Are you seducing or fighting against yourself?

You Vs Her

This article we will explain to you what’s really happening when you are seducing a woman in your mind body and her mind & body. Understanding problems you are facing and why are you facing them and how to solve them will help you to become a guy that is more successful with woman.

Being aware of problems, understanding what she is feeling and thinking will make the process easier for you.

We will separate this into 2 parts. What is happening with you, and what is happening on her side. Do you want to successfully seduce a woman? You have to take care of problems on both ends.

Fight against yourself

Are you seducing or fighting against yourself? - Badboy Lifestyle

Let’s go step by step of the process that happens in your mind and your body.
You see a beautiful sexy girl in park, cafe, bar or club, it doesn’t matter. What happens next is an attraction in your body get’s triggered. Right? All good, attraction feels nice, but then when you start planning some action, you would like to meet her, talk to her, seduce her, then your beliefs & Inner voice starts to work against you. The inner voice starts telling you: Don’t go there, maybe she will reject you, maybe she has a boyfriend, she is so hot, You do not deserve her, people around are watching you, what they will say… You start thinking what they going to think if she rejects you… That voice is so strong, that it blocks your body to go there. You get paralyzed. We call this Approach Anxiety.
There is a war happening inside your mind and body.

Your body wants to go there, the brain is coming up with excuses to Not Go there, results is tension, fear, nervousness, and hesitation. Feel familiar?
Even if you somehow end up approaching her, your body is still full of this negative tension of this negative emotions, girls can feel this and she will reject you because it’s making her feel bad ( emotions are transmitted to her ).

When analyzing your game, your process, you have to ask yourself, is your inner game ( beliefs, inner-voice) working for you or against you?
If this is the step you are failing at, then you should strongly consider working on your re-programming of your inner game & beliefs.

Don’t think that these beliefs and inner-voice will get solved by itself with a time. They won’t.

There are tools, techniques to change your inner voice, to change your beliefs, to remove fears. All those tools & tracks you can find inside 360 Inner program.


Fighting against her insecurities

Are you seducing or fighting against yourself? - Badboy Lifestyle

Let’s say you sorted out your inner game problems, and you can freely approach and talk with any girl. You have to understand that just talking to a girl won’t really seduce her. You have to do certain things to trigger feelings in her body and convey the right things to her mind. This is what seduction is all about. Sending the signals to her body and the brain that you are the One. But seduction goes deeper than just that.
Girls, woman have inner game problems as well. Probably more than you do and when you are seducing a woman that has to be taken into consideration as well. They are insecure, they are afraid of you, of people around, they are afraid of social programming.

First, she is insecure and wondering why did you approach her, do you just want to have sex with her or something more, then she is uncomfortable with you touching her because the last guy who did it was doing it wrong. Then she is concerned about what her friends are thinking about you…
And then you are about to trigger some deeper beliefs like:

“If she kisses you in front of her friends, she will be marked as “slut” in her group
“If she sleep with you first night she is a slut”
“If she gives herself too easily you will reject her because guys do not like easy girls”


And this is just tip of an iceberg. Every girl nowadays who is actively dating has been hurt in some way. This jumping from guy to guy has left some emotional scars and marks. Seducing her, you will reveal lots of those marks and insecurities. You have to take care of them. In your approach or your communication, you have to provide her safety and feeling that everything will be ok.

When you observe the process of seduction from outside, it’s funny, she wants to be seduced, but she is fighting with her insecurities, with social programming.. etc. On another side you, you want to seduce her and be with her, but you are fighting with your own insecurities, inner game problems, social programming..etc But in the end, you want her and she wants you. This is where your job as a man becomes so important.

You have to sort out all your problems with yourself, so you can approach her with smile on face with positive energy in your body conveying she is safe and she will enjoy it and then sort out all her problems and insecurities of feeling easy, or like a slut, etc

As you can see, Its simple as that, you have to win over a fight with yourself and then help her to win her fight against herself, so both of you can enjoy time together.

Techniques, methods, hypnosis tracks to fix your inner-game and become more confident you can find inside 360 Inner game program and methods, techniques, moves to seduce her and her help her to deal with her insecurities you can find inside Life Academy

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