3 types of guys that get laid

Most men on this planet complicate with seduction and therefore they fail. It’s funny how sometimes they manage to be so blind.  While in essence all you have to do to seduce a woman easily is give her what she needs in that moment.

What every guy does, you dear reader as well, you approach a different woman, different age, different background and you always try to offer the same type of guy/man(you) to them. You tell the same stories, you ask same questions, you run same routines to all of them, no matter on what she needs/ wants or who is she. Some woman responds to it well, some not. Your game is hit & miss game.  This is one of the crucial things you are doing wrong. This is not efficient in any way. It’s like trying to sell the same car to every man on the street. Different man wants different cars. This will never work. I wanna buy Porsche, and the guy next to me is thinking of buying Skoda. Same things happen with Woman. Some woman wants one-night adventure, some relationship. Let me introduce something new to you.

This  can revolutionize your game

Let’s say a girl is looking for adventure (sex), and your approach, looks, a conversation is saying you are looking for a relationship. It’s very subtle. She will realize it’s not really what she wants in the moment, and therefore she will reject you. It’s like Ads on Facebook. if you see something you like or you need in that moment, you will strongly consider it buying it. On another side, if you see an ad for shampoo and you are bald( no hair), it won’t really spark your interest.

Well, the same thing happens with the woman. When a girl/woman is looking for a guy consciously or unconsciously, she is looking for someone to fulfill the role that she has on her mind.

Let me introduce concept of roles


You have to understand that girls are looking for guys/man who can provide with things she needs.

“Boyfriend Role”

She may be looking to find a guy who will play a role as her boyfriend and do everything he has to do as a boyfriend. Take care of her, give her love, safety, etc
Just like you, when you are looking for a girlfriend, you are looking for some girl that can play that role. The girl that can give you sex, love, cook for you, do things together… etc. It’s a role you are looking for. She doesn’t have to be hottest one if she can do all of that. Of course, not every girl can play that role.

“Fuck-Boy Role”

On another side, some girls are not into the boyfriend-girlfriend thing and are only looking for adventure, casual sex, and she will be looking for a  guy who will provide good and amazing sex and won’t bother her at all with relationship or fall in love. Its a Role,  not every man can play that role. Some guys are romantic, they like to cuddle, they don’t like rough sex.. Nice guys, insecure guys are out of this category.

“Husband Role”

On end, some girls are as well looking for a man who can play a role as a Husband. A man who will play that role in her life. Take care of her in every possible way, and start a family.

Now, if you look into these 3 main categories/roles, you’ll understand that there is man on the market for each of those.

There are players and Badboy’s who get lots of sex because they allow a woman to fulfill their sexual fantasies, they are perfect fuck-boys, untamed by society, wild in nature. They don’t give a shit about her day or life problems, they meet, fuck and that’s it.

There are well-behaved guys with good manners & lifestyle who are perfect boyfriends, who will provide good Wine & dine experience,

And then there are guys who could be perfect husbands. Nice guys, that she knows she can trust them, predictable guys who fit perfect role of ideal husband.

I hear you saying, “I just want girls who are into sex”. Well, you just fall into a trap. All of those girls can and will give you lots of sex, just pretex or reason why are they giving you sex is different. 
For example, a woman who is looking for her husband can give you lots of crazy and wild nights, just to keep you there. She can give you lots of mind-blowing sex.

Have you ever heard a woman asking: “What are you looking for?”

When you hear it, it means, she likes who you are, and she is checking can you provide role she is looking for. Boyfriend/fuck-boy or whatever she is into a moment.

Ok, you may be saying, I know all of this, what’s NEW here Big Mighty Badboy?

Well, If you truly want to change your game, and improve your success with a woman to the point where you are almost Sniper precision, then you have to start to calibrate, and giving a woman what they are truly looking for. Instead of trying to sell same old Skoda to all of them, you change your selling point and start selling them what they truly need/want. You have to stop using the same approach to all of them, same stories, same jokes.

You as a man, in your daily life you will encounter and meet hot girls looking for any of these 3 categories. Some will be looking for sex, some for boyfriend some for a husband. All 3 love sex and are willing to give it to you. Therefore if you ask me you should be able to play with all 3 categories, all 3 different roles. You should be able to look like you are Mr. Right for all of the roles.

Perfect Player

Let me explain, good, successful man or player, can play/show all 3 different profiles, He can play 3 different Game’s.

He can drive adventures woman wild and give her good, “adventure/fun” time, and be discreet if needed. He can spark her sexual energy and get them on next level. These girls will give you best Sex of your life

He can as well “play” good potential boyfriend, who looks like he will respect her, take care of her, provide her with safety, date her, be someone who she will feel comfortable bringing to family or be introducing to her friends.

Probably the hardest part of all role’s is to play “potential husband”. To project in her mind, that you could be the one who will love her forever, take care of her, raise a family and never cheat her. I know some guys who play this category very well.

If I look back into my dating/ success history, I have very good Badboy / Relationship roles.  I know exactly what their girls are looking for and it’s easy to give it to them. Having accumulated more than 10+ years of my life in different long-term relationships, I collected lots of small habits and know exactly what woman need on daily basis to be happy. All you have to do is show them you are “dateable”, and you are willing to give them those things. For girls who are in Sex only, it’s very easy all you have to show to them is you are very confident in your body, sexually open, dirtier and more experienced then they are. 


Having read this article, dear reader, I hope you understand now how important is the power of calibration. Every girl, every woman out there you meet she will be looking for some kind of man from these 3 categories. Its simply impossible that you will use same routines, stories, projecting the same personality to all girls you meet and hoping you will get some success. Please remove this belief from your mind.
I would like you after reading this article to take time and reflect on yourself, ask yourself, which of role’s you play good, ( your strongest points, your weak points, as well which one you would like to be good at? Take your time and look back into girls that reacted well to you, your ex-girlfriends, ex fuck-buddies. what were you actually selling to them?

Once you understand this and “swallow” this new concept, I will reveal to you how to recognize each type and more importantly how to show it.


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