Badboy’s Guide to Life – Part II

Rules of life by Badboy

Surround yourself with great friends

You do not need a million friends, you need 3-5 quality friends you really care about. Build an inner circle of people who are on the same mission as you are. Stop seeing and hanging out with people who you feel bad with, people who disrespect you and are using you for their own needs. Remove poison people from your life.

Clean up your life.

Badboy's Guide to Life - Badbpy Lifestyle

Remove negative energy from your life

Same thing as with friends, look at your daily life and observe, what are the things that make you angry/unhappy/nervous/bad? Identify sources of negative energy in your life and once you know where they are coming from try to minimize them. Avoid doing them or remove them completely if possible.  You want to do more things that make you happy and less things that produce negative energy.

Practice self-love daily

A regular, daily practice of self-love and self-acceptance is the key for releasing attachment to outcomes and maintaining happy, healthy relationships. For many people, this journey begins with meditation, breathwork, yoga, eating healthy, spending time in nature and creating art. No matter what you do, make sure to do something that reminds you how much you love yourself every day. As you feel more self-love and self-acceptance, you will attract more of it into your space.

Have sex, regularly

Once you start having sex on a daily basis, you will radiate with sex, it will raise your testosterone levels and as a side effect you will be sexually attractive to other females. To find the first one is the hardest, just like earning your first million. Once you have one girl, it’s a snowball effect, you can have as many as you wish. The first girl and the first million is hardest to get.

80-20 rule

This rule applies everywhere in life.
20% of the customers cause 80% of the problems. 20% of the people own 80% of the money on this planet. In playboy worlds, 20% of the guys are having sex with 80% of the girls, while the other 80% , lonely guys are fighting for what’s left (20% of the girls). Ask yourself in which category do you want to be in this life. To get in the 20% of us players/playboys you will have to work hard on all those points written here.

Push yourself to do new things

Have you tried bungee jumping? Have you had a threesome?
There are so many things to do on this planet. Do not lock yourself into routine of doing the same stuff every day. Be an explorer, push yourself and push others to try new things. Have an open mind. This is the best way to enjoy living.

Develop life rules and stick to them

Create yourself life rules you will live by. Print them out if needed. Having rules in life will help you stay congruent to others and to know your path. You will be harder to manipulate, and more solid and focused on your decisions.

Help other people

There is something great about helping other people. Don’t be selfish. All time and energy you invest into helping someone, either educating them, or helping them with advice, tips, it will come back to you once for sure. It all comes back. Don’t be selfish to share your knowledge with others. By doing so you will gain some life karma points and keep good energy around yourself.

Approach girls in bars and clubs

Push yourself to be social and approach girls in front of your friends or even when you are alone. This will push you outside of your comfort zone and it’s a pretty amazing way to develop social and emotional intelligence. You do not have to actually seduce those girls, but just by going there and approaching you will impress all your friends and build more confidence.

Learn one thing from anyone

Learn from whoever you can. If you could learn one thing from every person you meet in your life, one day you will be a very smart and wise person. Allow yourself to learn a lesson, even from ones who are below you. Learn something from the beggar on the parking lot. Learn a lesson from an old man, let a kid teach you something. Never stop learning.

Pay attention to details

Beauty is in the details; when you are buying something, decorating something, doing whatever, pay attention to details, focus. People, especially girls, will notice those little elements. Details tell a lot about you, because the way you take care of yourself and your life speaks a lot about you.

Pursue your fantasies

Do not stop dreaming and go for things that you would like to have. Pursue your dreams and fantasies. Do not give up on them, do not forget about them. For example, you want to have a threesome or bang a Latino girl – go for it, do whatever you can to make it happen. You will feel better and more masculine. Challenge yourself. Those dreams and fantasies will pursue you even when you are old. At the end of your life you will feel you missed something, you haven’t done it all.

Badboy's Guide to Life - Badboy Lifestyle

Read books

Educate yourself. As long as you live on this planet, your learning won’t stop. Force yourself to read one or two books a month. Pick different areas of interest to get as much wide knowledge as possible. Try to get in a habit to read 30 minutes per day.

Give to women what they need (men & protection)

Seducing women is easy, all you have to do is give them what they need. They need you as a Man, as a protector. Be strong, but at the same time cute, sexy, interesting and fun. But in the end you will realize she needs someone she can rely on.

