What to Do After You Get Her Number

Hi guys, Igor here, I am one of Badboy’s instructors and I am in charge of Text Game Mastery. I just finished my book about Text Game and I will give you some tips and techniques about it. Let’s start by understanding that her number, her mobile/cell phone number, is not our goal. You want to take her number so you can get in touch with her later and arrange a date and more.
Badboy explained to you how to get her number many times, so I won’t waste your time, but let’s talk about more important stuff.

What you do after you get her number

There are different situations in which you will be getting her number: at a bar, club, beach, street, etc. However, we always have to consider logistics, and text game logistics will include:

  • You must have a profile picture of yourself, not your dog or house or car;
  • Try to make your profile picture a good one;
  • If there is a profile involved (Facebook, Tinder, etc.) don’t be too lazy to fill it in, complete it.

It is also good that she has your number saved on her mobile phone so when you call or text her she knows who you are and doesn’t consider you a stranger. When getting her number send her a text so she can register yours, this way you also make sure you got the right number.

Otherwise things like this might occur:

What to do after get her number - Badboy Lifestyle

Like it says in this example, you can also read back her number adding a wrong digit. If she corrects you, game on; if not, start chatting to a new girl.

It is best that you just text her when you’re getting her number or right afterwards, she will be more comfortable seeing your text then and it’s one of the best moments to send her a text to start off. Text her something that will bring a smile on her face, either because it’s funny or because you’re making fun of her in a playful way.

The Text Game book

As I said, soon you will be able to find my book here, full of tips and techniques on how to get the most out of your text game.
What to do after get her number - Badboy Lifestyle

Start sending messages to Badboy asking him for this book and let’s launch this sooner. =)

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