5 Reasons Why You Should Be a Badboy

The moment you decide to be a badboy and live like a badboy is the moment when your whole life will transform.

Why should you be a badboy?

Badboy - by Badboy Lifestyle

1) You do not have to please anyone

Badboys don’t give a shit about pleasing others, they are all about how to please themselves. If something does not make them feel happy or give pleasure to them, they do not do it. Life is too short and life is about pleasing yourself, not others. Badboys do it perfectly.

2) Being sexually open

Girls choose badboys for sex because they feel they can fulfill sexual fantasies with them. Badboys do not judge them on their crazy fantasies and they do not want a relationship with them.
She can show up at his place, fuck the whole night and go home, he won’t fall in love or stalk her for weeks after that.

3) Badboys do what the fuck they want to do

Badboys are not restricted by society rules, they respect rules and society but they create their own rules and principles they live by.  That’s why sometimes they end up in problems with authorities.

For girls this creates a huge amount of attraction because they are so independent and stronger than the rules.

4) Badboys are unpredictable

Girls hate boring predictable guys, that’s why nice guys are not getting much action. It’s so interesting for a girl when she can’t read his next move. She starts to fantasize and dream about him.
“What will he do to me, where will he take me, this is so exciting…”

bad boy - by Badboy Lifestyle

5) Badboys are dangerous

Safe is boring. Nice guys are boring because they play it safe. Badboys do dangerous stuff (like riding motorcycles etc.) but they make her feel safe and protected while exposing her to danger.
This deadly combination is making her panties wet.

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