1×1 with Badboy

Badboy asked me for an honest review of his 1×1 Residential Program. It took me a while to write this, since I am busy with my new life and all the goals and homework we set for me in Zagreb. Lots to do, but I am happy. It was a really interesting experience with Badboy.

Let’s start from the beginning.

1×1 with Badboy

I am a 35-year-old IT consultant living in Germany. I had two so-so relationships and that’s it. Both girls left me. I’ve been through hard times with them. Most of my life I’ve been busy with my career. I was never too social, and I hated going to the clubs. Of course, the consequence of that was my poor love life. When most of the guys were dating girls, I was hiding myself behind work. For myself I would say I am intelligent, but introverted (or shy). Girls would say: “He is such a nice guy”. And deep inside I am a nice guy.

Girls liked me, but never the way I wanted. I was the one who always ended up in the friend zone with hot girls. That was me for years. I knew I had to change, transform myself, because I realized, just like at my work with clients, what I was doing did not show any results. Obviously processes and methods had to change. That’s what I am doing for other companies. Now it was time to do it for myself. The old me simply couldn’t get girls. I went on a few bootcamps in London, Germany, LA, to the “good” dating companies. Lots of money wasted but I gained nothing that would make me happy. My last chance before giving up was Badboy. I meet him at a conference in Vegas last year, I really liked his approach and natural, genuine style and I decided to come to his Residential Training. I knew 7 days might be short for me so I decided to do 10 days with him. I am 35 and I do not want to spend more months/years without girls. I look at my friends, they are all single or with some ugly girls, who (girls) choose them. I do not want that. I do not want to be 40 with a girl that I do not like and be unhappy.
On another side I did not want to become a playboy, a Player, I just wanted this part of my life handled. I believe I deserve a hot sexy girlfriend who will love me, and I will love her. For example when I go out or walk through city and see some hot girl I like, I want to be able to talk to her, get her number, get a date, and have options to keep her or not. Before the residential program I would just pass next to her and feel stupid for not approaching her. I didn’t want that in my life anymore.

The ugly gut feeling of disappointing myself. I am so happy I am writing this in the past tense, because this is not me anymore. All I can do is thank so much Badboy and his team for showing me the other side of myself, of my life. The transformation was painful. Every big change in life is hard. But it was worth it. It was about time in my life to meet Badboy.

Residential program

June 2015 – Location: Zagreb, Croatia

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle


Before I explain to you the program and transformation let me tell you one thing. Badboy really cares about you during the whole event. You can feel it every second when you are around him.
He picked me up at the airport with his car, and took me to this cute flat in the Zagreb city center.
It was a weird feeling, you are watching him on YouTube, you read his stuff and then he’s there with you. Feels so good. The location of the apartment he placed me in was perfect. I prefer staying in Airbnb than hotels. The place was a walking distance to all bars, cafés, squares. In the apartment I got a welcome package.
A bottle of wine, a phone with local SIM card for communication with him and his team, a prepaid card for free taxi rides around Zagreb, a map of Zagreb… and a few more things like condoms etc.

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle

It was my first time in Zagreb. Amazing city. I could totally see myself living there. It’s full of hot girls wherever you look. Small lounges, cafés on the streets, nice small restaurants, parks… I liked the city immediately. It was clearly obvious why he had chosen Zagreb for this program. I’ve been around the planet and I’ve never seen anything like this. The city has some magic vibe and it has a very young crowd. It’s full of hot girls.
The next morning Badboy came with a spreadsheet and we had a breakfast together. We wrote goals for each day of the training on a timeline. 
I thought he was very optimistic with me, because by the 3rd day of training I was supposed to have dates and insta-dates. I have been on five or seven dates in my 35 years.

The structure looked like this: 

Day 1 – Opening,
Day 2 – Conversation,
Day 3 – Phone number and dates… 8-9-10…

I can tell you, it was 3 days long, it felt like in The Matrix movie… after day 1, I knew everything about openers, and I could open, day 2, I could talk for hours with girls… day 3 I was having insta-dates already. It really felt like in a movie. Day by day he was installing new knowledge in my head and pushed me more and more. I was waking up each day with new knowledge.

When he would get tired, there was his team: Luka & Cortez. I met them on day 3.

