5 Reasons Why You Need Good Game

I was thinking for a long time to write this post, I never got a proper time to explain why you need a good game.
This post is about the importance of your growth, your development as a man.

Why is good game important?

I noticed some guys think they do not need skills to get girls, they do not need ”game”, they don’t need to work on themselves. In this post I will attack those beliefs and it may hurt some of you, therefore if you have some ego problems please stop reading it now.

While coaching thousands of guys around the planet in the last 10 years, I realized there are 3 basic categories of guys. I noticed a pattern:

1) “I want a girlfriend” guys

Guys who need someone to love and to be loved. They want a stable normal relationship with an OK/normal cute girl. The hotter the better, but it’s not the crucial factor. They just want a girlfriend. And that’s OK, we all need someone to love us, to share and not to be alone.

2) Guys who want to fuck as much as possible

These guys just want to have fun, with as many girls as possible, to fuck everything that walks. To satisfy his basic man fantasies. To relive everything he has seen on porn and in his mind. They jump from girl to girl and that’s what makes them happy. Being single, dating multiple girls… Player lifestyle is what they want.

3) Guys who want to get married

Some of the guys I meet go through the first 2 stages where they had several girlfriends, they had some adventures and now they feel it’s time to find the right one, settle down with her and create a family.

This is a basic pattern of what the majority of guys want and exactly what I teach. You may find yourself in one of those 3 categories. You can see those 3 as categories and as stages that every guy goes through during his lifetime but I didn’t want to call them stages because some guys tend to “get stuck” in one of those and they stay there for a big portion of their life. Like some players do. It’s something between stage of life and category.

What is a good Game and why you need it?

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First let me say that I think the term “Game“ is lame, but in lack of a better term for now, let’s use it for the rest of the article.

What we call “game” is actually improving and boosting your natural skills and personality that should be there from your day 1 on this planet. Like confidence, dominance, sexual energy, communication skills, looks, healthy beliefs, body language etc.

This set of things is universal and used in all aspects of your life.

Most of those qualities tend not to be developed very well OR in most cases screwed up in your childhood by society, school, parents, TV… like confidence, dominance, body language etc.
We lose those things or never develop and become unattractive to girls. You can’t blame girls, they are programed by DNA to be attracted to that type of guys. It’s on gene level.

When you hear me saying to you “we need to work on your game”, I actually mean on your whole presentation, the way you walk, talk, the way you touch a girl, kiss her, your confidence, the way you approach, look at her…, it’s the whole persona upgrade. So, “game” is beyond game as you can see, it’s a “Game of Life”. Universal set of things that will improve your whole well-being and lifestyle. Learn everything about life, seduction, game and health & wealths inside Life Academy

Now once we cleared it up, let’s go deeper.

The biggest reason why You and Me and every other man on this planet needs to work on himself and get good “game” or let’s call it good communication skills to get girls is this crucial fact.

This is the core of why I started with seduction and this is why you got into seduction. This is the reason why you are reading this article.
Do you feel when you talk with girls that they can outsmart you in the conversation? That they are faster, more sharp, more “in the moment”? That most of the time you have a hard time keeping the conversation on that level?

That’s what I felt 15 years ago and that’s what you feel nowadays. And that’s what every guy feels whenever he talks to them. There is a biological reason for that. Girls are simply better communicators than we are. The structure of our brains is very different. For example, the female brain has “communication” centers on both hemispheres of the brain while men have one only on their left side.

There are lots of studies and almost every CT scan of a brain is showing the same thing. Their brain is amazingly more developed for communication and processing emotions, what’s going around them. Read this amazing latest research on male brain vs. female brain.

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So you think you don’t need good game to get girls? You don’t need to boost your verbal and nonverbal skills? Haha.
We are basically handicapped on communication skills when you compare it with their brain. More white matter in brain, more blood flow in this regions.
Yes, this didn’t matter back in the days when we lived in caves, because you just took the girl you wanted and that was it. It didn’t matter how faster their brain was.
But in this modern society that we created where we have to respect each other and communicate to each other before sex girls have the upper hand. Their brain is 50% more developed for that than ours. They got better hardware!

