Ask her out… Again

A couple of weeks ago I explained how to recover from flakes, and once you do, you have to continue TCC-ing her, building connection to the point you go for what you want once more: you ask her out.

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You have to consider that when you have asked her out and she’s declined, your value in her eyes has unfortunately lowered, thus you need to raise it again.

If she declined because she couldn’t make it but proposed a different date this would not apply; this is for the times she declines because she doesn’t feel things between you two are good enough.

So the first thing you have to do is start talking and continue talking with her until you are both texting back and forth once more.

Remember to not suggest a date if she is not connecting with you, aka you both text back and forth.

This has to do a lot with who you are as a man and how you show it through your Inner Game when Texting.

Our Life Coaching programs can help you with that.

You have to know who you are and what you want, and based on that, look for the girl you are looking for.


But How?

For starters find some something she likes that is related to something you are interested in or like.

Lead the conversation towards that.

Let’s say you are talking about your last weekend when you went skiing and you had some much fun with your friends.

After you explained the story you ask her

Ask her out... Again by Badboylifestyle

A question like this is an easy one to reply for he: usually will either be yes or no; if she likes talking to you she will talk more than a simple yes or no. From that you go a bit deeper into her answer and find out whether she likes better the snow there (you can talk about skiing), the views (you talk about mountains and nature), the time she went there hiking (talk about hiking and later turn to sports), etc.

And after a While

When you have connected with her, after a few times starting like this and moving into other topics, you suggest a date once more.

And when you do, keep this in mind:

Have a Plan

When you suggest a date to a girl you have to have a plan and imply it.

You do NOT ask her “to go for a coffee sometime”, that is too vague and many guys do it.

To make a difference you tell her where and when you are meeting, and your plan unless it´s implied in the when and where:

Ask her out... Again by Badboylifestyle

As always, keep in touch guys and continue working on yourselves, like we all have done and still do on a daily basis.

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