Average Guy vs. Pickup Player

Let’s talk for a moment about the difference between an Average Man vs. Pickup Player (a guy who has been trained in seduction).
How does an average man seduce a girl?
How much money does he spend?

Let’s start with  how does an average man meet a new girl?
First of all, most guys are limited with places where they meet new girls.

 Everything starts at school and university. It’s a good place to meet girls and get some girlfriends, but you can overdo it, because you can collect bad reputation really fast. So, you sleep with 5-6 girls in the same year, word about you will start to spread around.

Pickup Player At Work/Office

After Average Man finishes university, the next place where he tries to meet someone is at his office/work. And we are all very aware of limitations of the office. Don’t shit where you eat.

Social Circle

The third step of meeting a new girl happens in the social circle. The problem with the social circle is, again, you are limited with the amount of new girls you meet. Usually it’s long-term friendships that tend to stay friendships. You are already in the “let’s just be friends” zone.

 Average guy solution – internet dating sites.

Dating Apps

It seems like a logical solution for a frustrated man. Sit at home, browse through profiles of girls and hope you will get one.
 Downside of internet dating and dating apps is that they are overused and time consuming. You spend days and weeks of texting to get a girl to meet you.


Even when they meet a girl and manage to get her on a date, average guys tend to freestyle and do what they have seen on TV or what worked for their parents – take a girl on a dinner date!

This is a moment where you start to lose money. If we say that the average date lasts 2-3 hours and costs around $70-$80, and that is takes you 3-5 dates to get her in bed, it means that you have spent 10-20 hours of talking and about $200 or more to seduce her. That’s money wasted.

Don’t get me wrong, girls love when you spend money on them buying them things, taking them to expensive places. And they love to give nothing in return as well. You as a man should be smart about your resources, you should be smart about your money and what you do with it.

Being a pickup player means using your resources in a smart way. 
Being a pickup player means being consciously aware of every step of seduction.



We pickup players like to have a bigger pool of options, so we go to places where we can meet lots of girls. The office or social circles do not allow you that. So we go to bars, clubs, malls; places where we can meet lots of different women.

Therefore, we developed a step-by-step process from meeting a girl to getting her number or more. We optimized the process to lose as few girls as possible. Since we pickup players play with bigger numbers (meet 10-15 new girls per month), we cannot allow to spend $200 per girl to get her, so we optimized that process as well. We reduced the cost and unnecessary expenses.
 Being a pickup player means running your dating like you would run your business.

Learn everything about seduction and life situations inside my Life Academy.

Get the biggest bang for your buck. 
Reduce the time you spend per girl, reduce the money you spend per girl. Optimize the process to be as smooth as possible.
 If you start to think about it, you will see that it actually makes sense.

Bon voyage,


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