16 Reasons Why Girls Have Sex With Men

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Why do girls have sex with us? This is one of the most important pieces of seduction knowledge you will ever read. Re-read this post several times until you get it fully.

Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

Most guys when they are seducing girls or trying to have sex with girls are focused on these thoughts: “How do I fuck her, what do I have to do to fuck her?”, “What do I say?”, “What do I do to get her?”. The 
problem with this mindset is you are only focused on yourself, you only see yourself. This is a limiting belief and lack of emotional and social intelligence.

This is not how a real player thinks, this is not a proper “Inner Game” of a player. We players operate on a totally different level of thinking/analyzsing situations. 

It’s a fact that almost every girl out there wants and needs sex. It’s a natural need to be satisfied physically and emotionally. And that’s why we all need sex. Girls need sex, they want it. Read article where girls are talking about it

One thing you have to understand is that every girl out there is having sex for a different reason. 
The core reason why they need or give sex is different from girl to girl. This is something you haven’t heard yet, I bet. And that’s why this kind of articles you will only get here on the badboylifestyle.com blog. 

See, some girls just enjoy fucking, some are lonely, some do it for gifts, trips, money, some are bored with their marriage and want something new… Every girl is fucking for a different reason!

You approaching girls and running your variety of routines hoping to fuck them is like shooting a bird in the dark. It’s stupid, because you are not giving her what she wants. It’s like a car dealer is trying to sell Fiat Punto to every man on the planet. Yes, he may sell/close some… but how much? 5%-10% ? How many people want to buy a Fiat? I am sure there are people who are/would be happy with it. Don’t get offended if you drive a Fiat. This is just an example.

Let’s draw a parallel to your Game. You are going out, talking to girls, but you are always selling that same car/guy to all of them. What if she wants something else that night? See, 
you as a player, you have to be able to recognize her needs and deliver it. That’s what good players do. Good and great players calibrate!

This is the first thing I will teach you on my Camp:

Through fulfilling her needs, it will be much easier for her to have sex with you. Why? Give her what she wants and she will fuck you without any problems. It’s like a salesman is offering to you to buy the car of your dreams… of course you want to buy it. Of course she wants to fuck a guy she likes.

A good salesman should know which car to sell to you. Without asking he should be able to profile you and sell it to you… Young sport kind of guy —> convertible… fat old guy—> family car. A 

good player should know what kind of a guy he has to sell to her. This is exactly what I do when I am seducing girls. This is why I fucked so many girls, this is what makes me great. I give them what they want (or that’s how it seems to them, hehe).

This is the core of what I teach.

 I am writing this from years of experience being with different girls around the planet. I managed to create some basic categories where you can place 90% of the girls that you date/have sex with.

First off, let’s be clear…
Why are we guys having sex? Because we want to have someone to hug? Because we want money? Because we are lonely? No, we enjoy sex for the sake of sex. For the pure joy of having sex, it makes us happy. We feel like men, it boosts our ego, confidence, testosterone, to spread our sperm…

We guys are so simple. 
Feed us, fuck us and leave us alone!
Girls are little bit more complicated. While we have those few reasons to have sex, they have a lot! Let’s go through them.

16 reasons why girls are having sex with men


Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

1) Girls have sex to enter a relationship

Lots of girls out there are in a “I want a boyfriend” mode. One of their most powerful ways to lock a guy in a relationship is to sleep with him (have sex ). These are emotional girls and that’s their game to get in a relationship. Usually they will try to make you wait for a few dates, but then they will give it to you. These girls usually get really pissed off and disappointed when they realize you were just fucking her for fun and enjoyment, while she was “investing in a future”. Oh well, that’s life. Lots of girls you will meet out there in clubs and day situations will be looking for a boyfriend.

How to get these girls: 
you have to build a very strong connection (TCC), do lots of future plans, pace her reality, project relationship qualities, minimise sexual energy (Life Academy –> Conversational skills course here). Altogether, project that you are an ideal boyfriend, you like her and want her… she will spread her legs naturally. As simple as that. We have all been there and done that. There are lots of these girls on the market, and you have to be able to play “boyfriend Game” and have sex with her asap.

2) Girls have sex to exit a relationship

I love these. Low-hanging fruits. These are girls who will tell you “I have a boyfriend”/“I am married” but they will still have sex with you. In their minds the relationship is already over, they are just waiting for someone new to jump in. These girls can’t be alone. 
By fucking them you are actually doing a good thing for their relationship.

How to get them
Give them what they need; since they lack sex, lots of sexual energy, sexual escalation but discrete. Since they are in a relationship or married you have to respect that, you have to do it so no one sees it. These girls will resist heavy escalation in clubs or public places. Keep a low profile until you isolate her. This is a typical club game MO with lots of verbal sexual escalation.

3) Girls have sex to get things


Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

Gifts, cloths, trips.
Have you heard stories where a guy bought a hot girl a purse or a nice dress and he fucked her? Or took her to a nice trip and managed to get into her panties. That’s the category.
 I noticed there are 2 types of these girls:

  • a) gold diggers
  • b) girls with no money (wanna-be gold diggers).

