5 causes for low testosterone and how to avoid it

You want to avoid low testosterone, right? For that you need to understand the 5 causes for low testosterone in your body. Most of you probably already know that testosterone is the primary male hormone and keeping optimum levels of testosterone is crucial for looking, feeling and acting like a man, a real Alpha.

Before you read the text below I strongly urge you to read into more detail about low testosterone in are article here.


5 main causes for low Testosterone

If after reading the article in the link you recognise that you might have suboptimal, or low levels of testosterone, then take your seat, and read the following text very carefully. Because we will alert you to the 5 main causes of low testosterone that are sabotaging your health, energy, work, game and sex life.



Junk Food

This should be a no-brainer, but time after time people neglect what they eat and put in their bodies. You are what you eat, this is not just an expression but a fact. Your body is an engine and your diet is the fuel. Putting bad fuel which is not designed for your engine will wreak havoc on your health and it is one of the 5 causes of low testosterone  – read JUNK FOOD!

Avoid Junk Food

By junk foods I primarily refer to highly processed food with artificial flavourings, processed fats, sugar and whole bunch of empty calories without any vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These foods will make you gain fat and this kicks off a vicious cycle:




Movement is a natural and evolutionary habit for humans.
Our bodies are extremely adaptive and evolve according to what surrounds us and what we do. Before the industrial revolution for the most of the time live in very harsh conditions, which forces to constantly move looking for a warm shelter and food.

Having this in mind, fast forward today and modern living habits in western societies: Food is available everywhere.

Most of us live “passive lifestyle”, sitting in front of computers and tv in our rooms and offices majority of the day. We drive to work and shopping malls, take elevators and rarely get any exercise.

Why dont excercise is on of the 5 causes of low testosterone

It is no wonder that with each passing decade more and more young and people in general have very low testosterone levels and problem with Testosterone and energy.

Start doing what our ancestors have done for millions of years and start exercising. By exercising I do not refer to light jogging, pilates, yoga and similar activities. By exercising I am referring to lifting heavy things, i.e. weights.

Lifting weights directly causes your body to respond by increasing its testosterone output. This has been known for years, and it’s part of the reason we associate testosterone with gym bros.

When you’re lifting weights, you’re forcing your muscles to adapt and recover by growing bigger and stronger. You have to eat protein and quality carbohydrates to fuel recovery but, on a hormonal level, testosterone plays a huge role in your body’s recovery and muscle-building processes.

On a more primal level:
Lifting weights offers a healthy outlet to take your aggression out. Anger is an emotion partially fueled by testosterone, and when you tap into it relatively often (in a controlled setting like the gym) two things will happen:

  1. You’ll feel angry less often, because you will have an outlet for your feelings of aggression;
  2. Your body is going to respond by ramping up its testosterone production — anger is a stimulus in itself.


Impotence concept. Woman is waiting in bed on her lover who is looking on his penis after viagra and shows thumb up that he is ready for sex.

Try to look at your body as an engine with different tasks, functions and parts.

Just as you would in a car, the engine needs to be properly oiled and recharged. Along with your diet, sleep is the most important aspect of a healthy and powerful engine to your body to avoit the 5 causes of low testosterone.

When you go to sleep your heart rate and blood pressure go down, your liver goes from detoxifying to synthesising, your brain cleans and declutters information and your intestines slow down (this is why eating before bad is a bad idea, it goes against what is natural for you body and will only steal energy from your body necessary for rebuilding).

All these organs are part of your engine, and work hard during the day, shutting them down enables growth hormone and testosterone to rise and instigate your engine recharge.

You need a Full night of sleep

For optimum T production, you need a full night of undisturbed REM sleep.
A disruption of your sleep cycle can also cause an increase in cortisol levels. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Also try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every night to avoid disrupting your circadian rhythm.

A lot of testosterone production occurs during sleep time. This explains why most men are at their horniest and have erections in the morning; T levels are at the highest during the rise and shine hours.

If you typically don’t feel the urge for sex or masturbation first thing in the morning, then you may not be getting enough sleep in the sufficient quality and quantity.



Every single man on this planet has played with his friend at some point, and most off us masturbate several times a week – even more. While it is natural to feel horny and healthy to ejaculate at least once a week to clean the prostate, it is not natural to do it in a way that most of us do it in the 21 century: PORN!

Stop watching porn if you have low testosterone symptoms.

You may find it relaxing, exhilarating and fun but, you are in the dark. Masturbation to porn is one of the leading causes of erectile disfunction and low libido. This is one of the 5 causes of low testosterone.

The more one masturbates to porn, the more dopamine is released in the brain.
Eventually dopamine receptors and signals in the brain fatigue, leaving the viewer wanting more but unable to reach a level of satisfaction. The viewer becomes numb to things once considered pleasurable and searching for new pornographic stimuli which sets of a vicious addictive cycle that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Normal sex is simply no longer exciting enough for your brain. Besides these brain changes, frequent masturbation or, more precisely, ejaculation can deplete your testicles of zinc which is the most important mineral for the production of testosterone.

Blood tests, and studies wont show considerable differences in levels of testosterone from abstinence or ejaculation directly. But there, are however multiple studies indicating indirect and long-term adverse effects.

This are primarily changes in limbic system, including a decline in androgen receptors and increase in estrogen receptors and opioids (which block dopamine). If you don’t know by now let me repeat: More estrogen leads to low testosterone!




concept of potency, the concept of penis, two men's hands holding the big bananas up and down, like the man penis, short, small, medium, average, long or large size

Healthy diet and proper regular sleep are so crucial that we wrote about them separately, but there are many more little mistakes that add up and sabotage your testosterone levels: health, energy, sex life and business.


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Let’s go through some of the most prevalent:


Smoking is widely recognised as being carcinogenic but besides this, it is also extremely damaging  to your blood vessels and circulation. You don’t have to be a a genius to come to a very simple conclusion:



Drinking is part of diet, but many people don’t approach it this way and I’ve noticed that for many it is a part of their lifestyle. I am not saying you shouldn’t drink at all and that occasional night out which includes drinking is going to kill you but regularly enjoying alcohol is a sure way to lower your testosterone.


If I had to choose one alcoholic drink that seems to be part of many mens everyday lives, and is very detrimental to low testosterone levels, it would be definitely be beer.  Not only that alcohol from beer directly lowers testosterone levels, but beer also has a lot of phytoestrogens.

Phythoestrogens are compounds very similar in their molecular structure to estrogen, and our bodies recognise it in that way disrupting testosterone to estrogen balance leading to fat gain, lack of energy and, what is popular referred to as mens boobs. Because of its, high phytoestrogen content if you drink more than two beers a day, you will consequentially have higher estrogen levels and gain fat in areas similar to women – boobs and hips.

High estrogene, low testosterone!

Artificial scents, perfumes fabric softeners, air fresheners and unnatural cosmetics in general, a lot of these products contain xenoestrogens. Again, mimicking estrogen activity and disrupting your hormonal balance. These also includes: use of plastic in cooking, drinking water and storing food.

If you are using plastic containers look for plastic that is labeled as BPA free.


One of the leading causes of acute and chronic diseases of all sorts, stress also raises cortisol. Cortisol directly gets low testosterone levels so try to have balance in your life, find an outlet for things that are making you anxious.


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