Here is how my luck with girls has changed

Before you read my account just remember I am nearly 30 and I was a complete retard with women! and I do mean retard!  I started trying pick up about 10 months ago. I was the type of man who people thought was “a nice guy” and was quite passive with people. A complete social hermit I didn’t go out much when I was like 24 to 28. I also loved to analyse everything and complicate everything. I was a mummys boy being the youngest of two brothers. I never wanted to cause a scene or anything like that and felt people did take advantage of me. I never really had a proper girl friend………….and then one day I did a holiday with badboy!

Having taken time to reflect and think what happped In Cancun I can now see how Bad boy had layered the course so on each day I became more “care free” and therefore gave less of a fuck of what people think of me.

By “not giving a fuck” your truly become free and for me I believe this is at the heart of learning attraction. Freedom=attraction. When you are free you just say and do the right things without thinking and if it goes wrong you can handle it. You just don’t give a fuck!

 I also know because Dan keeps it very simple I was able just to get on with things. I naturally complicate things and am worried about the outcome or what I should say next. These two elements were slowing down my learning process. However, by the end of the course I didn’t give a fuck to try something out and get it wrong. Again its that whole thing to learn You just don’t give a fuck.

 From being nervous with direct openers on the first few days to trying kiss openers I truly became desensitised from society and this gave me very strong “self belief” and not just “confidence”. I stress this point! Bad boy has reprogrammed me so I now have self-belief rather than giving me temporary pick up confidence.

 The difference between “confidence” and “ self belief” is massive. We have all had those moments when everything just fits but typically it doesn’t last that’s’ confidence.

 However, self-belief is permanent its been like 5 weeks since Cancun and I am a different person. I am not the finished article but I know I am in control of what’s going on and I know what to do when it goes wrong.

 In Cancun I got layed for the first time in ages and I mean a very very long time! and on the last night kissed close my 10/10 in 20minutes. I met her waiting for an elevator at around 6pm and used what I had learnt effectively and got my first day game kiss close.

 I had such strong self-belief that I stopped kissing and smashed her frame because she had bad breath from smoking and I punished her for it. Heres me kissing a 10/10 and I am the Prize…..How the fuck did this happen?

 I did the Pua Training London course back in June when I first started getting into pick up. It was a cool small stepping stone but I wish I had done Badboys holiday straight away as comparatively the guy teaches and explains pick up on another level. When you are out with him I have never know anyone who can see and explain what’s going on as well as him. 

 I guess I can see why guys like the terms in pick up such as “stealth” and “under the radar” and I thought that suited me as I was always the “nice guy” etc. However, when I look back now being “under the radar” was just avoiding putting my balls on the line and going for it. I have learnt with all this that you do not grow as a person unless you really truly face your fear!

 While working with Dan the most fuck up thing is that when it clicks for you she is attracted you in about 1 sec the rest is all about how you control the logistics. I am not saying every time its 1 sec but you know within a few secs its there! I know for some and for me before the holiday I would not have thought that to be true. However, I guess like most people in modern living we think too much and complicate things. With dans mindset no time is wasted on attraction building as its already done and dusted. You just have to handle the conversation and the logistics and that’s all I need to work on now. To me that is simple stuff its now just about doing your homework and reviewing what you have done wrong. Things will go wrong for me but ill be like “okay I just needed to say this or that instead”. Basically I have worked out myself what I did wrong and not give a shit that I got rejected because it was a matter of conversation skill rather than attraction. I now understand through Dan that you will only get the girl if you get “attraction” and “show your leadership”. (when I say leadership I don’t mean in the classical sense of marching an army its more subtle things like bouncing). However, trust me there are so many minute details, that you need to try stuff out then get feedback from dan or one of the trainers. That feedback just saved me a whole load of time learning all this.

Having only started learning pick up for about 10 months I have noticed I go through spurts of learning where I get a lot better than where I was in a short period of time. Having done a two day course with Pua training I got  a lil spurt but the spurt I had with Bad boy was huge. Now you could argue the difference is because I spent more time with Dan. However, I know if I did 8 days with Pua training I would NOT have developed as well. I will give credit for pua training for starting me off and I am thankful for my experience with them. However, where Pua training would have given more confidence Dan has given me that all important “self belief”.

When I first met dan “I was like who the hell is this guy! What a prick” I was really defensive towards him because he really challenged everything I had thought about pick up. Reading “the game”, “mystery method” doing “pua training” had filled me up with stuff that was actually slowing me down. I really resisted him at the start! I now know I was the PRICK! When I started listening to him and doing what he told me to do everything just happened.

When I first started getting attraction in about 1 sec I was so shocked that i ejected myself from conversations because I couldn’t handle it. “How the fuck is this working I would be saying to myself?” My reality of low self worth was being destroyed I couldn’t deny the fact that these hot women liked me but my old belief system resisted. Playing back this event in my mind I can see Dan’s evil little smile as he saw the effect his training was having on me. He told me its going to take you a while to get over it and he was very much right. 

It took me a while to comprehend this new world for me. “Im a sexy bastard” I say that as a joke but I know deep down when im out I have an attractive vibe.  18 months ago I was such a social hermit that I was so terrified to go to a a friends party in a club that I had to calm myself down for 30minutes before I went in. Only recently thanks to Dan I just don’t give a fuck about what people think of me anymore even at work.

Basically to sum up this holiday it was about getting pushed to face your fears and challenge social protocol . By going to the extreme with dan when you go back to doing a simple approach it feels light and easy. For example i had to do a street approach and stop 5 girls and pick my target and say “YOU i want to talk to YOU: When i spoke to hear she was in a complete trance of attraction with me! it was like those Indian street guys who play music to a cobra to put the beast in a trance! Stuff like that kept on happening to me again and again it was so powerful and so as a person I have become more like the person I’ve wanted to be.

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