Awesome Summer Camp Testimonial

Three months are gone since summer camp. But I still remember every day like it was yesterday. Every part of it is now deep in my mind and control my life today. I think I will remember it for life time. Just two weeks – but they  changed over 20 years of my life. But let me start from the beginning, when the journey started.


I learned about pick up for around one and a half years before going to summer cam, with friends and the community. I tried everything, and there was only one way for me: The direct! Why? Because when I want something, I take it. So after learning Pickup for around 1 year I recognized there is nobody next to me who can show me anything, even the Internet was repeating all the time the same and the most books are just basics. There are not a lot of other options you can do instead of going to a coach. But for me, I don´t want to learn  just from “anybody”. It should be a real good coach.  I read about Badboy that time, he should be the best pick up artist in direct game and I start thinking about learning from him. But I was never a fan about going to workshops or seminars (most time way too expensive and just basic stuff) because I thought all my life it isn´t it worth to go. And when I was going in the past, it was most time exactly what I expected before, it isn´t it worth.


So a few weeks was gone and it was like destiny… A friend called me and said: “Badboy is next month in our city. He holds a one-day-free-seminar.” I thought it would be the best way to see that guy there. The men who should be the best direct gamer / coach in the whole world.


When I meet him first I was watching him for a long time. There was standing a men in front of me, not very big or muscular. With a fucking big scare on his back head. And he was hobble with one leg. Honestly not what most would expect first about the best direct gamer in the world. But what fascinate all others so much about that men, what fascinate me about him? What is about the myth “Badboy”?!? You just have to watch him and listening to what he is saying, it is impossible not to feel it or to see it: He knows EVERYTHING about the game. Every situation you told him, he has an answer, he knows exactly what to do. Sometimes you don´t even have to tell the story full, already in the middle he knows what happened later and answer you what you have to do. His mind is unbelievable strong. I don´t think any girl could break it. He is leading everything around him. But it doesn´t look like he is a “wannabe-commander”, like a real leader. And for me the most important point was that his whole techniques are no “hocus-pocus”, he can show you how to use them and you can learn them! They are like our nature, like human being or better saying being a men. So my decision was clear: I want to go to his summer camp and I was really happy to got one of the last places for summer camp. And that’s a really good thing about the summer camp, the places are not endless so that you can be sure they take a lot of care about you. Be fast!


Preparing for summer camp Badboy sent us a lot of things to prepare. For sample a book to read to get in  shape for summer camp. And that is the great thing about him and Summer Camp, he is caring all the time about you as a student. For example he came to   Munich for you and drive with the bus together to Croatia. The trip is pretty cool, you can talk to all that guys in bus before arriving in summer camp. Already the first day of summer camp is a gaming day. After introduction on a big football-place with all the coaches (he has over 10 amazing guys for around 35 students) you go first night gaming. The party area is just big, there are 5 clubs you can go inside. One is after the other and it is next to the beach. Most of them are for free and full of hot babes. The streets are full of hot chicks too, so you can do your game there. You will learn at the first night to check out all the logistics. So that means you go in the different clubs, look where the dance-floors are, where u can sit down, where u can get drinks, where the toilets are and where you can go out with her to be alone. The logistics are so important for bouncing and isolate them. You will need that info later in week once you get your game together.


After introduction in the first night some of us already had success. For example a guy laid a girl and I get a double blowjob from two Brazilians behind a bar in the club… I saw them standing in front of the bar, go to them and approached them direct like badboy told us with: “Hey, you two are both so sexy, who you are?” After a small fluff-talk I start to escalate and both of them go with it. I start kissing the first one, after that the other one, I said to them they should kiss themselves,so we kissed all together. We made out hardly and I start touching their tits. Everything was okay for them. So I just take their hands and lead them behind the bar making more out with them. After a while I put their hands on my dick. I open my pants and the rest happened by them. For most guys it is unbelievable to do that in the middle of the club. Even for me till that point, but in summer camp all your beliefs will be changed.


Every morning start always with a pretty nice breakfast in Hotel next to Villa and the morning debriefing. It is in every morning for around 2-3 hours with Badboy. After long party nights you have maybe sometimes just 4 hours of sleep but it is it worth to get up and go  to the debriefings. Badboy by himself is talking to you about the last day and night and he give us so much input. All the questions, situations, problems.. he will analyze in front evertbody, and come us with best possible way to solve it. You analyze your sets from the day before, talking about what could be better and what is to change. First I had doubt that he  will send every day his coaches but hell no: It is really every morning  Badboy is the one who  is talking to you.

This was my favorite part of the Camp.35 of us were asking million of questions, 3 somes,boyfriends, cocblocks, girlfriends…He always had an perfect answer that will blow your mind. He sees the Game on level no other coach can reach. Badboy is really, in some ways above the Game. That’s why I choose to learn from him. You want a teacher? choose guys who is best on planet, and learn from him.