The 1×1 Program

I believe that it’s hard to talk about the program itself, because it’s a very tailor-made approach. Badboy does a great job at analyzing your personality, your game, and he’s looking for puzzles that do not work perfectly in your game. If he cannot fix it, he has his big team behind him.
The first three days I have spent with Badboy entirely. He gave me all of the basic mindset, game, moves, attitudes, everything I needed at that point. Those were the most important days of my training. We would meet each day around noon, and work till two o’clock after midnight with breaks for dinner/nap.
After the third day Badboy started introducing his team to me.
For example, I had problems on the dance floor. I used to suck at the dance floor, couldn’t move, couldn’t hold the rhythm. Couldn’t dance with girls. I think it was day four I was out with his instructor Luka in a club, and one girl after 10 minutes asked me to dance with her. As Badboy told me, this was a clear green light for escalation. It’s girls’ way of allowing you to escalate. I fucked it up being too stiff; I had no idea what to do on the dance floor. 
Next morning Badboy got really pissed off and called his dancing teacher that goes by the name Robert.

Badboy locked me in his flat with Robert and gave clear instructions to him: “He’s not going home until he can dance”. I have spent two afternoons with Robert learning all the dance floor moves and how to move the body and hold the rhythm… etc. Luka even brought some girls for me to practice with them. After two long sessions I was ready to hit the dance floor. I felt like a dancing king.

I could dance on any music: salsa, house, hip-hop, reggae… you name it.
Again, it reminded me on The Matrix movie… when Neo said “I know kung fu”
I said to myself: “Wow, I can dance!”

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle

Almost every night I went out with instructors to the bars and clubs… Some nights I was out with Badboy, others with Luka or Cortez. I could feel that after each session my game was more and more powerful, and equipped with more tools. Some days I had only day game session, some days I had both day & night sessions.

There is one bad thing about Zagreb – on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights the city would be dead, so on those days we had to focus on the day game.

There was this one night (Friday, at the end of the first week) I was supposed to have a night session with Luka, but Badboy happened to be in the club as well. And that was the first time I had a chance to see the legendary Badboy in action. It turned out to be an amazing night. 
We went to his favorite club. And let me tell you about this club, it’s the best club in the city, it’s packed with the hottest girls you ever saw in your life. It felt like in a dream. Model looking girls from wall to wall. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know where to look.

In Germany you maybe see one of those girls for the entire night, in this club there were hundreds of them. A 9 from my dreams in front of me, a perfect 10 on the bar five meters away. 

Badboy and Luka were not impressed at all, they moved through the club like they were at home. They were so normal and cool. Badboy even brought his wireless mic equipment to listen to me and analyze my conversations. Badboy sat on a bar and ordered a glass of wine, placed a wireless mic under my shirt, while Luka took me around to find a perfect group for me.

It was around 1:30 AM. These next few hours were a perfect example of what you get in their 1×1 Program.

Let’s start:
 Outside, at the club terrace, there was this group of 3 girls. Each one prettier than the previous.

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle

They were 9, 8, and a 9.5.
For the first time in my life, I didn’t know which one to choose. Luka said to me: “Pick yourself a target, go direct on her and then figure out how you will handle her friends and isolate her.” Very clear instructions, the only problem was… which one should I choose?
After a few moments I decided that I should go for this tall blonde with very sexy tight dress, the 8, standing in the middle. I felt a huge pressure because Badboy was listening everything from a bar and I knew I had to deliver the structure of the conversation we were practicing a few days ago. I didn’t want to disappoint him. The whole direct approach worked perfectly. It was both hard and easy at the same time. The hard part: lounge situation.

The girls were at that VIP table in the corner, and there was no room to get in. My target was sitting between the 2 girls. Luckily, Cortez trained me for exactly this situation a few days before, in Badboy’s living room (Badboy has the same set up). And that’s the best thing about this training. They will prepare you for every possible situation you can imagine. They will spend so much time 1×1 with you that they can cover in detail every possible situation you can think of. Back to that night: while it was all going fine with the blonde, one of her friends didn’t want me there and she started cockblocking me.

Luka saw I had a problem – he was standing next to the group, observing everything. He let me deal with her for some time, and when he saw I couldn’t handle her he joined the group and focused on her. My girl was behaving very badly on any kino or physical touch attempt. Upon entering, Luka was handling the pissed off cockblock, I was having huge problems escalating with my target, the third girl was bored and about to destroy the whole group. She was a time bomb. I would have had hard time imagining that we would be fucking those three girls two hours later in Badboy’s flat.