Be there for friends – win-win

Friendships are important in life. Girls and businesses will come and go, but friends will stay. Make sure in your life to build several good friendships for the time when everything goes against you. There will be bad times and you will need support. Friendships work on the win-win principle. You give it to them and you will receive it back. So take care of your friends, invest into them, be there for them, organize things, help them when it’s needed… Enjoy time together…

Challenge yourself on a daily basis

This is the only way to grow as a person, as a man. Challenge yourself on a daily basis, make sure you can do things today that were impossible yesterday. This is how you will discover your limits. Today you can do 50 push-ups, tomorrow you will be able to do 55, in 6 months from now – 100. Same thing goes for your brain. The brain is a muscle that can grow as well, use it, push it. Right now you are using 20% of your potential.

Keep your money and business away from your girls and family

I have seen too many cases in my life where a guy started involving his girl into his business. Every time it ended nastily. Do not let your family or your girls be anyhow involved into your business. They will try hardcore to enter and “help” you. No matter how much they want to help, do not employ your girlfriends and wives at your company/business. Try to keep your business and private life as separated as possible.

Be unpredictable

Sometimes in business and especially with girls. Girls do not like predictable guys, it’s boring for them. Make her sit on the edge with you. Let her not be able to read your next move. If she thinks you will take her to a coffee, take her to the zoo. Once she thinks you will take her to the zoo, take her to a dinner. Of course, this is interesting in the dating stage. Once you enter some sort of a relationship, you should be more predictable and stable.

Discipline yourself

Success come from repetition and repetition comes from discipline. Therefore success = discipline. And you are the only one who can discipline yourself. You want to lose 10 kilos? Push yourself to go to the gym every day. Success lies in daily routine. Create a daily routine that will give you results in 3-6 months from now. Not in a week. Nothing happens in a week. Plan things long-term.

Read other people’s motives

Whenever you are with someone doing some sort of business deal or any kind of deal, ask yourself and try to be aware what are the other person’s motives for doing this thing with you. By knowing their motives, it will be easier to predict, control and motivate them, it will be very clear for you how this deal will turn out as well.

Plan an exit strategy

Get used to think 2-3 steps ahead. It’s very easy to get a girl, it’s much harder to get rid of her. Whatever you are planning or starting, think and plan an exit strategy. The same goes for business. Do not let your business run only when you are there. Make sure that in a few years’ time you can pull yourself out of it, but it still runs successfully.

Develop good social and emotional intelligence

Hang out with as many different people as possible, try to understand their world, their problems, their life motivation. Try to look at and understand life through their eyes, try to see the world through their eyes, that will develop your emotional and social intelligence. This is a crucial element for developing and having good “people skills”. You cannot lead people without having good emotional and social intelligence. You cannot lead people without understanding them, their fears, motivations. Good levels of social and emotional intelligence come handy for any business interactions such as sales, marketing… All you have to do is hang out and meet different social layers of people. You can develop such an important skill for almost nothing, for free!

Keep your word

Once you promise something try to make it happen. Keep your word. People will start to trust you much more if you realize your promises. This way they will get used to the fact that they can count on you. They can rely on you. This is how you build a really good long-term bond with people. Once you say that you will do something, do not change plans, instead go for it and make it happen.

You don’t have to win every argument

Yes, it’s an ego boost if you win every argument, but in reality you cannot be right all the time, so do not even try it, you can disagree with a person on an argument and still be OK. During your lifetime you will be in many situations where both persons will have right points in their arguments. Both sides are correct, it’s just a point of view. Is the glass half empty or half full? Is the solar radiation bad or good? Well, it’s both…

Be at peace with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present

Let what happened in your past stay there! Learn from it and move on. Do not let your past screw up your future. Your past does not dictate who you will be in future. Let your past stay where it is – in your past. You are too young to live in your past. Focus on creating new memories and adventures that one day will serve as great memories.

No one is in charge of your happiness except you

Do not blame others or the world for how happy and unhappy are you. There is only one person that can make you happy. And that’s YOU. Girls won’t make you happy in the long run; a nice car, a big house, money… Those things will get you happy for a week and then you will get used to it and then back to square one. Learn how to make yourself happy.

You are not your job

Have a life outside your job, create an interesting life that starts once you get out of the office. Most people get destroyed by their job, and their job starts to describe who they are in their private life. Separate private life from your business.

You don’t need everyone to like you

We like to be liked and loved. Do not please everybody. It’s not the point to make everybody we meet like us. You do not need a permission from others to be who you are. If they like you, they like you. If not, well, they will find someone else to like. You should create some enemies in your life as well. People who do not like you. By having them it means you do have a strong persona and opinion.

Spend time alone with yourself every day

The only time when you can truly discover yourself and enjoy yourself is when you are alone. Enjoy that time. Enjoy being alone. You should not feel lonely when being alone. Enjoy your own company. The more you value the time with yourself, others will value being with you and spending time with you.

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