App for Sexual Escalation on Dates

I have to say, I love this App. It’s my favorite app now. Finally, someone produced a useful app for Dates! If you are a player or just regular man who goes on dates and has mediocre success, you simply have to have this App on your phone!

How many times I have been in the situation, where we are on a date, and the conversation just sucks, the girl is boring as fuck, I am bored. Date simply goes nowhere. Those dates are a nightmare for any guy. This app comes is perfect on those dates, actually on all dates. This app is now becoming part of every date. I do it with all of the girls. I highly recommend it for everybody.

This App is designed by my Ex-student, Dmitry, you may remember him, its a brilliant Russian guy who won Summer camp 20016’(He fucked half of the island). He’s an Ex-Google Architect. Brilliant guy with the super sharp mind. And I have to say, he developed an App that will help us all get more pussy! Thank you, Dmitry!

He took a concept of Question Game that I used to teach ( where each person asks a question, and questions get more and more sexual and turned it into an App wherein the end, you have a girl on a date, that’s horny as fuck). Well, who doesn’t like that?

Since lots of guys are not as creative as me on asking right questions and they don’t escalate in right way and time, we joined our forces and we created shitloads of most interesting questions and a smart Algorithm that’s helping you to go deeper and sexual with a time.

We spend several months fine-tuning questions & Algorithm for Sexual escalation and came up with a perfect App. Imagine, having an App on your phone that does Sexual Escalation for you? An app that makes a woman horny?


You install the app on your phone open the app and start playing with a girl, and App will be asking each of you different questions in order “ to get to know each other”. From girl perspective, it looks all nice and innocent since questions are very interesting and deep.

Example of “get-to-know-each-other” questions : 

  • What was the last book you read?
  • What do you really hate having to do in your free time?
  • What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?
  • Describe your best first date
  • Which movie was so good you’ve watched it several times?

And at one point by Algorithm we carefully designed questions get more and more sexual, to the point where she gets horny, and the best thing you haven’t done anything… Its just App that’s calculating and doing it all.

Example of some sexual questions :

  • What is the longest time you’ve gone without sex?
  • What’s the craziest place you ever had sex?
  • What’s an unfulfilled sexual fantasy that you have?

I went out to test in last week on 3 dates, and girls loved it.
First, they were suspicious about it, but the nice slick design makes them love it!
Its so easy to play and really you don’t have to do anything special but to answer your questions, and wait till she gets horny!! HAHA! So far technology was against us, but I guess luck is about to turn around.  Now they will be with their panties wet on each date! So much Intelligence and seduction we have put into this small App it’s INSANE!

Guys, serioussly, this is a must have APP!

I assume App will be banned from Apple & Google stores at one point since its very sexual, and they don’t like that, so download App on your phone while it’s still available. Stores have a 12yo policy, it has to be approved for kids. We managed to get approved but who knows for how long.



All you have to do is do a nice introduction to this App into the conversation and everything else goes smooth.

after 10-15min of fluff talk, you ask her: “Have you ever played “OneDate”?
She will say “ what’s that”?

Its an App for a date like this, that helps you to get to know each other… Its fun, let’s play, you will love it”

Open the app and explain her the rules

The app will ask each person one question… let’s try.


At the moment we are working on v2 that will have voice recognition included so it that will detect slight changes in voice when she gets turned on / horny and alert you discreetly on your screen.
I really believe this app is a secret weapon we have today, and if you are serious about your game, you should have this app on your phone. No more thinking what to talk about, how to kiss, how to sexually escalate, let the Technology and IA do the work for you. You guys owe me a beer for this one!!



We created more than 300 best questions ever that you can ask a girl.  Really deep and interesting questions you can use for any conversation in real life. Remembering and using this questions can improve you with your Daygame/ club game, to go more Wide & deep and get more interesting conversation.

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