And that was exactly what happened later that night. While talking with the blonde, I got a text message from Badboy “I will take the brunette, focus on your blonde”. At the time I was trying to handle both the brunette and the blonde. I guess he was bored with listening my conversation and decided to help. Badboy joined the group, and took the third girl (a hot brunette, a 9). It’s hard to wing for Badboy because the moment he comes in, all the attention from all the girls goes to him, so you have to fight non-stop for your girl’s attention. Within couple of minutes his girl was all over him. It was impressive, because she totally didn’t like him when he approached. So it was the three of us: me, Luka and Badboy and the 3 girls.

It was a typical Badboy’s divide-and-conquer strategy. He will teach you that on the first day.

We separated the group of three into three smaller groups for them not to be able to communicate to each other. The strategy worked perfectly. I do not remember how, but Badboy got trust from the whole group fast (he was high-fiving them, playing some games, projecting great energy). I have no idea how he did it, because I was focused on my girl – practicing dirty talk, but at one moment, his brunette came to the blonde girl and me and told us we should all be going to Badboy’s place. It felt like a decision had been made and let’s go. Really powerful leading. He somehow managed to convince his girl and the cockblock girl, and my girl just followed them.

3 AM – Badboy’s pimp flat:

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy LifestyleThe moment we came to his place it looked to me like a club. I have been there several times, each time his pimp flat looked different. He has this smart-house thing, where lights, music and temperature can be controlled from his iPhone. When we came in, it was all set to a club mode. I saw on his phone the settings he had saved: lounge, party and romantic.

I was really impressed with the whole place. The guy really knows his logistics. Luka took his girl to the kitchen to open some wine (he’s a wine connoisseur) while Badboy took his girl upstairs to show her the rest of the place, and I was left alone in the main area with my girl. I felt like Badboy & Luka knew exactly each step ahead, what would happen next. They were a good team. Just by being there, I learned a lot from watching them playing the Game. Badboy never came back downstairs. In the main room it was four of us:  two girls, Luka and me.
We were drinking wine, listening to chill-out music and talking to girls.
Luka tried to kiss his girl, but she was giving him some resistance. Mine was slowly melting.
 At one moment, Badboy’s girl (brunette), came downstairs half naked to get their two glasses of wine and went upstairs. Perfect body, long maroon hair… wow. My girl was shocked. Because she was only wearing panties and bra, and she seemed all fine and happy. She said something in Croatian to our girls, took the wine and went back to the bedroom.
I had no idea how the fuck he got her half naked so fast… at that point, we have spent maybe twenty minutes in his place, or a little more. 
But that move was golden, it set the tone for rest of the night. Immediately our girls got more receptive.

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle

Cortez told me the next day that Badboy does that all the time, to help his wingmen to fasten up their game. That’s how good his game is. And that was exactly what we needed at that time. The moment our girls realized the brunette was about to get laid, they became more open, more sexual. It was the tool for this whole group dynamic that I was totally unaware of. Luka started kissing his girl, and isolated her to the terrace, while I was left on the sofa in the living room with my girl. I managed to undress her as well, and started fingering her…

I still bumped into a heavy resistance. Then Badboy’s gift came again. His girl started moaning heavily and muffled screaming sounds came from upstairs, so it became obvious they were having wild sex. My girl got really turned on and I fucked her on the sofa. Luka moved his girl to the kitchen earlier (it was too cold on the terrace), and fucked her there. At one moment it all felt like an orgy, but it was all very smoothly executed. It was unbelievable how the girls felt comfortable with the whole situation.

Around sunrise we called a taxi for the girls, we sent them home and the three of us went for a breakfast to debrief. We were all tired as hell. That day I had eighteen hours of non-stop session. That day I have learned so much. I finally saw it from the beginning until the end. I couldn’t ask for more.


I really liked working with Luka, he’s very sophisticated, and has a really good game. He winged me so many times in those ten days. I have never seen an instructor who goes and approaches groups with his student. You can learn so much from him. He knows exactly how to get you to the next level.

Cortez is Badboy’s right-hand man. They are friends for many years. He is more of a day game guy, and he helped me a lot with my conversations and advice. But the best I got from him was text game.

