5 Reasons Why You Need Good Game – Part II

I just want to tell you that if you are dreaming to get a nice girlfriend who will love you without Game, good luck to you. You will need lots of luck. See, a nice girlfriend who loves you, who is perfect to you is created, is trained, is crafted and NOT FOUND on the street!

Why do you need a good Game?

We live in a world where you can buy perfect products like phones, computers, cars, where companies have thousands of engineers, designers crafting our perfect phones, cars, designing our dreams and selling them to us. We end up buying our dreams like Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, iPhone, whatever…

When it comes to perfect girlfriends, there is no factory that produces them (would be good), but instead, you are the designer, engineer here.

All of you have seen the Pinocchio cartoon. Where Mister Geppetto takes a piece of wood and creates Pinocchio. This is exactly what we guys do. You take the best piece of wood you can find (the best girl for this project) and craft her into a perfect girlfriend. You have to know how to choose the right girl for that of course. Sometimes, very rarely you find some masterpiece that some other “Geppetto” crafted before you (trained her). A girl that’s been trained to be a good girlfriend, who will do everything you need and want.

Girls are the best gifts that a man can give to another man!
Guys who date girls after I finish with them are lucky guys, because I am giving them a perfectly finished product.

Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Conclusion about your good Game

There is no way you will be able to create and maintain a healthy relationship without some sort of techniques, manipulations, tactics, good filters… Altogether a good Game. Sorry guys, but that’s the sad reality. You need a good Game to have a happy relationship where a girl loves you and takes care of you. Some guys were lucky and found the right girl at the right time and got her. I do not rely on luck. Do you rely on luck when buying a new car?

Why do you need Game to fuck every girl out there

As I said, there are guys who just want to have sex with as many girls as possible in this stage of life.
I went through this, I was in it for 4-5 years.

If you ask me, that stage is very important to fulfill. If you feel this way, you should fulfill those fantasies, because they will make you happy and peaceful in the long run. One really important way to make yourself happy is to pursue what makes you happy. If fucking a new girl every day makes you happy, do it for as long as it makes you happy. It’s fun for a while, I will tell you that. Do you need a good Game for this? Hell yes. You need a bulletproof Game. Can you get it fast? Of course you can!

I will never forget one of my ex students on Summer Camp who managed to fuck 16 girls in 14 days. 1.2 girls per day. But that’s what he wanted to achieve and he got it. We equipped him with the tools and the rest is history or “his story”. All Summer Campers know who he is.

Can you get lots of girls without Game?

Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Yes, you will need lots of cash, a nice car, a nice house and still it’s a question how successful you will be at stopping them using you for cash… Again, you will need some Game to use your assets in the best way possible in order not to get screwed.

Can you get married without a good Game?


Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Hehe, of course you can.. the only question is to who?

Basic rule of life, if you are not choosing them, they are choosing you! The marriage filter should be even bigger than the girlfriend filter. Look, you are not looking for a girl who you will date a year or two, but for the rest of your life.

Your set of qualities and your long term Game has to be perfect. The way you date her, build up to a relationship and not getting screwed up up with lawyers during divorce. BTW, did you know that the divorce rate is 50% ? Why is that? Go back to “Do you need Game to find a girlfriend” section and re-read it. It all starts there. 

Which girls you are choosing, how you train them, craft them in those first stages. Guys ended up with wrong girls and married them for wrong reasons, realized that a few years later. Divorce can cost you lots of money, half of your house, everything. Your life is fucked. Newspapers are full of stories like that. You better find the right one for this job. In order to get a girlfriend to marry you, you will have to knock on many doors. It’s the biggest interview you will do in your life. Yes, you will need a good Game for it.

Question – Is life without Game possible?


Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Yes, it is but if you want the best from your life, you have to be willing to give your best. Develop yourself to be the best and then you can ask the best things from life.

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Look, it’s simple, you try to go and buy a car, the salesman will play his game and try to screw you up by selling you a car you don’t want – you have to be smart, you have to see through his game and play your game, therefore outsmart him.

You go to a bank to open a bank account, they will try to sell you things that you do not need, they will try to Game you. Credit cards, this and that service… You have to be strong and to know what you want, otherwise you are screwed. 

You go to a supermarket to buy food, they redesigned the store to make you walk longer through the store, they play music to make you relax + place baby powder in the AC to calm you down to make you stay longer in the store and buy a few more items that you don’t need – they will try to Game you.

Go and try to buy a flat or a house… They will try to screw you in every possible way if you are naive and good-hearted.

We live in a fucked up world where lawyers, doctors, bankers… everybody is trying to get a piece of you for their profit. So can you live on this planet without developing good Game? No, you can’t. You can live but you won’t be happy and get things that you want. It’s the same with girls. You have to outsmart them. You have to  grow to a level where you are above them.

What will the future bring us? Will you need a Game in the future?


Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Hell yes, this is just the beginning of problems. 3 main reasons why the future is not on our side:

  1. Hot girls will be even more rare due to junk food and more polluted environment, read: more fat girls who nobody wants to fuck.
  2. Because they will be so rare, only the best guys will date them, guys with the best Game, lifestyle, guys who can outsmart them. Guys like me and guys who I trained.
  3. It’s a trend that everybody is getting introverted, people on their phones and headphones, living in their small fucked up worlds, it will be harder in the future to penetrate those inner worlds, read: more bitch shields, flakes, more fighting with their cell phones and millions of other guys texting them. If you are having problems with Text Game now, be sure it will be 100x more fucked up in 5-10 years.

Conclusion – Why you need to work on your Game

Invest into your Game, into developing yourself, invest time, energy, money, all resources to grow. This will give you tactical advantage over your competitors. Come to Summer Camp, book an 1×1 training, start the Online Badboy School… DO SOMETHING! Don’t just sit and read those articles, e-books, they won’t fix your Game and personality! Action, action will.

You don’t have to choose me to teach you, coach you; get your Game, choose whoever you think it’s right for this job, to fix your Inner Game, your sticking points. But start working on yourself.




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