By biology we are screwed up then add society and on top of that add lots of estrogen hormone in food and water that we eat/drink on a daily basis which is lowering our testosterone even more… no wonder guys all over the planet have problems with girls. No wonder you have problems with girls.

It gets even worse. It would be good if girls are attracted to guys who are on the same level, but NO, they want someone who is above them, smarter than them, someone who can protect them, take care of their emotional moods, be their teacher… someone above them.

And like all of that is not enough, then they go out with friends and hang out in loud clubs, so you as a man are supposed to approach them, talk to them in this crazy loud environment…

And then you tell me you do not need “game”? You do not need super set of skills to be able to talk to them, outsmart them and their friends… well, good luck to you.

Now I hope you understand that its unfair evolution game that we are part of. And it’s getting worse and worse with all those “social communication apps” and the whole online world. This is just giving them more advantage. In the upcoming years for you guys it will be harder and harder to get laid and find a girl. We guys will have to be even smarter.
You see, the Game that I developed together with my PUA friends in the community is an evolutional process to equalize this, and give us an advantage in dating and life.

Let’s go back to those 3 categories/stages of life and let’s analyze how much Game you actually need in those 3 areas.

Why do you need a good game to get a girlfriend?

You want a nice good looking girlfriend? Perfect. She is out there waiting for you, all you have to do is find her and seduce her. Those girls exist and it’s a basic math game. It’s a numbers game to find them. But because there are so many crazy girls out there, girls with fucked up childhood, wrong beliefs, mental issues from past relationships, fucked up parents etc., it is becoming almost impossible to play the old game: choose one girl and turn her into your girlfriend.

If you choose the first girl out there and turn her into your girlfriend you are doomed. 80% chance something is wrong with her and this is the main problem when you start looking for a girlfriend. Not every girl out there is compatible for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. According to my research, in 100 hot girls maybe 10 are good, or “girlfriend material”. So 10%… Let’s say 1 out of 10. Which is a fair number.

Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Now, the problem is that you have to approach all 10, seduce all 10 and start some sort of a relationship/start dating to find out if she is a good girlfriend material or not. You have to filter out bad ones and keep one or two who are good. And this is why you need good techniques and good game. To filter out bad ones. Without game, it’s 1 girl = 1 relationship = 80% chance of a fucked up relationship.

Let me explain to you what happens when you DON’T filter out the right girls for a relationship.
I have lots of guys around me who I know that ended up in fucked up relationships with cute, loving girls, that somehow it turned into a disaster relationship. All of us have bad examples, I am sure of it. You heard stories, I am sure…  Guess what, not all girls are “compatible” with relationship mode.

I know this guy, he is with this really good looking girl for 2 years and everything is fine besides sex. He told me he gets sex on Xmas, on his birthday, and when he buys her some expensive gift. 5-6 times total per year. For her that’s normal, she did it to all the guys before him as well. He is frustrated as hell, but still loves her? Well, he has no game to replace her, to find a better one, a normal one. No options = frustration.

Why you need a good game - Badboy Lifestyle

Then I know this other guy who’s dating this girl, she loves to be taken to expensive places on a weekly basis. Nice hotels, restaurants, he spends his whole salary on her.

Then I know this other guy, who is with this cute girl, all good, but she doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near the kitchen. She doesn’t want to cook anything for him, serve him… nothing. She likes to be served or taken to a restaurant. She likes it when he cooks for her. He became the girl in that relationship.

And there are millions of other examples I can tell you, just look around you, look at your friends… it’s everywhere around us.

We live in hard times and there are more and more Inner Game problems that people have, girls as well.
What I usually do when I find out something is wrong with her set of beliefs, I usually have a good sex, delete her contact and never see her again.

Some girls you remove from your life while others you can “fix” with proper game and reframe (outsmart them) and get them used to cooking, giving you perfect blowjobs, whatever. Again you need to “game” her or train her in lack of better words. You have read my article about getting her to cook for you? See, they can have their brain to be developed as much as they want, I will still be able to outsmart them on a level they had never seen before. That’s why “game” has been developed.



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