorite music, take a good shower, make yourself a delicious breakfast. Treat yourself. Create a “self-loveritual. Let your morning set a standard for your whole day. The first 30 minutes of the day should belong to you.

Eat your (green) vegetables


Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

Eat vegetables, they are a source of healthy life. All the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are coming from there. Get your diet in balance between protein intake (meat/fish) and salads. They will keep you young and alive on this planet. One of the secrets of eating salads is trying to eat as many different colors as possible. Green, red, yellow, orange… each color will have different nutrients and vitamins.
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Being a leader means being lonely

The more you develop as a person, the more you grow in this life, the less and less friends you will have. Which is a positive thing in your life.

Take care of your family, personal and spiritual health

If you aren’t laughing or smiling on a regular basis, recalibrating life is all about balance. Balance between business (making money), family, personal and spiritual growth. Once you have all those components all aligned, you will be totally and fully happy. Don’t forget your personal growth while building your business. Some guys are so focused on building their business that they forget about their families and their love side.
Or some guys fall in love so much they can’t focus on career, they can’t focus on business. Live in balance.

Love but don’t be in love

One of the greatest things I’ve learned from a very old playboy. Love your girls, but do not allow yourself to fall in love and lose yourself and the control over the relationship. It’s a weird concept and it will take you some time to grasp this idea, but it’s so true. Being in love is such a feminine trait and comes with weakness and dependence. You as a man, you can love your woman without falling in love and being needy. Lots of guys lose their girlfriends and relationships this way. They fall in love too much, they forget about their role in that relationship – being the Man.

Treat yourself

No one will love you like you love yourself. Take care of yourself. Every now and then, buy yourself something nice, something you really enjoy. Make yourself happy.




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