How to Approach a Girl With a Dog

Ever wondered how to approach a girl with a dog?

Have you ever seen a beautiful girl walking a dog down the street or in a park? Or her sitting in a café alone with her dog?
Have you ever wondered how to approach her? Of course you did. Everybody did!

In this article I will give you a bulletproof method how to approach those girls and how to seduce them. Girls with dogs are actually one of the easiest targets to approach. Why? Because they are lonely! Because they carry with themselves such a good opening topic – The Dog!

Girl walking a dog - by Badboy Lifestyle

But let’s first answer the most important question. Why do hot girls buy themselves dogs as pets? The answer is simple – they are lonely, they need someone to take care of, they need someone to fill in their free time. Their dogs are actually a replacement for boyfriends.

It gives them a feeling that they live with someone, take care of someone, they have someone to love and someone who loves them. They have a full-time company.
When you see a girl with a dog, there’s 80% chance she is single and lonely.

Now once you are aware of the backstory, let’s go into how to use this information. That dog is probably the most important thing in her life. She loves it, she takes care of it, she probably sleeps with it, she goes for a cup of coffee with it! She does not feel lonely with it.

When you approach her, you do not approach her, you approach THE DOG. You start a conversation with the dog. Win the dog over, make it love you and she will love you as well.
All you have to do is to win that dog over.

Opening line:

Squat down, pet the dog…“OMG… you are so cute… what’s your name?”
The girl will tell you its name.
Now talk to the dog, play with it, make it love you.

Information about the dog that you can ask:

“What breed is it?”
“How old is it?”
“How long do you have it?”
“Is it a boy or a girl?”

Talk to the dog!
“You are such a little cookie, I hope your owner takes a good care of you.”

Girl with a dog in a cafe - by Badboy Lifestyle


Dogs’ owners love to share dog stories, so prepare 2-3 good personal stories like: “When I was a little boy, we had this cute pit bull and he used to sleep in my bed…”

You can also start flirting with the girl through the dog:

“You are so beautiful… even more beautiful than your owner.”

“I can see your owner takes care of you, you are as cute as she is.”

Seduction structure:

– Approach and talk to the dog – 1 minute
– Talk about the dog with her and exchange dog stories – 2-3 minutes
– Transition to a conversation with her – “And what’s your name?”
– Start building wide and deep connection (TCC) – read more about it here

Control the leash

Let’s say you stop a girl with a dog on the street. After a few minutes of conversation (follow the structure above), try to get control over the leash into your hands. Remember, if you control the dog, you control her… if the dog runs away, she will run after it… you lost her. You lost both of them. So get control over the dog. Sometimes you can take over the leash and start walking the dog as it’s yours, she will of course follow you, she will follow the dog [photo below]. In this case make sure the conversation is fluid and smooth, otherwise it will look like you want to steal her dog. The leash takeover has to happen totally smooth and natural.

Guy seducing a girl with a dog - by Badboy Lifestyle

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