5 rules of a Perfect Date

Dating Ideas & structure for perfect date
You have to understand that free-styling on a date, will usually lead towards really bad date!
Date has to be properly planned and structured, but still from her eyes has to look spontaneous and cool.

I will give you my structure that got me more girls that you can imagine.

Its really stupid to work so much for a phone number, and then take her to date where you cannot do anything.

Let me give you some Rules :

Rule 1# Avoid places that all other guys are taking her as well!

Couple drinking wine on romantic date

She  has been there and its her comfort zone, therefore – Boring

Avoid : Dinners, Cinemas, Walk in the park.. and all other things guys usually take her to.

Look at the math :

girl start dating when she’s 16-17 yo. 1-2 dates per week, somethings less sometimes more.

By  the time she is 25  she been  on 300-400 dates. All the same shit, movies, dinners, coffee..

Can you imagine how boring that is? You meet a guy, and you know where he’s going to take you.. you know the whole story of 3-5 dates. NO wonder why they look for Unpredictably guy!

Rule 2# Never take her to one-location-date.

Date has to have 2-3 locations. (2-3 things you do with her)

Most guys for some stupid reason always schedule one thing, and  after that date ends. Like a movie or dinner.

I always do several things in one date. The more location you go to the more she will connect with you. Mini-dates

Rule 3# Never tell her where you will take her

They will always ask you where are you taking her, but not because she wants to know details, because she has to know how to dress for date . She will dress differently if you are taking her to fancy dinner vs bungee Jumping. She cannot show up on nice dinner in running shoes. You can, but she cannot.

By telling her exact plan what you going to do -you will  kill all Fun & Adventure of a date.

So instead of telling her where you will take her, just tell her how to dress.Casual/ fancy/ sexy… and the time when you going to pick her up.

Couple drinking wine on romantic date

Rule 4# Focus on her Brain & Body

If you take her to coffee shop for example, you are stucked and you can only talk ( brain to brain communication) her body is forgotten. Remember you have to seduce her body as well, not just brain.

during dinner, or in cafe you cannot do that.

Rule 5# Play time

This is the KEY of dates. See as we discussed, all those dinner dates, movies are taken too seriously. And it feels like an interview or it has an energy like a business meeting. Instead you take a girl, and you go play with her, have fun…sports..fun things..Play time. Its totally different energy.
If you apply all those rules together, it looks like this  :
1# You call her, and tell her, You are taking her on a date, tell her to dress something sexy, but not too fancy, since you are going to have some fun then you’ll get some drinks in city. Tell her you’ll will pick you up at 7pm or meet her 7 pm ( give her exact logistics)

2# Usually first initial meet you always schedule somewhere in public. Like an cafe/starbucks.
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Well, she is meeting you for very first time, public space will give her an feeling of security/comfort.

I usually stay in that first venue 45min-hour. Focus on building deeper rapport/connection (TCC)

Basically focus on Brain-to-Brain connection.

It will get boring after 45min, so I suggest lets go somewhere else. Of course venue 2 will be physical place. Play-time!
You have to figure out logistics way before date. I usually look for  Physical venue like indoor go-carts, ice-ring..etc and then look for cool cafe’s/ lounges in area closely. So i have everything in one place
After cafe, you start walking towards your location 2 .”Somehow” that fun place is very close to cafe, so we go there (things just happen spontaneously for her). After good Play-time & fun.
Look for physical things ( play time) activities in your town/ city

Look for things you can play against each other / things you can play together. The more touching ( body to body) connection is involved – the better. Ice-skating rings are amazing, since you are teaching her, holding hands, bumping into her.. etc
Components : Adrenaline, fun, competition, high-energy, physical.
Take out the Map of your town and sort out your logistics!! You are doing this only once.
After such an Physical activity,  its normal to go sit somewhere for a drink or get some food. Chill-out time. I usually choose some cool lounge for this purpose. This location is Key… has to be private, not much people, chill-out energy.

If I haven’t kissed her yet this is the place where I will go for kiss.
So its an 3 step date. Its low energy ( cafe) – high energy ( physical)/ Play time – Chill out ( lounge)
After some kissing time you can see and feel how that goes, some girls you will easily full-close that night, and with some ( girlfriend material/ emotional) you will have to get on one more date.

Structure of a Date Low energy -> high energy -> Chill outMental  –> Physical   –> Sexual

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