He is simply amazing at text game

I got stuck with one of those Croatian girls I number-closed on a day game session. She was playing hard to get. I was texting her for four days and couldn’t get her to meet me. Cortez took my phone at one of our sessions, looked at my conversation history, and started texting with her. In a few texts he managed to get her to come to my apartment! I have never seen anything like that! She came that same evening.
His text game tactics and general game tips are priceless!

Besides Luka, Cortez & Robert there was a fashion girl Pia, she is the image maker. Badboy wasn’t happy with my dressing style, so he called her in to fix my dressing and first impression. I have spent the whole afternoon with her, and she gave me some golden advice (from a female perspective) on the dressing style, and my skin color – which are my colors, my materials. She went through my wardrobe and designed some bold combination for clubs, day game, dates etc. She was spot on.

I can feel girls looking at me differently since I started dressing the way she told me. We went shopping a few days later, because I realized I was missing some outfits to complete my “player’s” wardrobe. She’s a really good add-on to the program. I wasn’t expecting her.

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle

As if all of that wasn’t enough, I had an opportunity to work with Branimir as well. Badboy’s private trainer (fitness), I had a few sessions with him, since I missed my workouts for few months (shoulder injury). He created my workout plan for shoulder recovery and to get in shape faster. Also, he created a nutritional and diet plan for myself. I’ve learned a lot from him – he knows his stuff. I wish I had more time with him – I only met him the second week.

And, at the end, Badboy: his teaching style is unique. He will yell at you, hug you, love you and be pissed off at you. Like a football coach from his bench yelling at you in the field after your moves. I saw him throwing his cap on the floor once I missed a kiss close, like a coach would get pissed off when a striker misses a clear goal opportunity. He’s an amazing teacher, and trust me, you will not find a better teacher. He is the real deal.

1x1 with Badboy - Badboy Lifestyle


Summary about 1×1 with Badboy

It was an amazing ten-day experience.

I felt I got much more than what I have paid for. I had a team of six people working on me non-stop for ten days. No one ever gave me this amount of quality information in such a small period of time. Usually you meet maybe 1 person who inspires you every few years, in Zagreb I had six of them. I feel like a transformed person, totally. My friends and family can’t recognize me, I walk different, dress better, talk slower, have more confidence, smile… oh well, life is good now. My mother even asked me: “Have you met some woman, are you in love?” Haha… I’ve met many of them, and more will come in the future for sure.

Badboy and his team transformed me from an introverted, club hating guy, to someone who can’t wait to go out and meet new girls. I realized opportunities are everywhere. A girl in a café next to you, a hired gun in a club, a girl at a bus station… all of those are now opportunities.
I don’t think Badboy converted me to a player, I just can do what I wished for since long ago. I am free, free to meet girls whenever I want, wherever I want. Thank you, Badboy.


What I didn’t like:

I only had a few sessions with Cortez on the text game; I think I needed more of them.
We didn’t cover threesomes. I was promised them but I guess he forgot about them.
The wireless mic and audio recording sessions were amazing. It would be good to have a few more sessions with the mic on. I guess you have to push Badboy to do it.
I wish I took a few days more, I wish I had more time with them.
The fridge in my apartment wasn’t working well (but I guess that’s not Badboy’s fault).

What I liked:

Organization and quality.
I didn’t spend much money per day at all. Zagreb is cheap to live compared to Germany or London. Badboy is treating you like a friend, he will take you home for a dinner, he will pick up girls with you. You really have an opportunity to meet him in person. He may look tough but he’s really a genuinely cool guy. You will like him.
The whole team gave me lots of value. Each one is better than the previous.
The apartment I was staying at was really nice and good. I brought a few girls back to my place, and they loved it. From the logistics side it’s perfect – the location is in the city center.
The taxi card Badboy gave me on the first day was really good. I could move around the city and pay with that card.
The whole training was just perfect. It was exactly what I paid for and exactly what I needed. He really is the best in this game (teaching and with girls).

Do I recommend it?

Oh yeah! I think every guy on the planet has to go through something like this. No one is teaching you the things I’ve learned there. I feel totally confident and relaxed approaching girls during daytime, in parks, cafes, malls, streets, or in the clubs and bars. I feel totally normal getting girls’ numbers and getting them on dates, or inviting them to my home if I want to.

This wasn’t normal for me a few months ago, before the Residential training.
Badboy gave me life skills that society and parents should give kids when they are starting their lives. I am fully confident now, I can go out and meet the girl that I want to marry and have kids with. I can, but that will have to wait 🙂

I hope you understand me.


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