Approach during daytime – The true school of Inner Game

Approach During Daytime

Most people prefer Night Game over Day Game and never make andy approach during daytime. During the night they go to a “pick-up venue” (called “bar”, “club” or “discotheque”) where they can sneak in, get drunk and do things they would not do when sober or in plain daylight. And if you get nowhere you can tell yourself that either she did not hear you well, or she was drunk or she had an ultra high bitch shield.  And usually girls going out are open on some level – they go out to dance, flirt and pick-up, while the ones in truly stable relationships or with lots of choice do typically avoid clubs. Night life is very different than our normal way of being.

=> That is why nightgame usually is not really helping in improving inner game.

The approach during daytime is different in many respects:

  • You are doing something what nobody else is doing – you may actually break some unwritten rules of society
  • It is in plain daylight – the girl can see you.
  • The girl can hear you.
  • People you know from other contexts (work / family / friends) may actually see you.
  • The girl whom you speak to is sober and may recognize you.
  • And you run into many girls who are not actively out for flirting but rather go shopping or are on the way to work.
  • You are sober (if not – she will smell you are drunk!)

In addition you are likely having a conversation which is much more close to your normal way of being rather than an aggressive bar flirting style.

Ideally you will eventually make doing approaches part of your normal routine and do it where you normally go.  I.e. do approaches spontaneously whenever and wherever you feel like.

That is why Day Game is the true school of inner game.

How to deal with social pressure when people watching you while you approach during daytime

How to handle emotions and approach during daytime - by Badboylifestyle

Day Game – Make it easy for you

Approach during daytime exposes you to the full load of society pressures and society rules.  Therefore it is important that you gradually expose yourself to them.

When you are new to Day Game, it will be easier if you start practising in environments where you feel comparatively more at ease and less pressure. So pick your “battlefield” carefully.

Day Game – Best Locations

Especially when you are starting to do your approaches during daytime you may want to make it easier for you by choosing a location which is:

  • Not too close where you live. This avoids neighbours or even family members recognizing you.
  • Not too close to your working place either. Because co-workers may deliberately harm your game and interrupt any conversation with a girl because they are jealous.
  • Find a place where the people are calm and relaxed. This will first of all relax yourself and any girls too.
  • Explore the area beforehand.  For example know where to go with a girl for any instant-date.
  • Furthermore make sure you feel comfortable in this area.  Maybe you don’t want to feel yourself over- or even worse underdressed. Considering this point only may decrease the amount of people gaping at you while you approach a girl by more than 30%

Considering these few aspects while looking for good places to approach girls will reduce your initial stress-level significant.  So you can get used to the situation and gradually transition day approaches into your normal environment (way to work, the “normal stuff you do”)

And even then people may watch you while you approach women on the street during daytime.

Day Game – The proper mindset is key

Always remind yourself about the following facts before and during the time when you are out and about approaching:

  • Girls are impressed of your inner strength to approach them during day-game. You are the guy brightening up their boring daily routine. You bring the adventure they are always looking for.
  • Even if you would show some nervousness at the beginning the girls taking this as a compliment anyway. Additionally, showing them your true emotions classifies you as a real man and not an insecure boy behind a mask.
  • Consider other people’s glances on your pick-up as a huge compliment because you do are following your dreams and destiny while other people are way too scared about it.
  • All their gaze will help you to seduce the girl as it’s adding a lot of value towards you in this moment. The more people are focussed on you the higher is your actual social value.

So actually the additional social pressure of day-game will help your game.  It may even motivate you and improve your game dramatically

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Day Game – Further ways to reduce stress during Day Game

Combining the above with a good wingman who is supporting you truly (giving you advices, pushes you into sets if necessary, provides you feedback and “covers your back” but is NOT just talking with you and having a “good time” together) will bring you positive results and improve your game significant.


Execute 10 approaches during daytime every week.  And feel the difference.

And of course set your goals carefully before going out. So you stay focused on success and solutions instead of problems.

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