Attraction Game VS TCC Game – The Choice is Yours

Pickup Community has gone havoc.
Nowadays it’s all about getting laid… The Most, The Fastest, The Hottest, The Best.

I literally see how pua guys measure coaches by their lay count. And that’s OK 🙂

Eventually, Most of the pua community does what they do to get laid as much as possible, and you want to learn from someone who gets the results you want already.

This is how Attraction Game was born.

The problem with the 1st attitude is that it applies tons of pressure on the guy who goes through it, nothing is ever enough, everything is measurable and needs to be improved, females are pure objects for me to conquer where the definition for “conquer” is ultimate – Sex.

Some guys couldn’t handle the pressure.
They simply cracked up.
And they decided to let go fully.
They mostly practice some kind of spirituality, self-treatment, self-love, authenticity, I am who I am and that’s how I will win.
Women are beautiful creatures to be loved and respected.

These guys do what I call TCC Game.

Both work.
Because both yield different results.
Rarely will you see a TCC Game guy doing an instafuck.
Rarely will you see an Attraction Game guy maintaining happy fulfilling Long Term Realtionships.

In this article, I would like to dig deep into both types of game and show you what we do in Badboy Lifestyle so you can get the results of both types of game without the flaws 🙂


Attraction Game – For The Guys Who LOVE The Numbers!

Attraction Game is very simple actually.
The whole idea is to Set a Target & Get it.
The shortest way between 2 dots is a straight line.

In Attraction Game, you create a lot of energy between you and the girl and “Pull The Trigger” to get to the next step.

Let’s say your goal is an instant kiss, you go in with high fun energy, do some talking, kino more and more than you spin the girl and kiss her.

Sounds simple?
Because it is.

You create the reality around you if you believe it strongly enough.

Sure, it won’t work with every girl every time, calibration still has its role, however.
If you follow the rule of Attraction Game: The Shortest Way Between 2 Dots is a Straight Line

You will find your own solutions pretty easily.
ou leave only what’s truly necessary to get your result, and it makes things faster, shorter, and easier. 

The shorter it is, the fewer opportunities you have to fuck up, the less time the universe has to throw something at you (drunk girlfriend, angry boyfriend, whatever).

This is actually an easier type of game.

“But Mercy, if it’s so easy, Why not everyone does it?”

Simply put, when I say easy I am talking about level of skills you need to develop to succeed. 

If all you want is pulling, I will teach you only very simple attraction tools, some trust creating, and logistics solving.
That’s like 5% of the material I can teach, it will be fast and easy.

What actually makes people feel like it’s hard and impossible is that this thing is out of their reality.

The CORE of Attraction Game is the full belief in your ability to achieve the result you want.
This belief is what creates most of the energy and gives the power to the tools you will be using.

But, As I said, Attraction Game will not help you maintain any type of relationship with a girl.

It’s all about the fast results, using energy and emotions to temporarily change the reality around you, it doesn’t have much care or respect to what the girl believes in since it will mostly work against the result you want, therefore, the girl will “wake up” to her own reality realizing you have no connection, she has no idea who you are and she’s gonna freak out.
Mostly, she will just stop replying to you and you won’t even understand why.

Best case scenario, you go into damage control, which is already a losing situation for you.

Sometimes I see guys use DHV stories.
In this case, the girl knows something about you which is a good starting point, but keeping her is not about how cool you are as much as it is about how much connection the 2 of you have.

Attraction Game is almost ultimately about boosting your own ego.
If you rely on this kind of game for your dating life, you will end up with our inner game team because they are probably the only ones who can fix the problems you create in your body, mind, and spirit after practicing this alone for a long time.

Getting laid quickly with tons of hot girls is sure fun!

But it has its own time and place in your life.
Relying on it can be devastating. 


TCC Game – For The Guys Who LOVE Their Comfort Zone!

TCC Game is The Easy Way in.
TCC is Trust, Comfort, and Connection.
The main idea is to Flow with the girl’s vibes and create some deep meaningful connection with her, make her comfortable around you and trust you.

When you talk with a girl and you actually listen, share experiences and different emotions, find common beliefs and views, being as authentic as possible.

This Game will create deep & meaningful relationships for you, make you feel relaxed whenever you talk with a girl, feel like approaching is the easiest most natural thing you can do, things just flow with you.

Also, it creates a unique type of attraction called Emotional Attraction.

Sounds awesome right?

Because it’s comfortable.

Most Men you will ask will tell you “if I can get girls without putting effort into it, of course, I will take it”.

Because most men LOVE Their comfort zone.

TCC Game takes off not just the pressure, but the responsibility you have as a man.
Yes, You will still Lead.
You will still do some things that take the initiative in this game and put you outside of the comfort zone, but even these will only happen when you both feel comfortable together.
In other words, when you play this game, you are reliant on the girl’s state at the moment, and you have to go with her reality hand by hand in order to make things happen, or else, you will start feeling “unnatural” which is another word for uncomfortable.

Yes, this game works.
This game doesn’t even require effort, all it requires is LETTING GO.

Let go of your ego,
Let go of perception,
Let go of the expectations you have with her,
And just be present at the moment and show her who you are.
Show TRUE interest in her.
There is nothing more authentic and simple than this.

This Game is not a real game.
It’s more like a movie.
You don’t have control.
You simply put yourself there and open up, no matter what reaction will be.

It means that you will not achieve things that are out of her comfort zone, out of her reality.
And sadly, most girls today have reality aligned with the social norms, which pretty suck…

There is no social norm of “if you feel attracted go fuck the shit out of him” is there?
The social norm is to hide it and feel ashamed of it.

Therefore, this game is very good to create relationships, actually, this is how most guys create relationships with, only that when you are a true master of TCC the range of girls you can connect to is much greater than any guy!

You can still create an ONS(one night stand) if the girl was looking for an ONS to begin with when you approached her, because she made her reality into “Let’s Fuck a Cute Guy” for that night.

Still, you don’t truly have the control here 🙂


Badboy Lifestyle Game – For The Guys Who LOVE Their Balls!

Badboy Lifestyle Game is also simple.
Also easy.
It has everything good from the things above and none of the cons.

Badboy Lifestyle Game is about being able to achieve whatever you want to achieve with girls, without limitations.

See, instead of setting myself a commitment for a certain type of game, I do everything.

It all starts the moment I see the girl.
I decide first of all what I want with her…

FHN – Fuck Her Now, going for the instafuck, zero connection, pure sexual.

FHL – Fuck Her Later, going for a traditional one night adventure.

FHT – Fuck Her Tomorrow, keeping her for longer by actually dating her before fucking, creating a lot of connection and good solid sexual chemistry.


My strategy will differ according to what I want, who the girl is, in what situation are we, etc.

The point is.

I have the freedom to choose.


Because I Practiced Everything.
All the tools, tricks, mindsets, frames, approaches, situations, everything.
I know what the girl needs and I give it to her, therefore, I can lead it the way I want to.

Yes, some girls will never fuck you after 5 minutes, and that’s perfect, it is the best way to filter which girl fits which role in my life.

Some I will never see again.
Some I will keep for a long time.

I Have The Power to Choose.
And just this small piece of belief…
Will set you on the road towards Badboy Lifestyle Game 🙂

I am The Man.
I am The Chooser.

Mercy Out

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