Alpha Male – How to Become One?

Girls are attracted to alpha males with a reason. They make them feel safe, they are dominant, confident. Alpha males know what they want and they are not afraid to get it. They are the leaders in our society.

Most of you guys think you can’t become an alpha male and that’s such a wrong belief. Everybody can become an alpha male. No matter how weak or a nice guy you feel, with time you can train and develop your alpha male qualities. Everybody can do it. All you have to do is start being aware of alpha male qualities and start integrating them into your personality. The sooner you start, the faster you will become one.

Most guys in their life choose to be the opposite of an alpha male, they choose to be weak, to go with the flow of life. Because it’s easy, being a weak/nice guy is much easier than being a leader, fighter, standing for yourself. School, TV, society is training you to become a nice guy, not an alpha male.

I will teach you how to become an alpha male

If you start doing the things in this article you will dramatically change and improve your life. I guarantee you that you will walk, behave, talk differently. You will become an alpha male!

Use space

How become an alpha male - Badyboy Lifestyle

Being an alpha male has nothing to do with muscles or how you look. It’s a state of mind, it’s a view on life and it’s how you walk through life.
The first thing you will see on alpha guys is they use a lot of space. They make themselves comfortable in any possible situation they are.

When you are sitting -> relax, always try to position your body in the most comfortable position. You are always on the border with “social norms” of being relaxed. If you are on a business meeting, there is so much you can do; lean back and be relaxed but still look like you are there, you are present, interested in the meeting. In a bar or a café, you can use 2-3 chairs, one you sit on, another to extend your arm on, the third one for your foot and you can go beyond… fourth one for your jacket…

Most people on this planet, they will do the opposite, they will use only one chair for all of it. That’s why alpha male guys stand out. It’s easy to see them, it’s easy to notice them. They will appear the most confident, the most dominant, the most relaxed in the room.
You will notice when you start to take care of your body and relax it in the most comfortable position, your mind will follow and get relaxed as well.

Lean back

Young handsome man in sunglasses

When you start to relax your body and use things around (wall/chair…) to get yourself comfortable you will naturally lean back. By leaning back you are sending an “I don’t need you/you need me” signal to the world. The person who is leaning in is always in a weaker position. Start leaning back.

Slow down

A very important trait of alpha male behavior. Alpha males walk slowly, talk slowly and clearly. All their gestures and body moves are slow. Reduce the speed of your movements to half of your natural speed and be aware of it for 7-10 days and it will become a habit. Slow down the way you talk and move.

Project your voice


You will never see an alpha male with a shy, insecure, weak voice. Alpha males are loud, their voice goes through the room, they are not afraid of audience, of attention. They don’t care what people on the table next to them think about them. Start projecting your voice so it travels through the room. You do not have to yell or be aggressive with your voice. Just make sure your voice is bold, strong and it reaches your audience.

Enjoy small things

Being an alpha male is all about satisfying your needs. Alpha males have a daily routine of satisfying themselves. They do what they want to do in that moment, not what others tell them to. You will see them in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee or working out and enjoying it. They love to make themselves happy and they dedicate a good portion of time into it. Them first, then others.

Feel good being alone

Alpha males feel good when they are alone. They have no problem being alone, they do not feel lonely. They would rather be alone than in a bad company or just to be with someone. Alpha males don’t need approval from others. They are happy with themselves and the world around them.

Walk with power and purpose


How become an alpha male - Badyboy Lifestyle

You have to learn how to walk as an alpha Male. A slow, dominant walk that radiates power and purpose. Instead of rushing and moving your body weight from foot to foot, do it slowly. Let your walk talk about you. Take a mirror and practice your walking.

If something is bothering you, say it.

Alpha male guys are very sharp and brutal on their words. Girls will love them because they are honest. They will say what they mean, they will speak their thoughts. And they will be saying things others are thinking about.
Start sharing your thoughts, start noticing things around you and share it with people you are with.
Alpha male guys have no “this is not OK to say” filter, or their filter is smaller. This “filter” is what’s stopping you from saying dirty things to girls, from saying something that may insult others… This filter is actually stopping you from being an alpha male.
Start attacking the filter, start saying things that most people wouldn’t say. But start small.
This filter is stopping you from being sexual and dirty to girls. You can practice destroying or minimising this filter with dirty talk. Read how to turn on a girl in this article: How to get laid and dirty talk. Being sexual and honest with girls is a part of being an alpha male as well.