After the debriefing you will  learn some new stuff and techniques( afternoons). You will learn at first leading your target. He shows you how to lead a girl in her mind and her body. One of the most important things you will learn in summer camp: It is always about seducing her mind AND her body. And believe me, you will learn everything about it. He goes so deep!

Every afternoon we got new Technique we had to install in your game, and practice it that day. So your game improves really fast.


For  example after he talk to us and show us his style I tried to use it in Nightclub. I approached one real beautiful and sweet girl that evening, just that one. And she was one of the hottest girl I ever spoke to. I opened her with: Damned, you are sexy. Tell me your name! She said with a big smiling: Valeria. She was there with a friend. I did a bit small talk (you will learn it) and bounced them for a drink to the bar. The full time I talked with both of them but giving only Valeria some times small sexual lines like I like your smile or I cant stop thinking of your legs so I have to see more of them. After the drink I isolate her from her friend for talking. That was only possible because her friend was okay with me. Her friend liked me because I didn´t speak only with Valeria. After isolationI sit down with her to relax. We started talking about our traveling and I build some deep rapport for a few minutes with her. Then I just said that I have to try her lips and I kiss her. First soft, but I escalate more and we make out full. All that time I switch between making out and talking for building more wide rapport. After a while I said that I have to show her some cool place and I take to a silent place (to know the logistic is so important) and spent a wonderful night (sex sex sex) with her. It was amazing, I will never forget. What happened that evening? Badboy thought us basic moves that  day, I just follow his words and I had success, as easy as it sounds. Listen to this guy everything he says.


Every day there are so much more things you learn and do. As example you learn using Badboy´s direct style to approach one girl, to approach two girls, to approach three girls,cockblocks and so on. You will learn to approach them from from front, to stop them, from behind, sitting, laying, dancing… That is very important, because girls are often not alone and the situation they are could be very different. The streets, bars and clubs there are full of young babes, so you can try every different combination of it. For example after debriefing you go  out to the city centre and the beach with Instructors. The streets are full of people that time so you can practice a lot of street- and beachgame and for example table approaches. First I thought beachgame could be only useful in holidays where the beaches are. But it´s just a game when a girl is laying. You can use it in summer for example in every park around the world. For me streetgame was very easy at first. But I had big problems with table approaches. For me it was really strange to go to girls who are sitting in restaurant, coffee or in a bar and approach them when they are sitting. But after learning from  Instructors what is important when you are doing it and practice it hundreds of times in front of them it  becames so easy. Every technique you will practice in front of Instructors and Badboy and until you make it perfect. And only after you make it perfect, you will be be ready to do it on girls. 

Wh at is amazing, is sometimes Instructors will go with you to sets and help you from inside.

You will learn to escalate and get kiss-closses. Many kiss-closses, in one-set, two-set, three-set, standing, and sitting, from behind, you will learn basic dancing moves for  inviting kiss-closes… Badboy equipped us with Kissclose  moves for every possible situation that can happen in club. He has like 15 really powerful moves and techniques. I did the moves every day and  got a lot of kiss closes every night. They simply work. Fuck I wish I had those moves when I was 20yo. One really Important session in first week, was Badboy’s “From Lips to Lips” technique. He has this special way to proceed from Kissing to pussy. This was an Mind-blow for me. It turns out that Its easier to get from Kiss close to Pussy ( fucking) then from opener to Kiss close, so you can imagine how often you can have sex there. You just have to escalate.

But don’t get me wrong here, Its not an special environment, or easy girls, or holidays. Girls like girls…3 months after camp, I am using techniques and they still work here in Germany.

 Some guys in summercamp had fear to escalate. But they all learned it because of two things. First because Badboy has an electro-taser. One night in club I was walking with him  through club, and he spotted one of our guys just talking to girl, not escalating. Badboy came behind him, and just used his shocker in air – 2 meters away from him. It was funny, as soon as he heard electricity, he started escalating with girl. So yes you will see Badboy in clubs and infield almost every 2nd night.

Also you will learn to talk to girls sexual. This was one of my big sticking points. I was an nice guy before camp. I never said things that I wanted, I was never sexual. and After I badboy explained us basic Dirty talk, my approaches got very sexual, and girls became horny.

as well you will learn to bounce girls, to isolate from their friends and take them for  fucking. And the more techniques we  learned, the more guys had success. Every morning there was few more guys  who kissed a girl, get a blowjob or fucked. After the technique lessons in the afternoon you will go to the party place where the afterbeach-party is. All the time the Instructors are with you, if you have problems they will give you help. So you have to do the full day with nothing else than girls, gaming, kissing, fucking and hearing Badboys voice… Because there are so many girls you can approach and you spend so much time training in those 2 weeks. To get that amount of knowledge and experience, it would take me 3-4 years in my hometown.


