16 Reasons Why Girls Have Sex With Men – Part II

Let’s continue with the reasons why girls have sex with men.

Reasons why girls have sex with man - Badboy Lifestyle

9) Girls have sex to be desired again

This is what happens often in long-term relationships and marriage. It’s a totally normal order of how things happen. After years of being together, sexual tension between a man and a woman disappears, it’s very hard to maintain it for years. The man starts to look at her as a partner, as a friend, wife, whatever… Since women are so emotional, they start craving to be desired sexually, they start craving to feel sexual tension and energy. This is where their adventure starts again. This is the whole you can exploit.

How to get those girls

Dirty talk lines and light physical sexual escalation that you learned in Badboy School Club module works perfectly on them. Give them sexual attention and energy that they crave for. Let them be desired again, let them feel sexual again. But at the same time be very discreet since they do not want to be seen cheating (remember, nothing is wrong with their relationship, they just need sex). The whole Club Game “Badboy Style” approach works perfectly on them.

10) Girls have sex to fulfill their fantasy

She wants to try how it is with a black guy, older guy… with two guys. To try something new and to fulfill her fantasies. Just like we guys have fantasies, and we try different things: young girls, older, big tits, slim, tall… they are going through the same thing. Every so and then they will try something new. They are choosing guys who will fulfill their fantasies to have sex with.

How to get those girls?

Ughh… well, this one is tough, it’s very hard, almost impossible to figure out her fantasies on the first initial meeting. The only way you can see that you fall into some of her fantasies, you will notice lots of indicators of interest, she will be all over you… more about indicators of interest you can watch in signs she likes you.

11) Girls have sex because they compete with their friends

This is very popular among young girls (17-21yo), they love to compete with their friends, if she can fuck someone or not. They do it to increase social status inside a peer group, also to piss off her friends. Some older girls will do it as well but it’s rare.

How to get those girls?

Be a victim, if they start to play with you, go along and be a tool of their play. There is a really powerful “friends’ jealousy” plot line tactic that you can use to start this sexual competition between friends, but more about that in some future articles.

Reasons why girls have sex with man - Badboy Lifestyle

12) Girls have sex to get pregnant

Hehe, the oldest trick in the box. She wants a baby, finds a decent guy first, has sex with him and accidentally gets pregnant! We all have seen that movie. Happens everyday around the planet. The moment comes when she decides she wants babies and the rest is just finding the victim who will sponsor with sperm, money and life.

How NOT to get those girls

Run away, unless you want crazy kids with some random bitch from the club/bar. If you do have sex, wear 2 condoms and make sure you are the one to throw condoms in the toilet and flush them!

13) Girls have sex because they become victims of connection

I love this category. Girls would explain this category as: “we were friends first, then we started having sex”. I had lots of those, basically what happens is you trick them into building really good connection, where she feels you are the only one who understands her, she gets used to come over to your place, and then when she drops all shields down, you get her horny and have sex with her. Typical friend –> fuck buddy routine!

How to get those girls:

This is walking on thin ice, first you have to create a really good rapport with her. Almost on a soulmate level. All tools for that you will find in the Conversational Skills course ate Life Academy. But at the same time keep the underlying sexual energy between two of you. Let her get used to you, let her get comfortable, then you change the tactic. This is 2-3 weeks playtime.

Reasons why girls have sex with man - Badboy Lifestyle

14) Girls do have sex because of alcohol

The oldest trick in men’s book… get her drunk! I am not a big fan of using alcohol in seduction, since I have much more powerful tools. But yes, every night on this planet girls get tipsy, their logical mind can’t process things anymore, and their hidden inhibitions come out. Since their logic is offline, they tend to do things they otherwise wouldn’t even consider.

How to get those girls:

Well, you know the procedure… find out what she drinks and buy drinks, lots of drinks… combine with dirty talk and sexual energy.
The formula is this: humor, sexual energy from you + alcohol

15) Girls have sex because of revenge

Oh yes they do… have you ever heard stories where a guy cheats on a girl and then she goes out and fucks some random guy? These are the cases. They are doing it to satisfy their hurt ego.

How to get those girls?

Well, not much you can do here, if she is in her “I wanna fuck somebody” mode, she will do it and she will choose the first guy that looks right. You can hope to be on the right spot at the right time.

Reasons why girls have sex with man - Badboy Lifestyle

16) Girls have sex because “it just happens”

She meets a guy, one thing leads to another and things just happen. It all just felt really good. You ask her why she had sex with a guy, she can’t tell… it just lead there. It just happened.

How to get those girls:

This is a sign of a really good game from a guy. When a girl just feels good with you and you proceed step by step towards your goal. The best players can make this category happen with any girl out there. They don’t understand why they had sex with a guy, they just did it. The guy is not triggering any alarms in her head, it just flows…


As you can see now, there is more than just “how do I fuck her”, every girl has her own “little agenda” why she is having sex. When you talk to girls try to find her motivation and reason how to get her and how to give her what she is looking for. If she is looking for a relationship, do not play a one-night stand guy, or vice versa. Be smart about your Game. I gave you all the tools at my Life Academy platform, all you have to do now is learn them and apply them in the right order on the right girl.

This article is written mainly for you guys inside my Life Academy program Therefore, as you are talking to girls, start sorting them out in categories and start applying the tools to them.

Bon voyage,


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