50 Shades of Gray

Did you watch 50 Shades of Gray? 

Last several years I noticed many guys have problems being sexual with girls. Like they are doing something bad if they show interest or they escalate with girls.I would say that is 2nd inner game problem. Not loving yourself

Accepting your / hers sexuality

See, girls are way more sexual creatures, way more then we guys are. Whole their life is spinning around their sexuality. Watch a movie 50 shades of gray, and just focus on one thing while watching a movie, How they play with female fantasy in movie Shades of Gray.

See woman are way more in touch with their bodies then we guys are. They go through bunch of body sensations/ emotions during day. Partially because of their period cycle, partially because of different wiring of the brain.

So what happens when a girl  meets a guy who is afraid to touch her, afraid to kiss her? She will lose interest into him, because she wants a guy who will accept her sexuality, and be able to handle it / satisfy it. She wants a guy who she can explore her sexuality, her fantasy. 

But problem is not on girls side, see guys are those ones who are usually not comfortable with their sexuality. They are afraid to tell a girl that she is yummy, that he would like to do things to her. You guys are afraid to speak your emotions, to let it go out. Instead you do opposite, you fight with them..You are trying to hide all of your sexual emotions from girls. By doing that you are hiding your best weapon away from them. – Stupid

Btw movie is total shit, but for you to learn about how female brain works its brilliant. Go this weekend and watch it. Its worth it.

Sexy macho holding whip with lesbian lovers, threesome and bdsm

You are losing a girl in those moments when you are running away from yourself, away from your emotions. Lots of girls out there want something very close to role “Mr Gray”  plays in movie. Movie its an extreme version, of their fantasy, but a guy who is dominant knows what he wants, gives her commands what to do, and she is there to fulfill his fantasies.

The more power girls have in todays society, the more she wants to be dominated by a man

The beauty of Natural game is exactly that When you speak your feelings, you fallow your feelings. When you tell her what you are thinking and feeling. You use the power of emotions & words together. This is what’s turning them on. It can be as dirty as you want, trust me she heard it before. Girls like guys who are little bit dirty, on adventures side. 

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Look, If you are not ok with your sexuality how will you be with hers?
That’s what she is thinking when you are showing that you are afraid to touch her / kiss her

There is a famous sentence in a movie:

“I don’t make love, I fu*k”…

Watch girls reaction in room when he’s saying that sentence.

You have to start speaking your mind to girls (sexual side), you have to let it go. Girls love it.
Biggest problem with playing nice guy role is that you are not triggering their sexuality anyhow, and results are way more then obvious.

Of course big part of the game, is a Timing, knowing when can you escalate, how far can you go. But that comes with  Game Experience.

I will tell you small Secret

One of the reasons when I was choosing an location for my Premium “Summer Camp” event, it was exactly this : High sexual energy. I choose an Party island where girls go to “have fun” or in other words,  to have adventures. So any nonsexual conversation or vibe guy, equals immediate rejection. girls want sex there. That’s the beauty. You are forced to escalate, you are forced to give them sex.

That is only thing that works during there. Its the best place on planet to master sexual part of game & closing. Its really interesting to watch shy guys becoming an monsters in such a short time. Because guys get used to be sexual with girls, and that girls like it.


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