I personally do not like those, but still I’ve had a few of those. They trade sex with goods. There are lots of girls out there who see relationship and sex like that – trade.
If you have extra cash and you do not mind spending it on a hot girl, this could be the right way to set up an open fuck buddy relationship.

How to get those girls
The only way to fuck those girls is to show them money or things.
 Take them to expensive dinners, start with small gifts, and frame it that you like to “treat a girl nicely” if she is the right girl. They will be with you as long as you are spending money on them. They love to be the center of attention.
 There are a few dirty mindfuck tricks how to get gold diggers without cash, but those I will share with you only on my 1×1 training (sorry guys, some techniques are not for the public).

4) Girls have sex to get their way up at their job/get a better salary

Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

Have you ever heard of a secretary sucking her boss’ cock?
 It happens every day, in every city, every country on the planet. One of the most common reasons why girls are having sex with guys. A girl giving a blowjob or pussy to her boss to get promoted. A girl fucking a business partner to close a big business deal. See, girls have no problem using their pussy to get what they want. They have no problem fucking with you if the reason is right. All you have to do is give them an opportunity and the right reason.

How to get those girls: 
you have to somehow show her that you are able to help her to get more money/a better job/grow inside the company/connections, whatever… She is focused on career. 
Again, she is spreading her legs to make her dreams some true. It happens every day around us. Just open your eyes. Be the one who can fulfill her dreams (at least pretend to be).

5) Girls have sex to satisfy their physical needs

That time of the month came when she is horny and she can’t help herself…vShe is playing with herself but she is still horny. She has no one to have sex with, she is walking around the city horny, looking for a man. You will find them in clubs, bars, cafés, all around us dressed sexy looking for men… This is probably the easiest category to fuck quickly. She is in this horny state and she doesn’t care what kind of car you drive, how much money you have, where you live. She wants a dick inside her asap.

How to get those?
First, you have to recognize them, they all send the same 7-10 signals. And then you have to keep them horny with a good sexual escalation. It’s all explained in the Instafuck module of Badboy School. 7 steps to fucking horny girls. Want fast results? This is it. Get your first insta-fuck this weekend.

6) Girls have sex to escape from life


Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

I’ve had a few of those girls. First/second year of university, poor lifestyle, problems at home with parents. They fuck older guys, to mentally and physically escape their fucked-up lives. You become her rescue, you are saving her from her problems, from parents. These girls are going through a life crisis and will be with you/have sex just to be with someone. It’s sad, but it’s the cruel reality. They are really easy to recognize.

How to get those girls?
Well, you have to show them you are above them, more secure, stable, confident; these girls need to see an escape from their lives in your life. You have to be positive, fun, interesting, enjoying your life (that’s how it has to look like on the surface). Give her your hand and invite her in your life. She knows the only thing she has to offer is sex. And she will give you lots of it. These are one of best sexual experiences I’ve ever had in my life (daddy issues).

7) Girls have sex because they are lonely

Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

Yes they do, but not to enter a relationship, just to have someone in their life. Have you seen girls alone in a park reading books or a girl buying herself a dog? Those are the ones… She needs someone in her life.

 They are lonely and they crave for companionship.

How to get those?

She needs someone to talk to, to exchange thoughts, ideas, connect… This is the trick, most guys fall into the “let’s just be friends” zone with those girls and become ”gay friends” because they feel they can get them and they are lonely, but they overdo the connecting and talking and end up in the wrong box.
 These girls look easy to get, and they are if you deliver the right amount of hidden sexual energy while connecting with her and being the friend that she needs.

8) Girls have sex as a summer adventure


Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

We all heard these stories… It’s summer, it’s OK to “have fun” as they call it. One girl I met in Paris, she was on an Euro tour, (USA girl), she fucked 12 guys in a 2-week trip through Europe. Saying to me: “I have a boyfriend, I love him, but this is “summer adventure”, my boyfriend understands this”. That boyfriend needs my training for sure! Their hormones go wild during the summer and they can’t control themselves. They walk half-naked in bikinis and their minds are bombarded with sex. Add alcohol to it and you have “summer adventure”, actually lots of it. An average girl has 2-5 one-night stands during summer holidays. Summertime is the best period of the year for “easy sex”. They are on holidays, they want some adventure, they need it and nobody will know.

How to get those girls?

Well, come to my Summer Camp and I will show you. Because that’s what we are doing there every minute in those wild 14 days. Teaching and competing who will fuck more girls. While the girls are competing which one will fuck more guys… Sounds like fun? Sounds like an orgy? Yes! Well Join Summer Camp this summer and take part of The Best Training and The Wildest Orgy in Europe. When you want the best summer holiday, you know who to call. 🙂

If you are tired of your 5% success in Game, start calibrating your game for the type of girl and what she wants.

Reasons why girls have sex with us - Badboy Lifestyle

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