Approach Anxiety

Approach anxiety is nothing else but your brain going into “panic mode” when you want to approach some girls, because the brain thinks it’s a situation that’s dangerous for your life and it’s trying to save you, i.e. paralyze you. It would do the same thing if you try to jump off a roof of a house.

 Fight your Approach Anxiety - Badboy Lifestyle

Fight your approach anxiety

All you have to do is “unlearn”…

The brain cannot function in that “panic mode” and you cannot do much. You cannot talk to girls, behave normally with approach anxiety. That’s why you have to free yourself from approach anxiety. It can take you a few days, weeks, months… All of us players went through this.

There can be lots of reasons why your mind is set up to think approaching girls is dangerous. Maybe your parents told you too many times “Do not talk to strangers” when you were a small boy, maybe you had some bad trauma with girls as a kid… whatever is it, the result is always the same: you feel approach anxiety when you are about to talk to a girl you don’t know.

If you come to me or to one of my training sessions, I can get you over approach anxiety in just a few hours. By yourself, it can take you a few weeks, even weeks is nothing compared to it. In those few weeks, forget about seducing women and results… focus only on destroying approach anxiety, focus only on preventing your brain going into “panic mode” when you have to approach. Once you remove approach anxiety you will be able to talk to girls normally and in a relaxed way and then you can start using some advanced tactics to get them in your bed. But let’s do it step by step.
This is a field-tested method and it works 100% if you stick to it. This is how you destroy approach anxiety:

1) Open a Word document and write down everything you are scared of, everything that causes you approach anxiety


  • Approaching a girl during daytime
  • Approaching a group of girls
  • Approaching a mixed group in a club

Whatever it is, put it on the list.

2) Attack those fears

Fight your Approach Anxiety - Badboy Lifestyle

All you have to do is prove to your brain that you won’t die if you talk to a girl for 3 minutes. After a few days/weeks your brain will be able to function normally. Unfortunately, the only way to get your brain under control is to constantly expose it to those “dangerous” situations and it will soon learn that there’s nothing dangerous about them, it will stop causing panic in your body.

So, dedicate each week for one thing on the list, spend more than a week per item on the list if needed. Each day, push yourself (your brain) to what it thinks is an uncomfortable situation and go beyond it. Each time, go past approach anxiety and stay there for a few moments. You can use a basic opener + 1-minute conversation (you can find openers in my other posts).

Each day, you will push approach anxiety more and more into your comfort zone. One rule of being a Man is to set yourself free from all the fears that are stopping you from enjoying life.


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