When the sun goes down that place turned to one of the craziest places in the whole world. Zrce is just a paradise of pussies and parties. You can turn every night into a  special night. For example when you learn to recognize signals of girls and to recognize the different types of girls you can have fuck closes under 10 minutes. In one night I feel a girl touching my back very softly. I turn around and see her. So I follow her, turn her around seeing her smiling and just start making out with her. Why does that works? First she send me signals – and that was a big one. Second I take the initiative. Going to her, turning her around and start kissing her – she said later that kind of dominance she had never expired before in life.THANK YOU BADBOY! She had a friend next to her – luckily my wing came to help me and take her friend. After only three minutes we go out of club with them. Till that point we just exchanged  each other the names, our age and where we come from. Because they had car in Parking in front of Aquarious club, my wing goes with his girl in the car to have sex,  and I take my girl to swim in the ocean. I never had sex before in the ocean but even if it was cold, it was just great. For me that was unbelievable before summer camp.


But it´s not only things to seduce a girl you learn in summer camp. At least you will learn to be more a men than you were ever before! You see that there are no limits. One evening I was out with Badboy and Bozidar (another coach). I go in a set with two girls, one was in the middle of 30 and the other in the middle of 20. They were cousins and from Slovenia. The older one told me she is married and showed me a picture of her daughter. Most guys would think mission impossible and turned to the younger one. But when you already know everything is possible you could do it. So I just do the game with the older one. I said that she is sexy sexy mommy. And she enjoyed that directness so much so I turned the full talking into sexual things. For example she told me that she is a nurse and I said that nurses are just hot. She said they are hot because nurses down wear  underwear. So I checked it out (she was wearing some underwear) and start making out with the “sexy mommy” in front of her 20 years old cousin. But her cousin was in front on us, and as Badboy thought us  how to screen for 3 some opportunities, I went to kiss close cousin so I asked the older one if her cousin is also an amazing kisser like nurse.. She didn´t know, so I had to check it out and start making out with her too. Family things I think… On the Camp you learn that nothing is impossible. Your wildest Dreams will come true.

There is a full set of other coaches/Instructors  who takes care about you all the day too. There is Cortez a smart gamer who is often with Badboy in the morning lessons and give you great inputs. Bozidar, a really crazy and funny person who is super sexual. He is a master in kidding girls and let them look like schoolgirls – and they love it. I remember Luca, a big guy who had a real strong game. Johnny for example screams out total dominance and toughness. He did all  the personal training in summer camp with us. As well did some amazing Inner game talk one afternoon There is Fernando, Igor, Dre, Volker, Matus, Benni… To count them all and tell something about them would be too long for here. Just believe me, the coaches are really great and well chosen by Badboy.


One other side of the summer camp is that you build real friendships to guys all over the world. Badboy put you in different groups based on your level of skills and you do a lot with them together. For me I think I can also call Badboy now as a friend. You see him taking so much care about you. In summer camp you can call him all the time or send him messages. You will get his private cell phone number. He goes with groups of you to the clubs, bars and beach. After summer camp he will invite you in a forum where you can ask questions after camp. So you really feel all the time it´s not just a business for him, it´s his passion.


At least I want to tell you about the difference after summer camp. I was by myself always a self confident guy and had girls before. But inside I was little bit insecure about myself. At that point summer camp helped me a lot, I know today that what I´m doing is the right thing and I go my way. With or without a pussy but I´m going my way. After summer camp I changed the girls I had before as fuckbuddy´s – I kicked them out to get new ones. And now I´m dating  now a real hot girl  who is amazing person as well. But what makes me feel so good is that I now know that whenever I am not happy with a girl, I can just go out one night to a club and replace her with new better one in matter of few hours or days ( If I had to go on danutri_4te). Just like everyone else on summer camp  F I was thinking that the results was only so good because that  was a party-place and girls want sex as well.

Which is kinda true, Because badboy on purpose choose that location so guys can practice very fast sexual game. ( most guys had exactly problem with that) – Approach & Sexual escalation. But on other side, once you understand Badboy’s model and techniques, they will work anywhere you go on planet. Because He teaches you on very deep level how to control their emotions , body and Mind…how to get them horny..You can use that anywhere on planet and it will work.

And all of the game is still working at home and even after three month it is like in your blood, not only a one-time-moment. Maybe you remember that day in your childhood when you were learning driving a  bicycle. The first times it was very hard and maybe you fall down hundreds of times. But when you learn it once it is in your blood and you don´t forget how to drive bicycle. I would say it is the same with the style (DNA) of Badboy.

On the camp I had sex with 10 girls in 14 days, but that’s nothing comparing how much more pussy will I get in upcoming months and Years.


I hope you  now understand what is waiting for you on summer camp. For me I was really unsure about joining summer camp before. Today I would say it was one of the best decision´s in my life. It changed my life and it could change yours too. I hope you take the same decision as me.

Special Thanks to Badboy and his Amazing Team. Without him this would never be possible.

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