PUA School: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go For It

You must be asking yourself why I’m telling you to go to my PUA School. Right?
I spent almost 2 years working on that project and I’ve created something I know that will work for you guys. So read this post and trust me, as almost 10.000 like you have already done before.

Watch this video to understand how Badboy PUA School can change your life!

Why  should you go to my PUA School?

Badboy School is the best PUA e-learning platform to make you good with girls. Learn how to meet new girls or seduce ones you already know. Choose classes you want to attend: Conversational Skills, Night Club or Day Game Mastery, Dating and Relationships, Threesomes and much more.

Reason 1: Everything you need is there

Everything you may need in daily life with girls, you will find at my PUA School. Picking them up from streets, office, clubs, bars, fucking them, making them fall in love, or creating fuck buddy relationships, dating multiple women at the same time, fixing your Inner Game… all in one place.
And most importantly from one source – Badboy. A guy who was voted No.1# PUA in the world. Several times!

You are getting access to Badboy’s whole player library; every move, technique, tips and tricks, mindset and knowledge how to seduce any girls that you want out there.

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Reason 2: Seeing Badboy doing it – live!

Badboy School: A PUA School from Badboy

You wanna see Badboy’s infield video clips? You want to see how Direct Game is done? You wanna see 15-minute insta-fucks from clubs? Now you can have it.

Hours of material from clubs, bars, streets, malls. Watch Badboy and his instructors do it and explain every step how he did it, then go out and try to replicate his success. Just seeing these clips will transform you and skyrocket your Game on the next level. Here you can see how my PUA School works.

Reason 3: Step-by-step coaching

Badboy School: A PUA School from Badboy

You want to be trained by Badboy personally? Now you can have it, from the comfort of your living room. You will get the same knowledge as you are attending Summer Camp or any other Badboy’s bootcamp. Badboy takes you step by step to your success. Giving you missions, pushing you outside of your comfort zone, analyzing your approaches.

Reason 4: All techniques explained

Badboy School: A PUA School from Badboy

Every technique explained in detail. For example: you would like to learn some “Boyfriend Destroyers”, you will find 5-10 different techniques to add to your arsenal. Or interested into learning how to make girls’ panties wet in 15 minutes? Badboy will show you different techniques and explain them all in detail.

Reason 5: Modular learning

Badboy School: A PUA School from Badboy


You can study only what you want. Each game element is in a module for itself. You can design your ideal training or take it all and let Badboy take you through the whole process of 6 months and teach you everything he knows about the Game.

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Who is Badboy?

Dan is World’s best Dating coach. Inventor of Direct and Natural Game. Voted for NO#1 PUA in the world for 2013 & 2014.One of the characters in “The Game” Bestselling book by Neil Strauss. In last 15 years he coached more then 10.000 guys . His understanding of female mind and gift for teaching is never seen before. He is an Inventor, writer, seducer, player. Keep him away from your wife's, girlfriends...