5 life things you have to do to live happy life

5 things to be happy in life

In order to achieve freedom and pure happiness in your life, you have to sort out several life elements. I wish these things were taught in school, because you could have started working on them when you were 15yo.

1) Finances – residual income

Opposite from what they teach you in a school, idea is not to get a job and work for somebody to give you monthly salary in return for your whole day on job. Goal in life is to create residual income ( passive income ) where money comes from idea or business you created and you have 90% of your day to enjoy that money and time. A life where you do not think about money, you do not worry what costs and how much it costs. This is greatest thing you can do for your life and time in this lifetime. Beauty of living today is that this is not that hard to achieve passive income at all. Thanks to internet and new technologies this is very achievable.

There are so many models and opportunities to create this. Place where you do not work, but money works for you. It’s sad that most people get stuck in old model of selling their time and knowledge for someones profit. Not theirs. Once you accomplish this step in life you can truly enjoy all fruits and sexiness of life.

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2) Love Life

Success in Love life and dating is not linked to success in finance at all. Unless you want to date gold-diggers who are in pursuit of money. To be really happy you have to sort out this important element of life, your love life. Money, nice cars, best holidays on the planet means nothing if you are there alone. Having a nice girl or few girls next to you who truly love you can mean all the difference in the world. Girls think very differently. You cannot apply knowledge from other areas to use on them. It’s a new language you have to learn to speak. Girls energy, presence and love they will give you can be one of best things you can receive in this life. It’s well worth mastering this area. It’s not just getting  hot girls, but learning how to train her to be a good girlfriend, how to manage long-term relationships, etc
Girls come and go, therefore you have to be able to find the new one and keep yourself happy!

3) Friends

Life with no friends does not really make sense? doesn’t it? If you have nobody to watch a game with or travel together and create some adventures. You should develop 2-4 really close connections that will last a lifetime. Friends that will be there with you in those best and worst moments of life. There is really easy ( secret) formula for to create good friendships and keep them for long time. One day I will teach you that as well. Good friends will make you happy for a lifetime!

4) Keep learning new things

Develop a mindset that you never stop learning. Every few months you should start working on a new life skill. Is that dancing, cooking, gym, whatever it is, use your body and mind potential to fullest. You don’t stop learning until you die. There are so many things to be learned, so many skills to acquire that will make you happy. Be an Explorer, be a Life Adventurer

5) Health

When you are young ( and we all are at this stage in life) you don’t worry much about health, its all good, whatever you  eat or drink tomorrow you still fill normal. Well that is short game illusion. By not taking care what you eat and drink, you are doing yourself long term damage. You want to keep your spirit young as much you want to keep your body young. Both of those things will keep you happy. You won’t be able to stay happy  if you have constant back pain or it hurts you while you walk or you have problems with kidneys. Enjoy your body now but as same time take care of your body.

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