3 Steps to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend? We’ve talked a lot on how to build sexual tension/energy, but very few articles really cover what to talk about in depth. This article is going to be about just that! Trust comfort connection

Learn how to get a girlfriend

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The purpose of you talking to a hot girl is obvious, create a connection and get into her wet panties as soon as possible! We are men. We don’t apologise for our desires; that’s how nature created us. If you want a a girlfriend, you have to deserve it.

You have to understand that not every girl needs that strong connection to have sex with you. This is mostly for emotional girls who are looking for boyfriends. You can still use them for one night sex, but you will have to create that connection.

To create that connection, you need to take care of 3 elements: Trust, Comfort, Connection (TCC ). Read article about it here

1) Trust

Every day in news we hear there was some woman raped/killed/infected by some sexual disease she got from a man, so it’s no wonder that they don’t trust us at all on very beginning. As far as she is concerned, you may be any one of those guys. In order to take a woman, out of the club/ bar or to take her panties off she has to trust you.

So how to build trust?

There are several ways to build trust, ideally, you will use all of techniques to gain super level of trust.


Leading is probably the easiest way to build trust. The more you lead her, the more she trusts you. This is because she can see that she can rely on your decisions, and your decisions are good for her.

For example, you lead her from one place in the club to another ( quiet area ) so that you can both talk easier. Another example, you see that she is in high heels, and you take the lead. You find somewhere to sit and talk ( because you know that standing in high heels for hours can hurt).

Following your every lead is good for her. After a while she will stop judging your actions, and go along on whatever you suggest because – it’s good for her!

Sharing secrets

Sharing secrets is one of the oldest tricks in the book. For some reason, you just have to tell her one of your secrets or a childhood story that no one knows, it doesn’t even have to be a real secret. By sharing that with her, she will start to get a feeling that she knows you and as a result, you will see her opening up with some of her secrets. She will start connecting.

Spending time

Spending time with her is the most effective way to build trust. The more time you spend with her, the more she will see you are normal guy -and that she can trust you. Unfortunately, we players do not have 10 hours to spend with her, so we use techniques to achieve same effect within a shorter time period (20-30min).

Venue changing

The more places you go with her, and the more different things you do with her, the more she will feel that she knows you and can trust you. If you meet her in the club, and everything stays within the club, you will be just the club guy. Instead if you meet her in the club, then take her to lounge, then to your friend’s private birthday party, then implement all of these tactics, you will have very powerful trust building technique.

2) Comfort

The second element of TCC that is very important as well, and that is physical comfort! There is no way you will proceed to a more sexual touch if she is not first comfortable with your normal/casual physical touch. You have to get her used to normal touching (hand, arm, back, shoulders) and then slowly proceed to more and more sexual (neck, ear, lips/kissing, tits).

3) Connection

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Using the first two elements will already create a deep connection, but that connection is on an unconscious level.

How many times have I said that you have to separate seducing her body and seducing her brain. Those are 2 separate processes, and so you have to approach them separately. To create a connection to her logical side of her brain, you will have to use words/stories. You will have to talk to her.

There are several rules while building verbal connection:

Rule 1 – Keep it emotional<犀利士

Most guys they are trying to logically convince her to feel connection, and they use lots of logical “man” topics and words. You have to separate topics for guys and for girls/women. Guys’ topics are way more logical, and women find them to be boring: football, cars, career, business, chasing girls, computers, etc.

Women respond to emotional topics. Topics that spark their emotions such as; traveling, childhood, hobbies, music, art, fashion, holidays, food, gossip, relationships, sex, movies, etc…

If you believe that talking about your emotions will make you look weak and gay, you are so wrong. If whole your approach is weak and indirect, then this may very well be the case. But if you approach woman with power and dominance with direct opening Style, then showing her your emotional side will be seen as advantage, as she will have chance to get to know true you.

Rule 2 – Keep it wide and deep

You cannot only open one topic and stay there for two hours and hope that she will connect with you. You have to open many topics (5-8), but go deep into them. Remember, it has to be wide and deep.

How to get a girlfriend - Badboy Lifestyle

Rule 3 – Exchange stories

Instead asking millions of questions and turning seduction into an interview (so wrong), replace your questions with stories, talk, open up first with story. You can ask a girl what kind of music she listens to, but it’s much better if you first tell a short story about your style of music and then inside a story mask a question, and throw it over to her. That’s how you create ping-pong conversation.

The goal is that she starts opening up with stories, and not only answering your questions. So the ultimate goal is to achieve a conversation that is a 50-50% ratio. You can only do that by minimising questions asked, and replacing them with stories.

Rule 4 – Keep it fresh

Every story you tell has an energy peak, on other side every story she tells has high point as well. Usually it’s the reason why the story is told (the core, the point of story).

Once she told you the point why story is being told, her energy will slowly start dropping, your job now is not to ask more questions! But to take it over to your side and pump more energy within the conversation.

How exactly you do that?

Once she starts losing energy, you start telling story that is somehow connected to her story. But your transition and story has to be 20% higher energy then her story.

Example of transitions you can use:

“wow, that reminds me of…” -your story.
“interesting, see I read somewhere that…” -your story.
“I saw on tv…” -your story.
“see, I don’t like that, I prefer…” -your story.

Or any other transition you can think of and that will fit naturally in the conversation you are having with her.

This way you will constantly pump more new fresh energy in conversation.


Bon voyage,


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