Initiate the conversation!

Speaking of conversation, alpha males like to initiate things, get things rolling, that’s why most of them turn out to be great leaders. People need them because they are the ones who push things, who motivate people to do things. To be an alpha guy, when you are with friends or people, you should be the one who is initiating conversations: “Did you see what happened yesterday in Paris?”, “What do you guys think about this new Audi that came out?”; you should be the one who will say “It’s too noisy here, let’s move over there”… You should be the one who will say “Let’s go get some food/drinks”. Get in a position where people simply have to follow you… where your suggestions are spot on.

Be aware of the situation!


How become an alpha male - Badyboy Lifestyle

This is a crucial step of leading people, of being an alpha male.
As you see there is a short distance from being an alpha male to being a leader. Alpha males are super aware of the situation and the environment around them. Their world does not stop at 30cm around them. They live in harmony with others. They are aware of people around them (their existence and behavior). If anything goes wrong, they will be the first one to react.

Be a problem solver!

Be a problem solver and not a guy who complains and does nothing about it. Alpha guys recognise the problem and offer a solution or they jump in and help/fix the problem. If he is in a situation where he is with a few girls and one of the girls is being bothered by some guy, the alpha male will save her from the guy and take care of her. Without causing a fight or any aggressive behavior. Get full curses on being a Man inside Man Life Academy

Lead, lead!

An alpha male leads. Start leading people. Observe their needs and behavior and help them move in the direction where they want to go and they will follow you. It can be as simple as moving people from standing at the bar counter to a table. You will achieve that by being aware of the group dynamics, being aware of the surroundings and individual wishes/needs within the group. Get used to think for others and move them.

Be non-reactive!

As much as you are aware of everything, at the same time alpha guys are non-reactive. This is an important piece as well and let me explain to you what does it mean. It will take you some time to swallow it.

Example: Someone calls your name and wants an instant reaction from you… Instead of jumping up and turning your head fast, you take 1-2 seconds and turn around, slowly… Observing it from the outside, this looks like a person is in total control over himself, relaxed, non-needy and dominant. Girls say “I have a boyfriend”. An alpha male would sip his drink, smile, look her in the eyes; all this would take 5-10 seconds, and then reply with “It’s OK, baby… we will be discreet”. Res

How become an alpha male - Badyboy Lifestyle


Defend your beliefs!

Alpha male guys will stand hardcore for their beliefs, they will put them upfront in your face and defend them. They will be very passionate about what they believe in and you won’t be able to change it anyhow. They have a very clear view on life and people.
To become like that do inner work and develop strong beliefs and conclusions about the world, yourself, things and events. When people start talking about it or attack you because of it, defend it, share it. That’s one more way how they will realize how dominant and alpha male you are.

Have an opinion!

Be engaged in the conversation, have an opinion. Don’t be afraid to share your view on the world. An opinion can’t be right or wrong, it’s your view, share it, be engaged in the conversation. Don’t attack others, but be willing to understand their views, comment on it and respect it.

Don’t be afraid of silence!

When you have nothing to say, lean back, relax and enjoy your drink and the silence. Every alpha male has learned how to be confident about silence. Do not look like it bothers you that you have nothing to say. Do not talk bullshit just to fill the silence. Learn how to be comfortable with silence. The moment you become comfortable with silence, others around you will get comfortable as well. Remember, emotions are contagious. The trick is: instead of fighting silence, enjoy it. Practice it.

Do sports!


How become an alpha male - Badyboy Lifestyle

Every alpha male is being physically active. Do sports, take care of your body and your body will take care of you. Do some martial arts, go to the gym. Being physically active will keep you mentally sharp. Push your body to the limits.Learn all about fotnes and nutrition inside our Life Academy courses

Raise your testosterone levels!

Do manly things to get your testosterone up. Every alpha male has high levels of testosterone.
How to pump your testosterone up? Hang out with strong people, compete, eat the right food (avoid carbs), work out, sleep enough (testosterone is produced during sleep).

Read this amazing article about testosterone

Conclusion and action plan

Start doing these things from the list on a daily basis and you will notice your behavior changing. Become more aware of the things you do wrong and work on them. It takes 21 days to fully change yourself. Do those things on a daily basis and you will become an alpha male.

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